Happy New Year from Suga Lifestyle!

Happy New Year Suga Bears!

Suga closed out 2020 at Offshore Seafood Lounge, then went to Negril’s shores and took a look back at 2020!

Offshore Seafood Lounge served up delicious meals with great music and polite, attentive staff as usual.

Curried Lobster from Offshore Seafood Lounge on the roof of Consumer Plaza

But why look back to 2020? Because some of us made it through!
Please watch highlights of Suga Lifestyle’s 2020 Journey. I am grateful for all who have been a part of it.

I know everyone may not be able to say the same, but I am so thankful for creating and being given opportunities to navigate through 2020. It wasn’t easy and even more effort will be required for 2021. Let’s all look forward to a NEW and hopefully Happier Year! Blessings & 💖 from Suga!

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By: Gabrielle Burgess (Founder/Owner, Suga Lifestyle)

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