Contribute Toiletries and/or Visit the Vineyard Town Golden Age Home this Saturday with U.T.E.C.H Rotaract Club

Instagram Photo: @utechrotaract

The U.T E.C.H Rotaract Club will be visiting the Vineyard Town Golden Age Home this Saturday, October 1 for Community Service and Fellowship.

They will need Tin Food Pampers, Utensils and toiletries.

They will meet at 9am in Lab C2.

For Information:

Contact Staff Rep. Dina

Tel.: 876-414-7518


By: Gabrielle Burgess

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How Dairy Products Can Help You Lose Weight


Many persons rely on Quinoa, Oats and other good sources of Carbs/Fibre to lose weight. 

However, Dairy products contain both Protein and Calcium that not only help with bone and muscle mass but with weight loss as well because the by-products of Calcium help to break down fat.

Stick to the healthy Dairy products though, such as Skimmed Milk, Fat-free Cheese slices, 90/100 calorie Greek Yogurt etc.

Enjoy your Dairy!

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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Who won the 1st Presidential Debate and why does the Loser still have a chance to win?!

I am sure most persons were glued to their televisions last night to watch the 1st US Presidential Debate with Donald Trump vs Hillary Clinton. Sadly it was mostly to see the show that Trump was likely to put on and did put on. 

Trump failed to answer questions asked, made up words such as ‘bigly’ along the way and well, was just himself. He actually didn’t do so badly in the first half hour but as he took the bait thrown to him by Hillary more and more he lost the last hour making Hillary the victor.

They clashed on taxes, law and order, terrorism and more.

Hillary’s answers showed she did her research and also had answers as to why certain ideas of Trump relating to Law and Order such as the ‘Stop and Frisk’ would not work as they didn’t before.

This is just the beginning though as there are 2 more debates to come. Suga believes the debates will be similar and may even have a similar outcome, but it may not even greatly affect the result of the election. The polls may still be marginal.

Trump threw a crucial punch last night at Hillary saying she may have a lot of experience but it is bad experience, pertaining mainly to negotiating the IRAN deal, supporting NAFTA and more.

He clearly crammed a lot of statistics as he kept stating, I just read this and I just read that, BUT the statistics he wasn’t afraid to show were the thousands of troops who he claimed just endorsed him as well as thousands of others. Instead of campaigning with ads like Hillary, Trump is talking to the people. Grassroots Politics. We all know how that works in Jamaica. So this should be a concern to Hillary in terms of the tactics she chooses to go forward with and she should be concerned about her endorsement figures as well.

Until the next debate, stay tuned…Sunday, October 9th at 8pm EST!

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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#FBF to Caterer Trevanne Donegal’s Bon Voyage Gourmet Lunch Special!



Guava Mesquite Smoked Chicken, Baked Penne Alfredo, 3 Cheese Seafood Pasta shells, Chipotle Sausage, Garden Salad – $1800JMD

Trevanne Donegal’s Bon Voyage Lunch Special at Jerkaz did not disappoint last Friday. The food was superb as usual. The stuffed Pasta shells were delish!

Somehow, she always manages to combine unique flavours that complement each other well. Carefully thought out dishes.

Thanks Trev. Good luck on your 1-year journey in London that will make you even more fantastic in the kitchen.

Bon Voyage from Suga!




Tragedy on the field during Manning Cup Football match yesterday

Dominic James

Suga would like to send heartfelt condolences to the family, friends, teammates and football coach of Dominic James. 

Dominic James was the Captain of St. George’s College Football team, who collapsed on the field yesterday just after about a minute of play in a Manning Cup match versus Excelsior High School at Stadium East. He was rushed to the University Hospital of the West Indies where almost an hour later the extremely shocking and sad news broke that the young, 17-year old did not survive his unknown condition. 

It is obvious that he had exemplary qualities to be the Captain. A transfer from Jamaica College, he was a leader and someone his teammates could look up to and relate to and of course an overall good student.

Praying for Dominic’s family and his St. George’s family. Hoping that the entire team or others that may be affected by such a sudden tragedy get counselling if necessary and they are strong enough to rise above this.

Rest in Peace Dominic James. Gone too soon.

Gullies are the next focus for Ja after Beach Cleanup Success

The International Coastal Cleanup Day seemed to be a success islandwide last Saturday with over 100 sites.

Suga helped the Jamaica Environment Trust (JET) behind the scenes at the popular, Fort Rocky site that had thousands of Cleanup volunteers. After observing the results each year, I was happy to see that the garbage, especially plastics collected was significantly less than previous years.

Fort Rocky site, Kingston. Jamaica

JET’s ‘Nuh Dutty Up Jamaica’ campaign including its catchy jingle has been huge this year and it looks like it is slowly but surely having positive effects on our country and creating more awareness amongst our people.

After our Island’s Coastline was a huge focus, the Government looks like it will help to focus on the cleaning up of our Streets and Gullies moving forward.

The Government is considering putting low risk convicts to work to clean up our streets and gullies that have been filled with debris and of course special clothing should be bought for them.

Sadly, this motion may be in effect mainly as a result of a video that went viral on social media when we experienced the downpour the other day. Our streets and gullies have been screaming for attention for some time now. The video showed the flooding of the grounds of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Fisheries Division on Marcus Garvey Drive in Kingston during the downpour as a result of the blocked drains in the area by garbage.

Fines may also be increased for littering in Public places under the law. Fines are currently set at $2000JMD for a littering offence. 

Let us continue to help keep our Island clean. Do not Litter. Recycle or dispose of plastics in recycle bins. The list goes on. 

If you would like more information on various efforts being made to clean up our environment or would like to be a JET volunteer and/or Donate and more, it is easy. 

Go to and sign up NOW. #Nuhduttyupjamaica

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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