Rose Petals, a Hot Water Bath & a Fire in the Bush; the Sultry Feeling with Each Course

Rose Petals, a hot water bath and a fire in the bush…the sultry feeling you get with each course and each visit to Stush in the Bush.

Watch “Rose Petals, a Hot Water Bath & a Fire in the Bush; the Sultry Feeling with Each Course” on YouTube here:

Lisa Binns, The ‘Stush’ in the Bush

An Experience tailored to have you enjoy it each time in a different way, an enhanced way, a more appreciative way.
I do miss the mix and mingle buffet style introduction with freshly made Cocktails, Chimichurri sauce and chips and much more. With Covid or taking precaution versus the weather, we sit at our designated tables and bask in the real, positive, loving, sexy energy, that is Chris, Lisa and their staff in front of their newly renovated open kitchen.

Have you met Romyah (Ig: @romyahj) ?! Such a bright, young, wild and free spirit. Check her for your Wine Pairings. Loveeee the more active roll she is taking in the experience, introducing her own course and items on the menu. She introduces Pumpkin and greens like a Surf and Turf.

For those who keep asking, Yes, expect sustainable, luxury Vegetarianism. So of course you’ll be satisfied. Do you go on a long tour or experience in the late afternoon and skip Breakfast? No. Just don’t have a heavy one. Their most adorable dogs are part of the family that have the courtesy not to come around you while you eat, but will walk by your side or nearby as you tour the farm.

I enjoyed every course, where new items are always included for returning visitors and according to the season as well. This epicurean getaway is as Farm to Table as it gets.

Their Plantain Chips and Chimichurri, NYC style Fyah Grilled Pizzas and Nola Beignets are usually pleasurable, signature staples.

I am so happy that I experienced my most recent visit with my high school girlfriends mid January. Jody Dixon (Ig: @ajamaicanjo) descibed it as ‘beautiful storytelling nourished with orgasmically, gastronomical eats’.

If you aren’t traveling during Covid, travel through food with Lisa and Chris at Stush in the Bush. When are you going?!
Without a doubt, continuously #SugaEndorsed.

Suga and friends, L-R, Renee Davis, Jody Dixon and Gillian Jackson.

Stush in the Bush

Location: Bamboo Way, Free Hill. St. Ann. Jamaica

For Bookings:

By: Gabrielle Burgess (Founder/Owner, Suga Lifestyle)

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Suga’s Top 9 to Wine & Dine with Your Valentine!

Randy and Gabby Burgess, Owners of Suga Lifestyle at Trio Wine Bar and Grill on Hope Road, Kingston.

Where are you dining for Valentine’s?! We’ve got the entire weekend! Places may be fully booked already but here’s a tip, book an early time. Also, remember the Super Bowl is this Sunday ladies 😉

Here are Suga’s Top 9 picks in no particular order, to Wine & Dine with Your Valentine from Kingston to Ocho Rios to Montego Bay.

Ambience, Service, Menu choices, Food quality, Location and Value for money all taken into consideration.

*Reservations recommended*

Watch “Suga’s Top 9 to Wine & Dine with Your Valentine!” on YouTube here:

Randy and Gabby Burgess, Owners of Suga Lifestyle at Copper’s Restaurant on Haining Road.

Trio Wine Bar and Grill (Ig: @triowinebar64), 64 Hope Road. Kingston. Ph: 876-616-4784; 876-872-3659

The Terra Nova All Suite Hotel (Ig: @terranovahotel), 17 Waterloo Road. Kgn. 10. Ph: 876-926-2211; 876-754-2114

Steak House on the Verandah (Ig: @steakhouseontheverandah), Devon House. Ph: 876-353-9728

Summerhouse (Ig: @summerhouseja), Harmony Hall, St. Mary. Ph: 876-858-0031

Stush in the Bush (Ig: @stushinthebush), Priory, St. Ann. Ph: 876-562-9760.

Sugar Mill Restaurant (Ig: @halfmoonjamaica) , Spring Farm Drive. Half Moon, Rose Hall, Montego Bay, Jamaica. Ph: 876-953-2211; 1-800-626-0592(Website:

Copper’s Restaurant (Ig: @thecoppersja), 9 Haining Road. Kingston. Ph: 876-815-5609; 876-672-7251

Chive Restaurant (Ig: @chivejamaica), Shop 15, Orchid Village Plaza. 20 Barbican Road. Kingston 6. Ph: 876-820-1194

Jamaica Food and Drink Kitchen (Ig: @jafoodanddrinkkitchen), Ph: 876-570-5709.

