Pool Aerobics at The Liguanea Club starts Saturday, May 7th!


Pool Aerobics 2016 starts Saturday, May 7th at 8am with Kimberly Nesbeth at The Liguanea Club!

The cost of the class is $1000JMD and you get a 50% Discount if you come with your Food for the Poor Jamaica 5K bib!

Note that Registration for the Food for the Poor 5K ends this Friday. Go to:

Do you part to help end hunger and homelessness. Then burn even more calories as you cool off in the pool!



La Bonne Crepe in Florida



 Two weeks ago, Suga took a walk on the strip of Las Olas Blvd. in Florida in search of a late Breakfast. It was quite a busy atmosphere because of the Festival taking place. People were everywhere!

I wanted to try somewhere new too so the sign, ‘La Bonne Crepe’ caught my eyes. I was like great, Breakfast Crepe.

Missed that though, because upon entry my friend and I were greeted politely then told that they were switching over to lunch so we may have a little wait. It was about 11am and we were fine with that.

Our waitress was not initially pleasant and she was a bit up in age but thankfully she warmed up as time went by.

We ordered Salmon and Turkey crepes with cheese ($15.70USD and $14.64USD respectively). Prices were reasonable and the Crepes on their menu were in different categores such as Breakfadt Crepes, Dessert Crepes, Cheese Crepes, you name it.

They are also a Café so a variety of coffee, hot and cold and other beverages were available.


Turkey and Cheese Crepe with Bacon

After much anticipation, HUGE Crepes came our way but we were not impressed. We had no idea it would be crispy Crepes and they were bland. The meats needed more seasoning and a different kind of cheese should have been used to complement them or add some flavour. So it really was just a big pile of nothing that just satisfied my hunger. I enjoyed my frozen Cappuccino though. The experience makes me have to big up our local, Tea Tree Crêperie, although they usually have you waiting on the one person making their Crepes, the quality is good, consistent, tasty and the flavours are brought out well in the Crepes.

So next time I go back on that strip I will just go with what I know, YOLO!

La Bonne Crepe

815 E Las Olas Blvd, Fort Lauderdale,

FL 33301,

United States


Food Label Tips !


Amounts to look out for to have healthy servings:
Calorie free: <5/serving
Fat/sugar free: <1/2g/serving
Low calorie: <40/serving
Low sodium: <140mg/serving
High in fat: > 5%/serving
Too high in fat: >10% to 15%/serving

Important to note!

Total number of calories

Ensure that you multiply the number of servings per container by the total number of calories, because if you eat the whole container that will be all the calories you have consumed.

Ingredient content

Whatever ingredient is listed first is what the item consists mostly of. Ingredients are usually listed in that order.

So if something claims to be whole wheat, whole wheat should be listed first and not sugar.

● Sugar

To keep sugar low, keep it to less than 5g. If you have an item with 8/9g of sugar that is considered borderline, but monitor the sugar content in other foods for the rest of the day.

In General:

Take note that Saturated Fat and Trans Fat are the BAD Fats and Unsaturated Fat is considered to be Good Fat.

Ensure your food has some Fiber to keep you fuller for longer. 3% or more is good.

Have foods with 0% Cholesterol, the most 2%.

Have a Healthy Day!




Best Booth at Jamaica Expo


If you made it before the powercut at the National Arena last night, B&D Trawling was definitely the Best booth at Jamaica Expo 2016 with it’s eye-catching, detailed and creative look. Their product showcase and samples were on point.

B&D Trawling sells high quality Jamaican Seafood. Their retail brand is Sea Best, which is available in supermarkets, for instance Hi-Lo. They also have a Pop-Up Kitchen lunch on every last Friday of the month at their offices on the Waterfront, Port Royal Street and Downtown Kingston. Lunch is from 11am to 3pm and you have the option of purchasing a small or large lunch for $500JMD and $1000JMD respectively.

Sea Best Pop-Up Kitchen

Ph: 876-579-6905; 876-922-4150

*** Pre-order ENDS April 28th at 5pm for the next Pop-Up Kitchen