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Exercising during Pregnancy and the Benefits

Once blessed with the happy and life-changing news of Pregnancy, it is not time to leave the sneakers in the closet or to cancel your gym membership.

It is perfectly safe to do certain exercises once cleared by your Doctor.

Two types of exercises immediately ruled out are jumping and prone (on the stomach) exercises.

My clients train on the elliptical machine, cycle or walk for Cardio and sometimes throw in a bit of step work. However, weight training and resistance exercises for toning are usually the focus.

With time and lack of exercise, the skin will lose its elasticity and it is quite hard to regain. So as long as expecting moms feel comfortable exercising during pregnancy, it should be safe to exercise up to 7 or 8 months and to walk during the last month.

Once there is any discomfort during exercise, you should stop that exercise immediately and move on to the next one.

If cramping or extreme discomfort is experienced, give yourself a break from exercising that day.

Benefits of Exercising During Pregnancy:

● Helps to have a quicker Postpartum Recovery
● Facilitates a faster return to Pre-Pregnancy Weight and Appearance
● Reduces Back Pain and Strain
● Reduces the Risk of Gestational Diabetes
● Shorter Labour and Less Complications requiring Surgery

I suggest the following Exercises to keep active and as toned as possible:

1. Elliptical training

Training on the Elliptical machine (Photo:

2. Cycling (On a stationary bike)

3. Walking

4. Squats

5. Lunges

6. Light arm work with Dumbbells for the Biceps and Triceps

7. Kegel Exercises 

Kegel Exercises also known as Pelvic floor exercises are quite popular during pregnancy. They involve contracting and relaxing the pelvic muscles (kegel muscles) repeatedly.

Kegel Exercise (Photo:

The exercises strengthen the pelvic floor muscles to help push the baby out easily during delivery. The exercises also support the uterus, bladder, small intestine and rectum. This in turn helps to deal with urinary incontinence that is a common problem during pregnancy.

***Kegel exercises are not strenuous or painful, but some persons may have discomfort so it is a good idea to discuss with your gynaecologist first.***

8. Supported groin and pelvis floor stretch with slight back bend.


9. Yoga Exercises. E.g. Fierce Cat and Cobbler’s Pose

Fierce Cat Exercise


10. Exercises for the Glutes and Hamstrings

Back Leg raises and pulses for the Glutes and Hamstrings (Photo:

By: Gabrielle Burgess (Certified Personal Trainer & Sports Nutritionist)

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FREE Testing and Discounts on Medication at Fontana for Pharmacy Week!

It’s Pharmacy Week and Fontana Pharmacy will be offering FREE Blood Sugar and Blood Pressure Testing along with Discounts on All Prescriptions and Over the Counter Drugs at ALL LOCATIONS, this Thursday, November 23.


Fontana Pharmacy

Locations: Kingston (Barbican Square), Ocho Rios (Eight Rivers Town Centre), Savanna-la-Mar (Beckford Plaza), Montego Bay (Fairview Shopping Centre)

Phone: 1-888-429-5887


By: Gabrielle Burgess

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GCG Events’ (Wedding Catering & more) Wedding Promotion Extended to November 25th!

GCG’s Wedding Promotion has been extended to Nov 25th! Just in time to visit them at The Kingston Bridal Week – Bridal Market Expo tomorrow, November 19th at the UWI, Mona Campus so you can see what they’re all about along with other Vendors!


PRIZE PACKAGE that has been ongoing:
35%- 45% off GCG Events’ Wedding Catering Package
● 30% off Music and Equipment from Blaktie Entertainment Jamaica (@blaktiejamaica)
● 20% off Sean Murray Photography’s Photography Package (@seanmurrayphotography)
● 25% off Taylor’d Events’ Decor Package (
● 30% off Concierge Jamaica’s Wedding Planning Services (@conciergejm)

 Incentives have been added to the PRIZE PACKAGE!

