24 Seven Café

The revamped 24 Seven Café at The Jamaica Pegasus, as the name suggests is open all day and all night. Take-out service is available seven days a week too. The Café was newly relocated in the Pegasus last June and still has a buzz going.

After frequent visits to the Café, I can attest to the fact that it is never crowded but still has a steady flow of customers. Afterall, it has more space than average cafés in Kingston, so the logistics are perfect. 24 Seven overlooks the pool with modern decor and provides free wifi access upon request. It is thus considered a great place to have mini meetings or dates over coffee, lunch or with light pastries. Its central location is convenient for a late night snack as well.

At my most recent visit, I ordered a chicken wrap and a café latte. I really had a skinny latte because they were flexible enough to make it with skimmed milk as requested. I wasn’t as lucky with my whole wheat or whole grain request for the wrap, but that was fine. The service was excellent and the staff was knowledgeable about items on the menu, a true reflection of being well trained. Waiting time was reasonable and most importantly I was comfortable and enjoyed my spicy, well seasoned chicken wrap. The wrap consisted of Jerk chicken breast, sautéed vegetables and pepper jack cheese, a fairly healthy option for the health conscious individual. The cost may seem a bit pricy to some since it isn’t offered with any sides other than a small cole slaw (the unhealthy part), but its price is comparable to other cafés and the wrap is filling.

24 Seven provides a variety of options to choose from including salads, breakfast bagels, vegetable wraps, tuna wraps, paninis, pastries, warm and cold beverages, desserts and a small kids menu. I also found it interesting that you have the option of buying a mini wine bottle for a quick fix or ordering to dine, possibly sharing a glass with someone, which costs less than its neighbour, the Blend Bar. Ofcourse your expectations for variety and quality would be less, since you are limited to the options of merlot or chardonnay.

Patrons also have the comfort of ordering then walking around the property for a few minutes to come back, as well as eating and drinking before paying. After all, a single shot expresso may not be enough, you may have to ask for a double.

A service charge is usually added to your bill when dining, but after such a refreshing experience, its negligible and well deserved. Hats off to 24 Seven Café for keeping it fresh.

24 Seven Café at The Jamaica Pegasus

Ph#: 876-926-3690

Address: 81 Knutsford Blvd., Kingston 5

NB. Ratings fill 5 stars maximum

Parking: ★★★★★

Ambience: ★★★★★

Decor: ★★★★★

Comfort: ★★★★★

Service: ★★★★★

Speed: ★★★★☆

Food quality: ★★★★☆

Serving amount: ★★★★☆

Plating: ★★★☆☆

Value for $: ★★★★☆

SuGa Endorsement: ★★★★☆