Eating Fun the Healthy Way this Easter with Stush in the Bush at HOME!

Randolph, Gabby and Annie Burgess of Suga Lifestyle.

Stush in the Bush was a necessity for me, staying home in Kingston during the Easter weekend lockdown. I was looking forward to it, I made plans for it, I scheduled it and most importantly, they helped me create a Culinary Experience for Hubby and I to enjoy at Home.

Don’t forget, we dressed Stush for it!

💖 Stush in the Bush FRITTERS with Ackee & Saltfish: Sweet Potato Cakes w/ vegan parmesan & fresh herbs
👌🏾I made my Ackee peppery for balance.

💖 Stush in the Bush customized spelt, gluten-free EASTER BUN & VEGAN ALMOND RICOTTA (Spelt & Gluten free flour mix. No Guinness, but molasses. No processed sugar, but agave & maple syrup; No mixed peel/fruits, but solely raisins)

👌🏾Perfection. I did not have the urge to taste 1 slice of HTB Easter Bun. Believe. Not too sweet. Moist, but not heavy. Well balanced and quite a tasty pairing with the Almond Ricotta.

💖 Stush in the Bush PIZZA: Kale Pesto, Vegetarian/Vegan Cheddar, Ricotta, Carrot lox, Olives, Capers, Arugula, Dill
👌🏾I forgot to ask for a less Vegan Cheddar, but it was still absolutely delicious and guilt-free. No dairy overload and no sinus migraines!

Thank you soooo much Stush in the Bush!

Stush in the Bush
Location: Free Hill. Priory, St. Ann
Instagram: @stushinthebush

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By: Gabrielle Burgess (Founder/Owner, Suga Lifestyle)

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