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Ziggy’s in Manor Centre Always Hits the Spot!


Ziggy’s Restaurant and Lounge in Manor Centre has been a consistently good spot to stop by and get authentic Jamaican Cuisine for quite some time now.

The service is good and it is usually a quick in and out. There is comfortable dining space and a bar if you have time to spare. They deliver as well.

Ziggy’s offers standard Jamaican Breakfast options such as Ackee & Saltfish, Stew Chicken, Liver, Salt Mackerel etc.

Standard Jamaican Lunch or Dinner options include Curry Goat, Stew Peas, Oxtail, Fried or Baked Chicken, Escovitch Fish and more.

The prices are decent for the large servings given and good quality of food they offer. Breakast items usually range from $500JMD to $600JMD. Lunch or Dinner options are usually $800JMD with the exception of Fish ($1000JMD) and Shrimp dishes ($1400JMD). Note that prices are tax inclusive.

The Daily menu is posted on their website (See information below), where you can order online and literally ‘cut di line’.

A few of my foodie friends have posted their Lunch at Ziggy’s and it was a refreshing reminder about what is just around the corner.

Last Saturday I was ravenous after a fun outing at the beach and I knew Ziggy’s would hit the spot. I stopped by at about 7pm and ordered the Baked Chicken with steamed vegetables only. No other healthy side orders such as boiled banana, yam or baked irish potatoes were available so late in the day.

I saw some Chinese dishes on the menu too but that wouldn’t fill the void. The Chinese are taking over Jamaica slowly but surely, but our food remains Number 1. I could see one of their regulars who I like to identify as ‘residents’ enjoying her dinner comfortably by the bar. She asked me what I ordered then she told me that they cook better than the ‘real Chinese’. What she said couldn’t be far from the truth based on the appetizing whiff I got that wafted up from the kitchen.

I did not have to wait more than 10 to 15 minutes. The Chef was extremely pleasant, saying he hoped he didn’t keep me too long and showed me what was in my box before he packaged it and sent me on my way.

When I got home I could see what the resident was talking about. The steamed vegetables were similar to what you would get at your local Chinese Restaurant. I am not a fan of Salads, but it was very tasty and not everyone can get that unique Chinese flavour. My well seasoned, tender Baked Chicken topped off by a savoury sauce was impressive too.

I am looking forward to trying that Chicken in Black Bean Sauce soon.

Since I was too greedy to stop and take a picture of my dish, here are pictures from Suga Bears.


Kudos to Chef Bent and the Staff of Ziggy’s for keeping the locals happy and catering to us with a smile.

Ziggy’s Restaurant & Lounge

Location: Shop 15. Manor Centre. 195 Constant Spring Road. Kingston 8. 

Ph: 876-350-6411

Website: http://www.cutdiline.com/ziggys

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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Oreo Cheesecake from Nirvanna Indian Cuisine!


Check out what Suga had for Dessert at Nirvanna last weekend! Delish.

Oreo Cheesecake from Nirvanna Indian Cuisine

Have a Happy and Holy Easter Everyone!

Special shout out to Renegade Expressions for liking and reading Suga Lifestyle’s posts daily! Appreciate it.

Nirvanna Indian Fusion Cuisine

***Reservations recommended***

Location: 1A 80 Lady Musgrave Rd. Kgn. 10

Ph: 876-927-9077

Facebook (Menu posted): Nirvanna Indian Fusion Cuisine

Instagram: nirvannaindianja

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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Simo’s Bread & Catering Leaves you Fully Satisfied with a Smile on your Face

For some time now, my cousin in Montego Bay told my husband about a young lady that makes extremely delicious Pastries and handcrafted Breads.

The young lady she spoke of is Christina Simonitsch. With this kind of recommendation, we both followed her on Instagram immediately. Her Instagram page, @simosbreadandcatering is quite mouth-watering. You can see the joy and passion she has for cooking and baking, leaving you with no choice but to want to be a part of it.

The name, Simonitsch is quite known not only in Montego Bay, but islandwide and worldwide. Christina is what we Jamaican folks would like to call ‘good stock’. Her father is Heinz Simonitsch, the Austrian hotelier that arrived on the island to run Half Moon in 1963. Under his stewardship, Halfmoon became one of the most successful privately-owned beach resorts in the world. He retired in 2002 and has been recognized by being awarded with the Honorary Order of Distinction for his lifetime contribution to Tourism in Jamaica and the Caribbean.

