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Suga Lifestyle’s Gabby goes Rue from her Visit to Bijoux

- Taken from Pandora websiteExcited about the ‘buy 2 get one free’ Pandora ring promotion that was emailed to me from one of my favourite Pandora outlets in the states and the Bijoux gift certificate I had in hand, I gave Bijoux a call last week. I asked if they were offering the same promotion and they said yes. I also asked what are their opening hours, the response was 9am to 5pm. Knowing that I wouldn’t make it during the week I asked for the opening hours on Saturdays and the response was the same.

Now on Saturday morning, the Brazil match was on at 11am and I needed to secure my seat from a bit after 10 so I rushed out of the house to make it to Bijoux at 9:30am. To my surprise and annoyance, doors were closed and chained tight. So I went by The Liguanea Club to pass the time to call them on the hour at 10. No one answered the phone until 10:05am then I asked how come I was told they opened at 9, I was curtly told it was not possible for anyone to tell me that. I said, ‘Possible’ and made my way over by 10:07am. As I walked in, I could see they were still setting up and not prepared for customers. There was only one customer inside with her child by the Pandora area being assisted by a lady, where I headed straight over to.

I have never been to Bijoux because I know they usually close early and I am busy on most Saturdays. So I usually do my purchases during vacay or holiday weekends in Ocho Rios and outlets in Florida and Atlanta. I always get great service at those places and expected the same from Bijoux. What was I thinking?!

Since my friends were now on their way to meet me and I was in a rush, I asked if someone else could assist me. There were no other customers in the store so I thought that was a more than reasonable request, whether they were setting up or not. But I was told to wait until the lady was free. I then expressed that I did not have the time and there was a misunderstanding with their opening hours and I came initially at 9:30am. The customer being assisted was in no rush and told the lady working (not of Indian descent) that she could go ahead and assist me first. The lady started to assist me. When one of the Indians saw that, ‘Imran’ not sure if he was supervisor, manager, co-owner or whatever, but he instantly came over with his hand full of tattoos, gesticulated and reprimanded the worker loudly so everyone could hear. He stated that she cannot just leave one customer and attend to me because I am upset. The other customer spoke up and said she did not mind at all. He said no, that’s not how it works. He then stormed off and instead of making himself useful and assisting one of us or even having the decency to come over and speak to me if he thought I was upset, as that was news to me until he just fired me up. I was in more shock than anything and was focused on capitalising on the ring promotion that ends on June 30th. I think others would have walked off at that point.

Anyhow, the lady continued to assist me but she was not aware of prices and handed me the Pandora ring book. I then told her since I had to check through the book she could go back to the other lady.

I exclaimed that this situation was ridiculous and I should have never come there and should have just gone to Ochi where I get better service. Ears perked, another Indian, Nick came over. He showed me more rings but did not know prices off the top of his head either. Shocking. He said everything was practically over $100US, which I know was not so. They did not have the main ring that I wanted that represented my birth month, June. I also did not know my ring size so he said he would get a sizer but let me look first. After which, he said that if test rings on display do not fit they may not have them in my size but stock may be available in other sizes for some that do not fit. So wouldn’t it make sense to at least have my finger measured first? At this point it was getting late, my friends were waiting on me and I just needed to leave. It just was not working out. I respected the fact that he made the effort to assist me and did not have an attitude either. He was quite civil and professional. I told him I was going to go especially since they did not have the ring I wanted. I hate shopping in a rush and I am used to chatting over a Red Stripe in Ocho Rios. This experience was a disaster. Nick offered to order the ring for me I told him there was no need, thanked him, the lady and the other customer and left.

Later on in the day when it all settled in I became infuriated all over again and called to speak to ‘Imran’ to express my total dissatisfaction with his rudeness and insulting service. He was not there and it was Nick on the phone so for whatever it was worth I went over the situation and he asked what they could do. I said have ‘Imran’ call me and apologise and let him understand that it is that poor service that cannot work.

Ofcourse he did not call. Not like I expected him to anyway. I am sure any amount of money I was going to spend whether big or small wouldn’t be worth a chick pea in his salad. But regardless of how successful he or the store may be, he clearly needed more training from his elders before he started working and needs to know that the customer is always right. I also learnt that I should stick to what I know.



What a weekend! Check out how the World Cup is going here!

What an action packed weekend with football!

The Maracana dream was kept alive for Brazil, Netherlands and Costa Rica who had close encounters with their opponents with even 2 of the matches consisting of Penalty shoot outs. Painful losses for Chile, Mexico and Greece, as their World Cup is now over.