Gabby Burgess, Owner of Suga Lifestyle at Jamaica Food and Drink Kitchen

By: Gabrielle Burgess (Founder/Owner, Suga Lifestyle)

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Eating Fun the Healthy Way this Easter with Stush in the Bush at HOME!

Randolph, Gabby and Annie Burgess of Suga Lifestyle.

Stush in the Bush was a necessity for me, staying home in Kingston during the Easter weekend lockdown. I was looking forward to it, I made plans for it, I scheduled it and most importantly, they helped me create a Culinary Experience for Hubby and I to enjoy at Home.

Don’t forget, we dressed Stush for it!

💖 Stush in the Bush FRITTERS with Ackee & Saltfish: Sweet Potato Cakes w/ vegan parmesan & fresh herbs
👌🏾I made my Ackee peppery for balance.

💖 Stush in the Bush customized spelt, gluten-free EASTER BUN & VEGAN ALMOND RICOTTA (Spelt & Gluten free flour mix. No Guinness, but molasses. No processed sugar, but agave & maple syrup; No mixed peel/fruits, but solely raisins)

👌🏾Perfection. I did not have the urge to taste 1 slice of HTB Easter Bun. Believe. Not too sweet. Moist, but not heavy. Well balanced and quite a tasty pairing with the Almond Ricotta.

💖 Stush in the Bush PIZZA: Kale Pesto, Vegetarian/Vegan Cheddar, Ricotta, Carrot lox, Olives, Capers, Arugula, Dill
👌🏾I forgot to ask for a less Vegan Cheddar, but it was still absolutely delicious and guilt-free. No dairy overload and no sinus migraines!

Thank you soooo much Stush in the Bush!

Stush in the Bush
Location: Free Hill. Priory, St. Ann
Instagram: @stushinthebush

Support Local and remember you can also Sign up for a Nutrition Consultation with ME, Suga Lifestyle’s Certified Personal Trainer & Sports Nutritionist, Gabby today using LINK Below. I got you💪🏾💖

By: Gabrielle Burgess (Founder/Owner, Suga Lifestyle)

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Be HEALTHY & STUSH AT HOME with Stush In The Bush Gluten-Free Easter Bun!

Be HEALTHY & STUSH AT HOME with Stush In The Bush Gluten-Free Easter Bun!

Where’s the lie? You get Vegan options for Cheese too!

You have until 5PM TODAY to ORDER your Gluten & Guinness Free Easter Bun!

It has molasses, not processed sugar. It has agave, maple syrup and raisins for a naturally sweet and fruity, but not so fruity flavour.

PLUS you have a variety of Vegan Cheese options – Cheddar Cheese, Cashew Ricotta and I can’t wait to try the Almond Ricotta that I ordered.

Cut down on the Saturated Fat, Cholesterol and Sugar, but still enjoy and eat guilt-free with Stush In The Bush at home this long weekend!

Delivery will be this Thursday at a central location (e.g. Super Valu Plaza, Kingston). Delivery time varies but is often within the 11AM to 1 PM window.

Here is the link to order:

Support Local and remember you can Sign up for a Nutrition Consultation with Suga Lifestyle’s Certified Personal Trainer & Sports Nutritionist, Gabby today using link below:

I got you💪🏾💖

By: Gabrielle Burgess (Founder/Owner, Suga Lifestyle)

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Come to SLCC! Don’t miss your Chance to Dine at Stush in the Bush

Stush in the Bush in Priory, St. Ann will make you feel right at home surrounded by a picturesque, lush ambience and so much love from Chris and Lisa Binns, which they will lay all out for you on a platter.

(L-R) Lisa Binns from Stush in the Bush and Gabrielle Burgess a.k.a Suga from Suga Lifestyle at Stush in the Bush Moonlight 2015.

Some dishes will leave you spelling and guessing. Then you won’t believe it’s Vegetarian/Vegan.