● Participation eligibility has been extended to Weddings / Couples Planning Weddings in Jamaica up to August 2018 (Guest list 80 or more)

● Winners will be eligible to a Free Wedding Menu Tasting (3 persons)

● GCG events will offer Friend Referral Discounts. So if you refer a friend getting married, you can get 10% off Christmas Catering! *conditions apply*

Khemlani Royale Jewellers have partnered with GCG events!

The Winning Couple will get a pair of his & her watches and the 2nd place Couple will win a gift certificate for $10,000JMD from Khemlani Jewellers!

1. Post a video on your FB or IG page telling GCG how you met, the proposed date & venue of your Wedding, your ideal Wedding concept & menu preferences.

2. Be sure to include the following hashtags – #gcgeventswedding #simplyoutstanding #winningwedding

3. Tag: @gcg_events, @blaktiejamaica, @conciergejm,, and @seanmurrayphotography

4. Share your post with friends! Most likes wins! 

N.B. Top three couples whose post has the most likes win! So there isn’t just 1 winner!

From my personal experience, when you feel the pressure of planning a Wedding, GCG Events Jamaica takes many items off your to-do list and makes them seem hassle-free.

Communication is quick and efficient with quality service and the ability to deduce the needs of customers, often without even having to ask.

GCG not only caters for Weddings but for Corporate and Social events as well. For the complete package that they offer, for instance if you also require their Bar Services, they provide all the necessary glassware, ice, flatware, cutlery, disposables and service staff for an unbeatable price. Not to mention that they come fully equipped with their cooling trucks, electricity and more.

The Chefs and Waiting Staff are personable, pleasant and conduct live cooking stations with delicious dishes. I highly recommend their Carving station. Check out the cut of this Beef!

Tender Beef Cuts from GCG Events@

I haven’t had a disappointing dish from them to date.

Do you want the Catering and Bar service at your Wedding to be Simply Outstanding?

Enter GCG Events Jamaica’s “The Day We Met” Wedding Promotion for the chance to be one of three lucky couples to win Simply Outstanding Savings for your Jamaican Wedding!

Let GCG make your Wedding Simply Outstanding! #SugaEndorsed


GCG Events

Location: Norman Manley Int’l Airport. Kingston, Jamaica

Ph: (876) 924-8364


Facebook: GCG Events

Instagram: @gcg_events

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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New Items for GW Art’s Christmas Pop-Up Shop at Chai Studios on Saturday, December 2nd!


GW Art has NEW pieces for Christmas and will be bringing back old faves!

SAVE THE DATE for GW Art’s Christmas Pop-Up Shop at Chai Studios’ Trunk Show (Barbican Business Center) on Saturday, December 2nd from 12:30 – 6pm!

If you already have plans, not to worry, you will be kept up to date on stock and you can still make your orders.

You can also Browse the GW Art Gallery and Contact Gabby for what is Available to Order for the Season. Christmas is just around the corner!

***Orders will be taken up to Friday, November 24th for Pick up on December 2nd***

There will be Wall Art (Canvas stretched on frame to hang & Framed Art), Tabletops/Desktops, Decorative Bottles, Vases and Mason Jars. This Christmas Collection will be great for Christmas Gifts, Home, Office and Wedding Décor. Prices start at $1500JMD!

There will be affordable treats to purchase for the kids too!

The Return of Customer Faves from    GW Art

The Popular, ‘It’s Always Wine O’Clock’ is now available in a frame! Grab this one while you can!

(17 1/4 × 14)” Frame
GW Art Decorative Bottles, Mason Jars and Vases!

Please Support Brand Jamaica and Make it a GW Art Christmas !!!

New Piece by GW Art! (16×16)” Acrylic on Canvas stretched on Frame to hang

Many persons are reluctant to address the Elephant in the Room, but not this one! Get it in your room and keep people talking!

GW Art


Ph: 876-422-3769

Website (Gallery): 

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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How was Sunday Dinner for Suga at The Terra Nova for Restaurant Week (Epicurean)?!