With his retirement, I am happy to see his name live on in the Culinary industry of Jamaica via his eldest daughter Christina. Christina grew up in the kitchen and it seems as if the passion for what she does is in her DNA. She knew what her career would be from very early and also learnt from her Aunt and Grandmother in Austria.

After catering for mostly friends and family at small gatherings, the choice was easy for her to stay and work in Jamaica instead of returning to Europe. Word spread so fast, her hands were full.

Christina not only does specialty Breads and Pastries, but has Gourmet selections and her private label Condiment line of Pepper sauces, Sea salt, Pepper Jelly, Basil Pesto, Marinades and more. She is based in Montego Bay, so occasionally, she announces when she will be coming into Kingston and posts her list with prices. She usually comes in on a Thursday, where pick ups can be made at Shams Bakery in The Marketplace between 11am-2pm.

Simo’s Bread & Catering’s 190ml Basil Pesto ($1400JMD). Instagram Photo: @simosbreadandcatering

I ordered her Basil Pesto the 2nd to last time she came into Kingston because I was too late to order the Cinnamon Buns I have been dying to taste.

I made a fabulous Pesto Pasta with Chicken and Shrimp. That Basil Pesto is definitely #sugaendorsed.

She came back to Kingston last week Thursday. I made sure my order of Cinnamon Buns and a Cronut was in early this time, especially since there was an occasion to celebrate. My father-in-law got treated with Cinnamon Buns for his birthday and we all enjoyed it. I love that the icing comes separately in a bag if you are watching your calories.

Suga’s order of Simo’s Bread and Catering’s Cinnamon Buns in a 9″ tin with Vanilla Cream Cheese Frosting (L) -($1700JMD); Cronut (R) – $950JMD

After trying Simo’s Bread & Catering’s pastries, watching calories goes out the window. That Vanilla Cream Cheese Frosting I thought I was just going to have a smear of, was a delightful topping for the scrumptious Cinnamon Buns.

Simo’s Bread & Catering Cronut – $950JMD

I sat down in my living room about to have my Cronut thinking to myself, why did I just spend almost a $1000JMD on a cross between a Croissant and a Doughnut? Say no more. I took one bite and it was heavenly. The perfect mix of moist and crispy with a touch of flavoured cream on the inside and a hint of icing on top. A bite turned into quicker bites, then a swallow and I had to stop myself. I knew I needed to savour it. So I decided to distract myself by messaging my husband who missed the opportunity of being home for this pleasurable experience. I told him there is no way I could save a piece for him. Then just like that it was finished. Instead of feeling guilty for indulging in this pastry, I just sat there with a smile on my face like a real pleased puss. It was totally worth it. Well, maybe $500 plus the delivery to Kingston. Regardless, I would order that Cronut again in a heartbeat.

When is Simo’s Bread and Catering’s next trip to Kingston?  I have good news. I am not sure when you can make Orders for Pick ups but Christina will be Co-hosting a gathering soon on May 19 at Kayter Restaurant on Ballater Avenue. It should be a gastronomic experience. Make your Reservations!


Christina M.B. Simonitsch

Location: Montego Bay

Email: simosbreadandcatering@gmail.com

Catering, Cooking Lessons & Staff Training

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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Suga’s Visit to Jen’s Kitchen for Jamaican Cuisine

Pick Up Saltfish and Plantain ($800JMD)

I stumbled upon Jen’s Kitchen on Instagram a few months ago when I saw a Curry Goat and roti dish. I have been following @jenskitchenja ever since and I admire that their Instagram page is kept active.

Jen’s Kitchen is located at the intersection of Constant Spring and Manning’s Hill Road.

My husband and a friend went there on separate occasions. They had the Curry Goat with roti and Chicken. Their feedback was that the food was decent but mediocre in quality, small in serving size and definitely not worth the price.

Jen’s Kitchen’s pictures on Instagram were still quite inviting to me, so I finally went there at about 7pm on my way home last night. The lack of sufficient parking space was a problem. I was going to just have everything as take-out because I knew I would have to move my car soon.

The Restaurant is a simple set up with a Bar on the side. Nothing extravagant. Your view is basically the Road and The Total Gas Station across from it.

At the looks of it, their Bar had a set of loyal patrons and they had two gentlemen dining that seemed to be visiting Jamaica based on their American accents. They probably wanted some home cooked Jamaican food too.