Watch “Come to SLCC! Don’t miss your Chance to Dine at Stush in the Bush” on YouTube here:

A memorable experience that you would do over and over again.  For a chance to win this Culinary experience, come to Suga Lifestyle ‘s 3rd Annual Christmas Connection Trade Show Sip, Taste & Shop Experience this SATURDAY, DECEMBER 12, 2020 at The Jamaica Pegasus.

20 Selected VENDORS representing the island’s various creative industries and Title SPONSOR, Miracle Corporation’s True & Natural, Saniwise will be ensuring that everyone keeps safe and sanitized with touchless stations & Spray bottles.


If anyone is not wearing a mask, a mask will be given to them courtesy of Miracle Corporation.

Social Distancing will be facilitated and enforced. You can’t miss this show as you walk into The jamaica Pegasus!


Support Suga Lifestyle & New Kingston Rotaract CHARITIES!

By: Gabrielle Burgess (Founder/Owner, Suga Lifestyle)

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Fyah Grilled Pizzas on a Tuuuesday from Stush In the Bush During Love in the Time of Corona!

Randy and Gabrielle Burgess a.k.a Suga with their fur baby, Annie.

With word of Stush in the Bush coming to town with Fyah Grilled Pizzas on a Tuesday, there was no hesitation to order.

During Love in the Time of Corona, Stush came knocking on my door, from their farm to my table with my neatly packaged order of Fyah Grilled Pizzas ($2000JMD each), Chocolate Chip Cookies ($1000JMD per dz.), Herbed Vegan Cheese ($2000JMD) and Basil Pesto ($1200JMD).


It was without doubt that I had to make it a Family night with all the excitement shown by my fur baby, Annie once all the goodies were taken out the bag and I mentioned Stush in the Bush.

I had to do a Stush set up too! Pun intended. A farm to table vibe with freshly picked flowers from the garden, recycled wine bottles, burlap and lace, mason jars and of course a trendy GW Art wooden sign by yours truly. The wooden sign said, ‘Thankful’, fitting for the occasion and for coping with Covid times.

The Pizzas traveled well and just needed to be reheated in the oven for a few minutes. We had Pizza with Pesto sauce, olives and capers, carrot lox and dill with vegetarian cheddar and vegan parmesan, as well as Pizza with Tomato sauce, ripe plantain, coconut bacon and red onions with vegetarian cheddar and cashew cheese.


A myriad of unforgettable flavours on each Pizza brought us right back to Stush in the Bush’s home in Free Hill, Priory, St. Ann. We cannot wait to return!

#SugaSnaps #SugaEndorsed #ForTheLoveOfFood #PostCovid19BucketList

Stush in the Bush

Location: Free Hill. Priory, St. Ann

Instagram: @stushinthebush

By: Gabrielle Burgess (Founder/Owner, Suga Lifestyle)

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More Featured Guests for Suga Lifestyle’s Virtual Pop Up this Friday!


You know it’s a whole MOOD when Stush in the Bush joins the conversation!

Suga Lifestyle presents Lisa and Chris Binns of Stush in the Bush, featured Guests at this Friday’s Virtual Pop Up Shop!

They are award-winning restaurateurs with an Organic Farm, Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurant, Tours and Sightseeing all in one nestled in Free Hill, Bamboo St. Ann.

Known for Outstanding Gastronomic Experiences, they’ll be equipped to stimulate all Foodies in quarantined living rooms. I mean, just look at this!


Register NOW to hear how this dynamic duo is handling the effects of Covid-19, what’s in their current and future pipeline, plus a few business tips and some words of encouragement from them. Registration Link ->(

Stush in the Bush will have Items for you to Order as well! Can’t wait!💃

Then, on to Mixing Business with Pleasure!


Keri-Ann Newman, Investment Advisor from Barita Investments Ltd. will engage Suga Artisans, small businesses and the audience by addressing these questions or issues and more:

• What can Barita Investments say to reassure investors at this time?
• Tips to spend or budget wisely at this time
• What would Barita like to tell our local businesses at this time, small or large?
Let’s talk about more Vendors!
Mugs get old as gifts, but not stylish or personalised mugs! Kaela-Made Xpreshans will take care of this for you!
Owner, Michaela Fagan who has been in business since 2018, but just launched her business on Instagram this year will have quite a bit to offer.
She will have a variety of Handmade Gifts and Crafts, for instance Framed Photo Collages and more, Curated Gift Packages, Personalised Gift Items and Graphic Design services from $1500JMD and upwards.
Kaela-Made Xpreshans
Instagram: @kmxpreshans
Ph: 876.860.2540
If you aren’t on Instagram or Facebook, here’s what you missed!


