Last night, Klay Thompson of the Warriors suffered a head injury too!


Fun and joke aside, Steph Curry seemed to be alright in last night’s close out Game 5 versus the Rockets and has shown no symptoms of a concussion since his injury in Game 4.

Coincidentally, his ‘Splash Bro’, Klay Thompson collided harshly into Trevor Ariza of the Rockets last night in Game 5. Ariza was involved in both collisions. Thompson was bleeding from the ear. He was taken off the court and assessed just as how Curry was and later returned to the game. However, Warriors released this statement last night, ‘After the gane [Klay] began to not feel well and developed concussion-like symptoms. He will continue to be evaluated by the team’s medical staff tonight’.

Congratulations to Golden State for winning the Western Conference Finals, which hasn’t been achiteved since 1975! Hopefully the Splash Brothers will be alright and healthy for their war versus LeBron James and the Cavs for the NBA Finals starting next Thursday, June 4th!


Red Lobster gone totally Ghetto in ATL!


In real life! Braiding cornrows in a restaurant, really? Low. I kid you not, there is an instavideo for proof. I was told the Red Lobster chain was deteriorating to a very low standard, that is, ‘bring a side chick to’ or ‘carry a girl to Burger King for a date’ kind of standard. I did not believe. But this has to be a breach to the Health code. Shame on them for not escorting them out immediately.

Curried goat with plain rice, boiled banana and raw vegetables

M10 in Barbican for Jamaican Lunch !

Curried goat with plain rice, boiled banana and raw vegetables

Suga visited the Barbican location of M10 (across the road from Sovereign North) last Saturday at 1:15pm. Their delicious Roast fish was desired but was not on the menu for the day. I got Curried Chicken instead for $500JMD. My friends had Oxtail and Curried Goat. Nothing was over $900JMD to my recollection. All were tasty, however, since it is a lunch-only spot, they immediately wrote on styrofoam boxes when taking our orders instead of asking if we were dining. So we all had to eat out of boxes because it was too late for the change. I also asked for half boiled banana, half rice and got one finger of banana with loads of rice, as most restaurants tend to do during the week for lunch. Nevertheless, the setting was quite comfortable on a semi-open terrace. Since it is summer tho, they may want to invest in two fans. There was also sufficient parking around the back.

The place was buzzing with people and service time was reasonable, especially if you are used to the long wait at their Vineyard town location. So if ever in the need for quick, authentic Jamaican food, M10 Barbican is the spot!

Contact info.: 876.462.1415/930-2112 *(Vineyard town location numbers, as none seen listed for Barbican)


NBA Playoff Update! Steph Curry falls on his head and more! Ouch!


The Cavs now lead the Hawks, 3-0 for the series. The last game went into overtime and LeBron hit a 3 for the 114-111 win. Al Horford of the Hawks was ejected from the game before halftime with a questionable Flagrant 2 foul for falling then ‘elbowing’ Matthew Dellavedova that did not connect on the way down. The commentators then looked into Dellavedova’s previous games to see 2 other similar blows to the knees of other players, raising eyebrows, wondering if they were purposeful. The most recent one was Dellavedova diving into the knee of Korver causing him to fall and roll his ankle beneath Dellavedova. Korver has been out with that injury since the game last Friday. Cavs are expected to take the series but if Horford wasn’t ejected, they could have prevented the sweep they may get.

Steph Curry scared his mother, wife and fans last night with a horrible fall in the 2nd quarter. He fell over one of the Rockets’ players attempting to block a shot, onto his hands and his head. He later returned to the game with a possible concussion that I am sure will be monitored before the next game for any symptoms.

It was hard to watch. See link here with caution:

The Warriors were already trailing by about 15 points into the 4th. Some ground was made up by Klay Thompson and it took Curry a while to make a shot. He was still able to shoot three 3-pointers and score 12 points after the injury. The Rockets’ lead stretched again and Warriors’ Green was fouled out with 21 points with 3:09 remaining. Dwight Howard was also benched for a little bit after a flagrant foul but Harden was sensational. At that point you could probably call it a win for the Rockets. That made it the Rockets’ 4th straight win facing elimination. Rockets won 128-115. Harden made 45 points! They will head back to Golden State for Game 5.