Last Sunday at 6:30pm, I had Dinner at The Terrace, Terra Nova All Suite Hotel. The Terrace is in the Epicurean category ($4300JMD) for Restaurant Week and my husband, Randy and I were looking forward to having sumptuous dishes.

We had a great start with the Appetizers. I preferred the Seafood Medley.

Coquille de Mer – Medley of Seafood in a rich cream sauce with mushroom and cheese
Confit of Pimento Chicken – On a medallion of hard dough bread and a drizzle of pineapple pepper jelly

We both had the Lobster Bisque to follow, which was rich Lobster Soup, finished with cream and Brandy. I appreciated that the Soup was not salty. It was rich indeed and tasty.

Apart from a long wait before the Entrees, service was smooth. When we were waiting a little bit more than half an hour with no update on the arrival of the Entrees, a waiter caught my eye looking around and said that our Entrees were coming out shortly and they did. Besides that hiccup, the staff were cordial and quite attentive. The food was sumptuous as expected too.

Terra Nova Petit Fillet – Petit prime Filet Mignon grilled, topped with Shrimp and Blue Mussel scampi with Scallop Potato and roasted Vegetable.

With the above salivating description of a Surf n’ Turf, I think they could have served more than a single Shrimp and Mussel. Props to the Chef though, because that cut of meat was perfection  and cooked to order, medium rare, exactly how we like it. Same goes for the Lamb Chops! No disappointment there, because Terra Nova is known to have the best on the island. I thoroughly enjoyed those portions.

Terra Nova Half Rack of Lamb – Marinated New Zealand Lamb crusted with garlic and rosemary, roasted and served with mint and Pomegranate Au Jus

Dessert was decadent and quite a delightful ending to our Sunday Dinner.

Dessert served at The Terrace, Terra Nova All Suite Hotel last Sunday, November 12, 2017.

The three courses with the addition of a beverage, service charge and G.C.T came to about $6000JMD per person. The Terrace at the Terra Nova All Suite Hotel was definitely value for money and is Suga Endorsed for Restaurant Week.

There are still three nights left for Restaurant Week and it may not be too late to make those Reservations!


The Terrace at the Terra Nova All Suite Hotel 

***Reservations Recommended***

Location: 17 Waterloo Road. Kgn. 10.

Ph: 876-926-2211; 876-926-9334

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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KFC Gives Away $400,000 Tuition to a UWI, Mona Student!

KFC Jamaica’s BBQ Zinger
As of October 17th this year, KFC Jamaica crowned The University of the West Indies, Mona (UWI, Mona) as the ‘Zinger Capital of Jamaica’ due to them having the most Zinger Sandwiches sold in the local restaurant network over the past few years. 

Why is the Zinger Sandwich so popular amongst UWI students?

KFC Jamaica believes that Zinger Sandwiches are a convenient choice for young adults and that they get overall satisfaction for its amazing taste and flavour with choices of Hot n’ Spicy, BBQ or the Western Zinger.

UWI Students have expressed appreciation for the Sandwich’s real ingredients, that is, the fact that it is made of 100% real Chicken with fresh Vegetables topped off with melted Cheese that gives it more flavour.

How did KFC UWI show their Appreciation for the Support of the UWI Community?

For a limited time only during KFC Jamaica’s Zinger Promotional period, they upsized Fries and Drinks at certain times and gave away free Zingers on a Friday along with the purchase of a Zinger combo!

KFC decided to show their appreciation even further by awarding a Student with Free Zingers for an entire year after purchasing a Zinger and entering a raffle.

Congratulations to Satina Edwards  who won Free Zingers for a Year!


How did KFC give away $400,000 Tuition to a UWI Student?!

Suga has endorsed the fact that KFC has recognized that many students on Campus face financial challenges, so they decided to offer assistance towards their education.

They ran a Social Media Competition via Instagram for their UWI Mona Zinger lovers to rap about the KFC Zinger, shortlisted entries to 10 Finalists and then the Winner with the most likes by November 1, 2017, Kemar DaCosta  received a $400,000 Tuition Grant courtesy of KFC Jamaica!

