Suga’s Best Dressed Ladies for the Oscars 2016


Charlize Theron looked refreshingly elegant as usual in Dior Haute Couture.

Kerry Washington was unique in Versace, but hey, she could look good in a garbage bag.


Then there was Olivia Wilde, who looked bold and took the plunge in Valentino. The back of the dress was EVERYTHING as Kelly Osbourne would say on E! See if Suga was right on E!’s Fashion Police tonight!





JLP wins 2016 General Election!


There were no surprises last night with the close run between the two political parties, JLP and PNP last night.

The JLP just needed to secure at least 2 swing or marginal seats, which they did to become victorious and win the Election 33-30. For those of you who followed Suga Lifestyle’s Election predictions on Facebook, you would see that they were all correct. According to Suga, they were pretty much even with safe seats, giving 25 to JLP and 24 to PNP. Safe seats remained safe. However, JLP had more marginal seats compared to the PNP and ended up winning all of them, even though they were likely to win them.


For instance, for the St. Andrew East constituency, Fayval Williams unseating incumbent, Andre Hylton was expected but it was known that it would have been a close call. Less than 200 votes separated the two.

Suga thinks the huge swing seat win for JLP came from Juliet Holness who beat Imani Duncan for St. Andrew East Rural. Well done wifey.



Then they sealed the deal with Dr. Norman Dunn who took the win over Dr. Winston Green in South East St. Mary, which was supposed to be a marginal seat likely to go to the PNP.

Kudos to Robert Montague for regaining his seat in St. Andrew Western after a shocking loss in 2011.

Well done to other big winners for the JLP who should not have been doubted, such as Arlando Terrelonge for St. Catherine East Rural, Floyd Green for St. Elizabeth South Western, Marlene Malahoo-Forte for St. James West Central and Juliet Cuthbert Flynn who ran away with victory in St. Andrew West Rural.

If persons had their ears to the ground, a low voter turn out should not have indicated a win or landslide victory for the PNP. The known JLP supporters were out in their numbers to vote and their candidates were not worried. However, it was the large number of PNP supporters that did not show up to vote. They are the majority and it is known that when they are not happy or in agreement with their Government, they would rather not vote versus vote against them. So even though the race was still tight in polls marked by low voter turnouts, the JLP came out on top. The mentioned point was also demonstrated in areas of ‘safe PNP’ seats where the race was extremely tight and candidates such as Dr. Morais Guy, Mikael Phillips and Derrick Kellier were in trouble, almost losing their seats.

Note that Derrick Kellier was the only PNP seat to be won in St. James. The other 4 constituencies went to the JLP. We have not seen Past Prime Minister Bruce Golding in the media, but he has veen sighted working the constituencies is St. James, in particular, that of Marlene Malahoo-Forte.

Keith Blake of the JLP also gave Colin Fagan a run for his money for South East St. Catherine.

What happened?! Why did the PNP lose? The answer is bad campaigning. Just as how JLP suffered as a result of their bad campaign in 2011, attacking Portia’s personality and level of intelligence in a distasteful fashion, the PNP has now suffered for spending a great deal of time criticizing the size of Andrew’s house. They also called an election and avoided participating in a debate! Ridiculous if you ask me, especially for young Jamaicans eagerly waiting to hear what both sides had to offer to help decide the better outlook for their future.

The JLP also used the short period of time given wisely, that is, the few weeks between when the Election was called and Election Day. The slogan they used, ‘From Poverty to Prosperity’ struck fire in dormant Labourites blood as well as others. PNP using the slogan, ‘Step Up the Progress’ is stale news because of their previous slogan, ‘Don’t stop the Progress’. JLP gained momentum rapidly and if the PNP dragged it out a little longer, the people would have started to take time to ponder and question the promises made.

The people have spoken and change has come. Today Jamaica wakes up to a new Government and they will be held accountable for a lot of promises made. It is often said that whenever the JLP wins, they will only be given a chance for 1 term. However, Rome was not built in a day. It certainly did not take 18 to 26 years either. So let us hope the JLP is given the chance and freedom to work towards their goals to help Jamaica to at least some form of Prosperity.

Jamaica Land We Love.









#JAVOTES2016 happening today!


Starting at 7am, Jamaicans will head to the polls and make their votes. At least it is the hope that the majority of registered voters will exercise their right to vote.

This election does not seem to be a landslide like the previous one. More University students will vote. There are a few swing seats involved. Ask yourselves, ‘why?’.

Will it be JLP or PNP? Each party’s manifesto was published in the paper and is also on their website. Have a look if you haven’t already, since no debates were held. Stay tuned to the news and see what each party has had to say or not say.

Also remember Obama’s wise words of advice to us. Need a reminder? Check Suga’s roundup of his Town hall meeting here:

Obama gave Jamaica a reality check. Words to remember

If you are not eligible to vote, it is too late, however it is not too late to recognize your mistake. Don’t let it happen for the next election. Head to the nearest electoral office near you and get enumerated.

Do not allow persons that get free shirts like it’s Champs or Sports day and fill their stomachs for a few days but don’t know how to find food for the next 5 years be responsible for the majority of votes, which determine not only our future but the future of our children as well.