10 Foods/Items that Jamaicans love but should avoid if on a diet and why


1. Mangoes – They have about 31g of Sugar!

2. Condensed milk – Although Nestle is one of the better brands to use, it contains too much Sugar (22g) and Saturated Fat (10%) in just 2 tbsp (130 calories)

3. Escoveitched fish – Too high in Cholesterol (13%) and Sodium (17%)

4. Boiled/Fried dumplings (made with white flour) – High in simple Carbohydrates (Carbs.), i.e. bad Carbs.

5. Rice and peas (made with coconut milk) – High in Carbs. Also high in Saturated Fat from the coconut milk

6. National Bakery Jamaican Spice Bun – High in Sugar (18g), high in Saturated Fat (8%) and high in Carbs. (13%)

7. Sweet Cinnamon Bun – High in Cholesterol (9%)!

8. Beef Patties or any patty for that matter (That all-purpose flour crust!) – High in Saturated Fat (20%), Cholesterol (20%) and Sodium (18%)!

9. That awful, orange French Dressing that you put on your vegetables – High in Fat

Suga suggests you eliminate salad dressing from the diet and use a vinaigrette made with olive oil. Even a little lime juice can add a kick to the flavour of your greens.

10. Cornmeal porridge, Plantain porridge and Hominy corn porridge

Plantain porridge has too much Sodium and Fat; Hominy corn has too much Sugar and Sodium; Cornmeal is very high in Saturated Fat. Have Oatmeal porridge or Peanut porridge instead, but ensure that skimmed milk is used.

Why didn’t Ackee and Bammy make the list?

Bammy – No Saturated Fat or Cholesterol! High in fibre. No sugar, BUT high in Sodium (23%), so avoid if hypertensive or prone to hypertension.

Ackee – Although it is a fruit, it is classified in the fats & oils group because the main nutrient present is Fat (>50% fat). The majority of the fatty acid present is linoleic acid, which is an Unsaturated Fat therefore a ‘good fat’. However, it should still be eaten in moderation. A small amount of oil should be used to cook ackee since a large part of it’s composition is already fat/oil. Ackee also has 0 Cholesterol, 0 Saturated Fat and 240mg of Sodium.

Here are some Food Label tips to guide you in the Supermarket or when using your Fitness apps:-

Calorie free: <5/serving

Fat/sugar free: <1/2g/serving

Low calorie: <40/serving

Low sodium: <140mg/serving High in fat: >5%/serving

Too high in fat: >10%/serving

*For a woman following a 2000-calorie diet with 3 meals and 2 snacks, aim for about 1.2 teaspoons/4.8 grams of sugar per serving and fewer than 12.5 teaspoons (200 calories) sugar per day. Men are allowed a little bit more.

Have a Healthy Day!

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It is time for the NBA Conference Finals!

Nobody saw the Clippers yielding so easily to the Rockets. After being ahead in the series, they allowed a 19-point lead to slip away in a crucial Game 6 and were totally blown away by the Rockets in the second half of Game 7 yesterday. Quite disappointing and hard to watch. The Defending Champs, the Spurs would have put up a better fight. So it will be the Cook vs. the Splash Brothers! Can the runner-up MVP beat the MVP?

Hawks vs Cavs for the Eastern Conference Division this Wednesday! Did Kyrie Irving get enough rest after injuring his knee in the last game? Suga thinks he will be alright and the Cavs should make it to the Finals with or without him.

The Warriors vs Rockets for the West should be an interesting match up. Both faced elimination with their previous opponents. It shall come down to the power of the 3s and defense.

It all starts this Tuesday with the Rockets at the Warriors and Wednesday it will be the the Cavs at the Hawks! Get your popcorn ready!


Where is your Chocolate Cake Spot?


When last have you had a good, moist, delicious slice of Chocolate cake? Suga hasn’t had one in a while. I think it is hard to find nowadays since everyone seems to be trying to perfect Cheesecake in every flavour, shape and form. However, word has it that Table Talk Observer Food Awards winner for Outstanding Baker 2014, Sweet Moments by Nadene Lazarus has a decadent Chocolate cake on Fridays by Countryside. The revamped Countryside club is located at 7 Courtney Walsh Drive.

Feel free to share your favourite spot for Chocolate cake in Ja!


Rotaract Club of St. Martin Nord Balanced Community Service and Professional Development of its Members!


