Suga Lifestyle was founded by Gabrielle Burgess, a Radiologic Technologist by Profession, passionate about PROMOTING Brand Jamaica including her very own GW Art, ENTERTAINING with Restaurant Ratings and Reviews, Events and Sports, INSPIRING with Charity work and EDUCATING with Health and Fitness.
Since launching in November 2013, Suga Lifestyle has expanded into various segments, while remaining aligned to the brand’s core values. In 2018, the Suga Lifestyle Christmas Connection Trade Show was birthed, to give a unique spin on exposing Brand Jamaica. The Christmas Connection is an annual marquee event for the brand, bringing together select Jamaican small to medium sized businesses to sell and display their products to patrons who enjoy the trade show in the Suga Lifestyle curated environment, that always includes some Wine and Tasty Bites.
Other events curated by the brand include a V-Day Pop Up in February, a Mother’s Day Pop Up in May, the annual GW Art Exhibition and Tailored Jamaican in October.
Committed to Charity, Suga Lifestyle supports the efforts of various organizations, in cash, kind and offering personal time and skill, to disadvantaged youth, the homeless and disabled communities in Jamaica. 
As a certified Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, Yoga and Spinning® instructor, Gabrielle offers individualised nutrition and fitness plans across varying ages and stages in life. The results speak for themselves, with clients ranging from business executives to musicians, to olympic athletes, Gabby’s clients laud the interaction and personal interest she has in driving them to their goals.
Looking forward “there is no limit” for Suga Lifestyle, we will stay true to the core values of the brand and uncover opportunities to impact lives globally and particularly in Jamaica Land We Love!
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Suga in the Morning on RJR (December 2019

Suga on RJR (December 2019)!