The dream was also kept alive for Columbia that cruised to victory sending Uruguay home with 2 goals by James Rodriguez, of which the first is arguably the best goal in the World Cup so far. He was even trending on Google Circles and is certainly one to watch.

The excitement continues today with France vs Nigeria and Germany vs Algeria.


Jamaica Observer 26.6.14

Had trouble with the link and couldn’t find the story? In case you missed it, see where you DO NOT want to go for a Roach Fest at Dim Sum today!!

Check out my fellow Food Awards Judge, Jodi’s entertaining review on Dragon Garden Restaurant in Constant Spring that was in the Jamaica Observer last Thursday by clicking on the link below, then redirect page by clicking on ‘Food’ then the title,  ‘The Dumpling, The Roach and The Judge’ :

http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/magazines/food/The-Dumpling–The-Roach-and-The-Judge_16994802 | Jamaican News Online – JamaicaObserver.com

Jamaica Observer 26.6.14

Jamaica Observer 26.6.14



Roaches for Dim Sum, really?!

Check out my fellow Food Awards Judge, Jodi’s review on Dragon Garden Restaurant in Constant Spring that was in the Jamaica Observer yesterday by clicking on the link below, then redirect page by clicking on ‘Food’ then the title The Dumpling, The Roach and The Judge’:

http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/magazines/food/The-Dumpling–The-Roach-and-The-Judge_16994802 | Jamaican News Online – JamaicaObserver.com


*Image – Jamaica Observer 26.6.14


Knock out stage begins tomorrow for World Cup!

Finally, it has been narrowed down to the Final 16 but what fantastic football so far. There will be no matches today so everyone can have a fully productive day and get ready for the weekend!

Tomorrow it will be BRAZIL vs. CHILE at 11am and COLUMBIA vs. URUGUAY at 3:00pm.

SUNDAY it will be NETHERLANDS vs. MEXICO at 11:00am and COSTA RICA vs. GREECE at 3:00pm.

Have a great weekend and ENJOY!


World Cup Schedule and Score Status + Possible Match ups to come!

So the Euro plane had to wait on the runway for Italy yesterday. Uruguay advanced over them with a shoulder-biting victory!

Ivory Coast had a heart breaking loss to Greece yesterday with Greece advancing into the Knock out round after capitalizing on a penalty that should not have been given for them to win 2-1.

Who will advance with France from Group E? Will it be Ecuador or Switzerland? Did the Swiss fill the holes in their defense?

Also, who will advance with Argentina from Group F today? Nigeria or Iran? Nigeria has more points but they will face Argentina, though this World Cup has definitely proven that the ball is round.

Looking down the line, possible BIG match ups (Not predictions):

FRANCE VS. GERMANY in the Quarterfinals ?

NETHERLANDS VS. ARGENTINA in the Semi-finals ?

BRAZIL VS. FRANCE in the Semi-finals ?

Who will be in the FINALS ?!!!

Could it be URUGUAY vs. NETHERLANDS?, BRAZIL vs. ARGENTINA ?, FRANCE vs. NETHERLANDS? Plus so many more combinations. I think we are still in for more surprises, so lets watch and enjoy the Best Show on Earth!


The Layer Cake

Trevanne Donegal for The Layer Cake was a Table Talk Jamaica Observer Food Awards 2014 Nominee for Outstanding Baker. She may not have copped the award this year but she is definitely one to watch. I believe at the rate she is going she may even be nominated for Caterer of the Year in due time.

The quality of the food she produces and the high level of service and standards she upholds are a delight to see and experience. Perhaps this was influenced by the fact that she actually started her career front of house then pursued Culinary studies and found her way into the kitchen with no turning back. Her family is setting up a Restaurant on Old Hope Road and that is also something to look out for.

She does a layered Carrot Cake that is out of this world and all of the lunches I have ordered from her have been spot on in terms of the flavours she is able to bring out in her food with a lovely presentation. She has the ability to combine cheeses in various combinations in true gourmet fashion.

Some items that she caters for lunch are Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches, Burritos, Fajitas, Paninis, Cinnamon Cake, Mexican Blackened Snapper, Soups and ofcourse her signature deluxe Carrot Cake stacked with decadent New York style Cheesecake topped with a white chocolate vanilla whipped cream.

Are you hungry?! You can email trevannedonegal@gmail.com for more information.