Suga Lifestyle Charities 2021




SUGA LIFESTYLE'S CHARITIES 2021 - Feeding of 1000 (In Collaboration with the Rotaract Club of New Kingston)

With the help of all who Donated and bought tickets to Suga Lifestyle’s Christmas Connection in December 2020, they helped us feed 1000 persons.

Pictured above, on January 22, 2021, the Rotaract Club of New Kingston handed over Food items for 200 persons and bags of Clothing to the Marie Atkins Night Shelter on Hanover Street in Downtown, Kingston. They were able to do this with the assistance of Suga Lifestyle Charities Ltd., Grace Kennedy, Rotary Club of New Kingston, Family and Friends.

A Health Fair and Treat would usually be conducted for the Day, but unfortunately that could not be carried out in light of Covid. So, the mission to feed 1000 members of our homeless community by the end of March with Chicken, Rice and other food items, was completed. Together we fight hunger.

SUGA LIFESTYLE'S CHARITIES 2021 - Donation to Prudence Hall's Campaign

On June 26, 2021, Suga Lifestyle Charities Limited donated Clothing, Food Items, Water, Stationery and Cleaning supplies to Prudence Hall’s Campaign, giving back to the Wortley Home, Annie Dawson Home, SOS Children’s Village and Flowpad Initiative (Nigeria).

SUGA LIFESTYLE'S CHARITIES 2021 - Stationery & Reading Book Drive (In Collaboration with the Rotaract Club of New Kingston)

October 4, 2021 was the handover of Suga Lifestyle Charities Ltd.’s sponsored donation to Rotaract Club of New Kingston’s Stationery Drive.

Reading and Colouring books along with Stationery & School supplies were donated to the Glenhope Nursery & Pre-School and the South Camp Juvenile Remand & Correctional Centre.

Many Projects have been delayed during the pandemic, so even though it was hard to hear the kids at Glenhope Nursery & Pre-School in a building nearby and not be able to talk or play with them, the genuine feeling of joy expressed by Glenhope Nursery’s Procurement Officer, Ms. Walters was priceless.                 

SUGA LIFESTYLE'S CHARITIES 2021 - Donation to The Jamaica Cancer Society at Pool Aerobics with Kim Annual Charity Event on October 23, 2021

Funds contributed to The Jamaica Cancer Society will be used by The Cancer Society to strengthen and expand its public health education and cancer screening programmes to vulnerable men and women in underserved communities across the island.