Congratulations to Kemar DaCosta, Winner of the #ForMyZingerChallenge and a $400,000 Tuition Grant!

Kemar DaCosta, student of UWI, Mona rose to the top of the #ForMyZingerChallenge and topped up his UWI, Mona Tuition account with $400,000JMD!

Check out the Talented, Entertaining Videos here for the UWI Mona Finalists on Instagram, @kfcjamaica by clicking on the hashtag,   #ForMyZingerChallenge .

Kudus to KFC Jamaica for helping to Build a Brighter Future for our Children through Education, thus Building a Better Jamaica and Congratulations to UWI Mona, the Zinger Capital of Jamaica!

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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Flawless Service from Fromage Gourmet Market & Bistro for Restaurant Week’s Delectable Category!

Suga had a fabulous date with husband, Randy Burgess last Saturday night. Reservations were for 7pm at Fromage Gourmet Market & Bistro on Hillcrest Avenue and we were on time.

This Fromage was listed under the Delectable Category ($3800JMD) for Restaurant Week (RW). So dinner with a beverage including 5% service charge and tax can run you up to $5500JMD for one person.

We chose an early time for dinner, when the newly refurbished and slightly more spacious Fromage would not have been filled to capacity as yet. It reached full capacity midway through dinner though.

The Staff were courteous and extremely attentive without being overwhelming. All members of Staff were on the floor, paying attention to the tables whether they were serving that table or not. A sign of well-trained staff. Our server was Dimel, who I am familiar with. Always a pleasure.

Food came out like clockwork and water glasses were topped up when necessary. Great service.

The Appetizers were flavourful.

Bacon wrapped maple smoked Prawns

I had the Bacon wrapped maple smoked Prawns and Randy had the Marlin Corn Fritter Stack. I always enjoy Fromage’s house-made Pepper Jelly that has that divine mix of spicy and sweet as the name suggests.

Marlin Corn Fritter Stack – Sweet Corn Fritter stack topped with Marlin and Pepper Jelly

As we wrapped up with the Appetizers, JPS had a promotion going on throughout the night for RW diners to download their JPS App and drop their card with contact information into a bag. They came during dinner service to do the first raffle draw for the night.

Suga a.k.a Gabby from Suga Lifestyle was the first lucky winner at Fromage Gourmet Market & Bistro for downloading the ‘My JPS’ App!

Our Main dishes came out shortly after the excitement of shaving $5000JMD off of our next Light bill.

Guinness BBQ Ribs with Sweet Potato Mash and Steamed Market Fresh Vegetables

My BBQ Ribs pleased my taste buds as described. They were lean, juicy, well seasoned and slow-cooked to a tender perfection.

Steak Au Poivre – Peppercorn Crusted Beef Tenderloin in a Brandy cream sauce with Sautéed Potatoes and Steamed Market Fresh Vegetables

Randy’s Steak Au Poivre was cooked to order. It was so succulent. Bravo Chef!

Medium rare Steak cooked to order!
Caramel Bread Pudding

Without a doubt, dinner came to a close for me with their popular Caramel Bread Pudding. It was warm and scrumptious as usual with their salivating caramel crumble on top.

Bailey’s Ice Cream Sundae

Randy thoroughly enjoyed his Bailey’s Ice Cream Sundae.

Fromage Gourmet Market & Bistro is Suga Endorsed for Restaurant Week. Pay them a visit if you can and continue to enjoy.

Stay tuned for Terra Nova’s review for the Epicurean Category!

Remember that the Menus with Restaurant Locations and Contact numbers are online at:

***Prices for each category include choice of Appetizer, Main Course and Dessert. Beverages, G.C.T and Gratuity additional.***

Fromage Gourmet Market & Bistro

***Reservations Recommended – 15 minutes holding time***

Ph#: (876) 622-9856; (876) 927-7062

Address: 8 Hillcrest Ave., Kingston 6

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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