MOMS love Cards! Especially Handmade, Handcrafted ones. Let Roseberry Paper Company do the work for you!

See what Nakeeta Nembhard from Roseberry Paper Company
has ready for you to put your thoughtful words in this Friday night Suga Lifestyle’s Virtual Pop Up Shop. She has a GIVEAWAY too!

Roseberry Paper Company

Instagram: @roseberrypapercompany


Stay tuned to hear more about featured guests and Vendors!


Support Local. Buy Jamaican 🇯🇲

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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5 Healthiest Cheeses to Eat!

Photo source: Vegetarian Times

Cheese should be included in any balanced diet. More specifically, 2-3 servings of dairy should be consumed each day, as cheese is a good source of calcium, protein and other nutrients. Calcium also helps to break down body fat. A single serving of cheese is 1 ounce, which is equivalent to about one thin slice or two small cubes, roughly the size of a pair of dice.

Of course there are so many different kinds of cheeses based on various farm animals, aging and processing methods used. So most cheeses are high in calories, fat and sodium, but you can still find healthy cheeses to aid in weight loss, prevent heart disease and osteoporosis (deterioration of the bone).

Healthiest Types of Cheeses

1. Mozzarella

Mozzarella is typically lower in sodium and calories when compared to other cheeses.

Originally from Italy, it is made from the Italian Buffalo or Cow’s milk and is known to have probiotics that strengthen your immune system.

There are different types of Mozzarella on the market, such as full fat, low-moisture, part-skim etc. However, if your goal is to lose weight, I do not recommend that you have Mozzarella cheese as it may still have a bit too much saturated fat. However, if maintaining your weight and you find that you have space for a few fat calories, a part-skim Mozzarella can be consumed. In Jamaica, you can find shredded low-moisture, part-skim Mozzarella with 15% saturated fat in Supermarkets such as John R Wong, Sovereign and Loshusan.

I would love to see the fat-free shredded Mozzarella in the supermarkets though!


2. Feta

Feta cheese, soft like Mozzarella, originated from Greece. Hence why you probably first saw it in a Greek salad. It can be added to eggs, pizzas and mixed into a dip to eat with fresh vegetables too.

Photo Source: Loving it Vegan

It is definitely lower in calories compared to other cheeses, but tends to be higher in sodium because of how it is usually packaged to preserve freshness.

Feta is also known to have Conjugate Linoleic Acid (CLA), a fatty acid that has been linked to reducing body fat and improving body composition.

If trying to lose weight, I suggest a reduced fat Feta. Unfortunately, at the moment, you cannot source reduced fat Feta in Jamaica ot a Feta that has less than 20% or 25% Saturated fat, which is way too much. If maintaining your weight, Ruby Goat Dairy located in Trelawny, visits the Ujima Natural Farmer’s Market in Liguanea, Kingston (22 Barbican Road; 9am-3pm) each Saturday and sells low lactose cheeses. You will not see a nutrition label, but it should still be less fatty than the Feta sold in our supermarkets.

Good news though! You know Suga’s got you. One of our favourite farm to table vegetarian and vegan providers are working on the formula to offer Vegan Feta soon! Can’t wait because Feta is the type of cheese you need with a sharp, pungent taste, where you only need a small amount to be satisfied.

3. Goat Cheese

Goat Cheese a.k.a Chèvre, another soft cheese, is tangy and of course, made from goat’s milk.

As mentioned earlier, Goat Cheese is lower in lactose. So it is usually easier to digest compared to cheeses made from cow’s milk. Great for persons who are lactose intolerant.

Goat Cheese contains less acidic proteins, which also aid in the digestive process  and since it is absorbed quickly into the body, it is less likely to be stored as fat.

4. Ricotta

Ricotta, another Italian cheese, creamy in texture, is made from the watery parts of cow, goat, sheep, or Italian water buffalo milk that are left over from making other cheeses.