Ok Jamaica, have fun, or not, reflecting on the last 26 years and who has been responsible for what, but forget about Trafigura, Dudus/Manatt Phelps & Phillips, big houses and light bulbs. Those are currently non-issues. Think about more important issues amd game changers such as the stability and instability of the dollar, FINSAC, the rise and fall of crime and violence, the drop in interest rates from 16% to 9% for past students to be in a better position to pay back the Students’ Loan Bureau, the implementation of the Jamaica Debt Exchange (JDX) during the world’s worst recession since World War II, the continued influx of the Chinese into our country including their ease of settlement, taxes and the rapid deterioration of the quality our health services.

Do you have a Vote? #voteja2016




New Dates for the Play, Block 24!



Remember the Rotaract Club of New Kingston will be presenting 4 nights of amazing talent, but the dates have changed from starting this Election Day Thursday to Thursday, March 10 at the Green Gables Theatre (6 Cargill Avenue). The play will continue to be shown for that entire weekend up to Sunday, March 13, 2016. 

It’s Meringue- BLOCK 24! Featuring Rotaractors acting in their own Fundraising play! Directed by David Tulloch. Choreography by Kevin Moore. Lead actor Stephen-Rhae Johnson. The play is for the entire family and it is all for a worthy cause.

Contact a Meringue Ambassador today for tickets!


***New Dates: March 10-13, 2016


See how you can assist Rotaract U.W.I, Mona with their Stationery Drive


The Rotaract Club of U.W.I, Mona is conducting a Stationery drive, where all items collected will be contributed to the Operation Restoration Christian School. This school assists with reintegrating students into the Government education system.

The drive began on February 8, 2016 and continues until March 3rd 2016. The students that will be assisted are teenagers, 14 years and older.

Donations should include items such as textbooks, notebooks, pens, pencils, rulers, rubbers, sharpeners, etc.

If you would like to be a part of the drive, your participation would be greatly appreciated.

For further information you can make contact with:
Nicketa Watson
Community Service Director
Rotaract Club of U.W.I, Mona
Ph: 830-1680 (Lime); 484-6544 (Digicel)

Why is it best to work out when you are sore and not take the day off?

If you have a regular, weekly workout routine, meaning you take your appropriate rest days and don’t feel depressed or anxious, you may take the following advice.

When you have sore muscles from exercising, exercising the following day actually speeds up recovery. HOWEVER, not something like Insanity. Ensure that it is light exercises such as low intensity cardio and YOGA where stretches and controlled movement are good for muscle tightness and soreness, also encouraging oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to flow to the muscles, hence encouraging healing.




Gourmet Jamaica Delicacies is in town!


Photo: @gourmetjamaica Instagram page

Gourmet Jamaica Delicacies cater in Montego Bay and Kingston and this week they are in Kingston offering decadent Vegan Banana Bread as well as Organic Pasta sauce!

Who is behind all of this? Owner, Amanda McCreath. Her Plantain tarts are to die for!

Send them an email to order –

Follow them on Instagram @gourmetjamaica

Contact: 876-840-8210



The Weekend in Sports!


The West Indies Under 19 Cricket Team won the ICC World Cup vs India! Signs of a good future? Maybe not. They only scored 146 runs in 49.3 overs to win, however the bowling and fielding were impressive.

It is the first major title on any level that the West Indies has won since the senior team won the ICC World Twenty20 in 2012.


Arsenal put a dagger in Leicester’s campaign to win the Barclay’s Premier League title yesterday with Welbeck’s header in stoppage time to seal a 2-1 victory.

Leicester’s only goal was from a penalty kick at the end of the first half that probably shouldn’t have been awarded. They got a red card at 54′ downsizing them to 10 men, then Walcott of Arsenal equalised at 70′.

Here is a look at the BPL table now:



There was exciting action in La Liga yesterday too. Lionel Messi had an unbelievable Penalty kick, where it was Barcelona 6-1 Celta Vigo! Watch it here!


Zach LaVine and Aaron Gordon put on a show for the Slam Dunk Contest! Zach LaVine reclaimed his title from last year with all 10s.

Klay Thompson defeated Splash brother, Steph Curry with 27 points in the final round to win the All Star Weekend 3-point shoot out competition. Thompson tied Curry’s score of 27 last year for the most points ever in the All Star 3-point shoot out competition.

The West beat the East, 196-173 with the record for the most points in a half, 92 and both sides surpassed the record for the most combined points in a half, 92-90.

Russell Westbrook got MVP for the 2nd straight year with 31 points.

Paul George of Pacers was on fire with 41 points, just 1 point shy of Wilt Chamberlain’s record of 42 for the most points scored in an NBA All-Star game. Paul George also had the most 3-pointers in the game with 9.

This was also Kobe Bryant’s last All-Star game. All the greats were there to watch including the Greatest of all time, Michael Jordan a.k.a MJ. The commentator confirmed it saying, he IS still the greatest of all time. MJ sent his best wishes to Kobe. The other ‘MJ’, Majic Johnson also did a tribute. Kobe follows the 2 MJs with his level of skill and greatness. Kobe we salute you!