The Rotaract Club of St. Martin Nord won Club of the Quarter recently in Rotaract District 7020, which comprises of 9 other territories including Jamaica. Suga was interested to see the work they did to accomplish that position, as clubs across the District have been doing outstanding work not only in their communities and islands, but internationally as well.

There were quite a few projects executed, however, there were two that Suga wished to highlight.

In March, Rotaract Club of St. Martin executed a Garden Beautification Project at Bethany Home, a Senior Citizens home. They planted some beautiful flowers in their garden. The seniors were very happy with the initiative and were even excited to give them some tips on planting from their younger years of experience.

But the most exciting and overwhelming time of the afternoon for club members, was when they sat down and shared snack time with the seniors. The President had baked 2 delicious cakes and a few drinks were bought and offered to them. During that time, some of the seniors seized the opportunity to share some stories with the Rotaractors while others had quite stimulating conversations. Both parties enjoyed the interaction so much that they didn’t have enough time to complete the gardening and returned a few days later to do so.

Since Rotaract also speaks to Personal and Professional Development of its members, the Rotaract Club of St. Martin Nord organized their 4th edition of ‘Speed Working’ for Start Ups in the quarter as well.

The club wished to assist the future entrepreneurs by setting up an original concept of Speed Working. Mrs. Angele Dormoy, Entrepreneur and 1st Vice-president of the French Chamber of Commerce, did a special presentation on how to evaluate and create your own company successfully.

After the presentation, all participants had the opportunity to network with 7 different professionals during the speed-coaching mentoring part of the program.

The concept was very simple. It allowed the future, young entrepreneurs to meet professionals and also key interlocutors (persons who take part in a dialogue or conversation) who intervened in the process of the new business start-ups. They were granted 10 minutes with every interlocutor to present their projects, ask questions and also benefited from advice for their new business start-ups. Each attendee was followed up with to ensure they had advanced with their company or respective project. This action allowed 17 projects to benefit from advice of experimented professionals!

They were able to exchange with professionals/interlocutors from the Bank, Chamber of Commerce, Accountants, Business owners, Artistic designers and the Support Federation for Small Businesses (FTPE).

As each territory faces different kinds of challenges, Rotaract assesses the needs of their communities by priority and funds available to assist. They also find the most innovative ways possible to improve their members personally and professionally in order to be better people, build their careers and most importantly, to serve their communities and the world in a better way.

Congratulations to the Rotaract Club of St. Martin for their outstanding work, as well as the other clubs who continue to improve our nation.


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NBA Playoff Update! Getting closer to the Conference Finals!

What is happening to the unguardable MVP, Steph Curry?! Has he met the best defense team in the league? A big part of the Grizzlies’ success has been Tony Allen, who, after an athletic diving steal from Klay Thompson in the 3rd quarter last Tuesday, kept shouting convincingly, ‘First-team all-defense!’. For the N.B.A. all-defensive team, voted on by writers and broadcasters, Allen was second team in 2011, and first team in 2012 and 2013. He was passed over last year and this year’s selections have not been announced as yet. The Grizzlies now have a 2-1 lead in the series.

The Bulls-Cavs series is now drawn at 2-2. The last 2 games have been won by buzzer-beaters. LeBron James missed the lay-up in the game Friday, then D. Rose hit the buzzer-beater, game-winning 3-point shot to beat the Cavs 99-96. Suga’s Play of the year nominee! Bulls led series 2-1 then LeBron James of the Cavs came back with a vengeance and worked hard for his Buzzer-beater yesterday to make up for the last game, beating the Bulls 86-84. Pau Gasol from the Bulls continues to sit out the game with a hamstring injury.

Paul Pierce of the Wizards also hit a buzzer-beater, a jump shot to beat the Hawks 103-101 on Saturday to lead the series 2-1 without John Wall who is still out with a hand injury.

Meanwhile, the Clippers are smoking the Rockets, burning down ‘the Cook’, Harden’s kitchen, with or without CP3. Despite a great team effort, Austin Rivers from the bench has been showing up big time along with starter, J.J. Redick. Last night they rolled to a 128-95 win over the Rockets to lead the series 3-1.

Tonight will be Wizards vs Hawks in Washington (2-1) and Warriors vs Grizzlies in Memphis (2-1).

We are getting closer to the Conference Finals! Who will it be?