Ricotta cheese, also available from Ruby Goat Dairy in Jamaica, is usually a great addition to pastas, lasagna, salads, scrambled eggs, creamy dips or can be served with fruit.

Low-fat Ricotta can be sourced in our local supermarkets as well.

Ricotta is a cheese with a high source of protein, mostly whey, which may promote muscle growth and lower blood pressure.

5. Parmesan

Photo Source: Today Show

Last but not least, Parmesan! One of my faves. Parmesan, unlike the others, is a hard, aged cheese. It’s made from raw, unpasteurized cow’s milk that’s aged for about 12 months to kill harmful bacteria and produce a unique flavour.

Parmesan is rich in Calcium and low in lactose, so it should promote healthy bones.

It is best to have fat-free, or low-fat grated Parmesan and feel free to add it to your veggie or fruit salads, pastas, pizzas and even your burgers.

Have you tried Stush in the Bush’s Vegan Parmesan? If you haven’t, what are you waiting for?!

Fat-free Cheeses are on the market, but tend to be sliced, processed cheeses. It is best to stay away from processed foods. Cheese can be a great nutritious addition to a healthy, balanced diet, but it is important to keep an eye on your intake, as some cheeses can be high in sodium and/or fat. Everything in moderation right! Just remember, Cheddar is the devil 😈

By: Gabrielle Burgess (Certified Personal Trainer amd Sports Nutritionist)

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Gabby a.k.a Suga Promotes Suga Lifestyle’s Christmas Connection by Video!

SL Christmas Connection Trade Show 2019_insta (DIGITAL)

Only 1 month to go until SUGA LIFESTYLE’S CHRISTMAS CONNECTION! Check out Gabby a.k.a Suga’s Promotion by Video and learn more about it here!

By: Gabrielle Burgess (Founder/Owner Suga Lifestyle, GW Art)

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TGIF to this Raspberry & Rosemary Grilled Cheese Sandwich that will be at Kingston Kitchen Tomorrow!


Hope Gardens will again come alive and be transformed into a giant kitchen tomorrow, July 27th from 4pm – 11pm.

The list is out as to which of your favourite Chefs, Caterers, Bakers, Farmers, Food Entrepreneurs and Artisans will be there! There are so many great options, so how do you choose?! Stay tuned to Suga Lifestyle’s Instagram stories (@sugalifestyle) to be reminded of the top picks, but here is Suga’s guide and a few tips!

Try someone NEW!

If you are a true foodie, you have hit many places on the list more than once, so give someone new a try, but be very selective.

> 2 Yutes (Shawarmas and loaded fries)
> Tacodon
> All Spice Catering & Events’ Food Truck (Their Chicken & Waffles and Pulled Pork Fries look good)!
> Nice cream

***Gambles, but willing to try if menu, food and prices look good***
> Cafe Hibiscus
> Sheriff Gourmet BBQ

NEW Kids on the Kingston Kitchen Block to try if you haven’t tried them at other Events

> Outland Hurders Creamery and Farmstead


Outland Hurders will have a Raspberry & Rosemary Grilled Cheese Sandwich that looks salivating!

> Dream Bowls Ja (Delish Acai fruit bowls)

Places that are usually a hit and worth a try if you haven’t experienced their food before or you just can’t get enough of them!

> Lucky Strike Seafood Bar and Grill’s Seafood Bucket
> Jabba’s Peppa Swims
> Stush in the Bush’s Blow Fyah Pepper Sauce

For Curried Goat,
> Chillin’ Restaurant
> Lyming at Walkerswood

Cafes and Coffee,
> Cannonball
> Cafe Dolce
> Deaf Can! Coffee

Fun bites,
> Chilitos JaMexican

> Kuk Up Kreations (They now have Salads!)
> It’s Rolly Polly

The leading duo for Vegetarian Gastronomy, STUSH IN THE BUSH will be there and it is a no brainer to stop by and see what they have to offer!

Small servings that are a bit pricey, but good

> Fromage Gourmet Market
> Pink Apron Ja

***Ladies, wear your fanny packs or a crossover bag and comfortable shoes***

Go early and travel with Cash! Enjoy with your friends and family!

#FortheLoveofFood #EatGood

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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