GW Art going out on a THURSDAY!

Gabrielle Burgess, Founder and Owner of Suga Lifestyle, GW Art

When GW Art gets asked to create ~20 Customized, Handpainted Tokens in 2 days, I say, YOU GOT THIS!

GOD is good, ALL THE TIME. MAKE IT HAPPEN! See how GW Art handpainted motivational, customized mini Desktops here!

GW Arts (4×4)” mini Tabletop/Desktop Paintings, trinket box and Wooden decorative piece.
GW Arts (4×4)” mini Tabletop/Desktop Paintings and trinket box.

Contact GW Art for your affordable Corporate Gifting or Paintings TODAY!

Also, stay tuned for the RENEWED 2020 COLLECTION and SAVE THE DATE, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 26th!

Buy Handcrafted, Hand-painted, Jamaican 🎨🇯🇲

***Delivery, Islandwide and International Shipping Available***

GW Art


Ph: 876-422-3769

Website (Gallery): 

Instagram: @gwartbygabby

By: Gabrielle Burgess (Founder/Owner, Suga Lifestyle, GW Art)

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