I perused the expensive Menu and had an interest in the Fish, Stew Peas, Saltfish and Plantain.

I was told a couple orders were in so my order would take 20 minutes or longer. The Stew Peas had finished so I asked about the Fish. Based on the lady’s expression when I asked about the waiting time for the Steamed Fish, I figured that it may take probably half an hour to 45 minutes. Fish is Done to Order how you like it. However, I think $2000JMD was too much for a Steamed Fish and I did not have the time to wait too long. I tried the Fish Fillet for $700JMD instead and still went ahead with the Pick-up Saltfish and Plantain.

As expected, I was called to move my car. I decided to stay and eat afterwards since I got a more comfortable spot, though still blocking in a few persons.

I met Ms. Jen who definitely showed she was in charge. She was professional and accommodating. The lady who took my order and served me was personable as well. I felt comfortable and could see why the patrons at the Bar looked like they were at their home away from home.

The Fish Fillet ($700JMD) was fried in a batter, but I tasted too much flour. I let them put that in a box to go.

The Pick up Saltfish and Plantain ($800JMD) was tasty but I have had better for much less. For instance at JoJo’s Jerk Pit and More, where they spice it up with more pepper and have less tomatoes. The Pressed Plantain was an appetizing side. I appreciated that it was not greasy at all.

Other items on their Menu are part of Standard Jamaican cuisine and more. Costs that include G.C.T range from $550JMD to $2000JMD. To give you an idea, they include Stew Beef ($750JMD), Curry Goat ($900JMD), Tripe & Bean ($750JMD), Oxtail ($1400JMD), Curry Chicken (Small- $600JMD; Large- $800JMD), 1/4lb Jerk Pork ($550JMD), Curry Conch ($1800JMD), Curry Shrimp ($1800JMD), Crab Back ($1500JMD) etc.

They have Side Orders of Roti, Sweet Potato Fries, Cream Potato, Wedges and more for additional costs.

I would return, but I agree with my husband and friend. For the serving size, quality of food and general comparison to many other establishments, the food is decent but overpriced.

Jen’s Kitchen

Location: 1A Mannings Hill Road. Kingston 8. Jamaica

Ph: 876-826-6153

Opening Hours: Mondays-Thursdays 11am-10pm; Fridays 11am-12am; Saturdays 12pm-10pm

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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TGIF! Cellar 8 has Revived their Menu!

Suga and a friend visited Cellar 8 in Manor Park two Saturdays ago for GNO talk over dinner.

I arrived a few minutes before her at 6:15pm and their Mixologist, one of my faves, Milton greeted and seated me. He was his usual courteous self and started me off with my cue of Johnny Walker. He then took the time out to make me aware of various changes to their menu. He made me want to try everything! He also told me that he will have a Johnny Walker Mojito in the mix for me soon.

New Appetizers

There are now Pork Belly Tacos ($1400JMD) and Shrimp Tacos ($1400JMD). A nice addition to their Signature Oxtail Tacos that we love.

They have added a Charcuterie Plate ($2200JMD) for sharing that is great for a group with a few glasses of vino.

In addition to their tasty Crab dip, they now have Bacon & Cheddar, Spinach & Cheese and Artichoke Dips for $1500JMD.

My friend had their new delightful and flavourful, Seafood Bisque.

I had the spiced and breaded fresh Calamari with Chilli sauce ($1400JMD). For those who love pepper, it was tasty and quite spicy!

Spiced & breaded fresh Calamari with Chilli sauce ($1400JMD)

New Salads, Pizza, Sides

They now have a Lobster Salad. You would have to ask your server for availability and price.

There is a Going Green Pizza ($1400JMD) with spinach, red onion, cranberry, tomatoes, bell pepper and roasted garlic that sounds both healthy and savoury.

Spiced fresh Quinoa and more have been added to their Side Order offers ($500JMD).

New Entrees

I am happy that they have replaced the Basa with the Catch of the Day Grilled or Blackened with the Chef’s special spices ($1850JMD).

There is a Surf and Turf ($3500JMD) Filet Mignon and Grilled Shrimp, Pork Tenderloin ($2400JMD), Fire Grilled Flank Steak ($2200JMD) and more!

I had an old favourite, the Herb Crusted Grilled New Zealand Lamb Chops ($2400JMD). I was asked how I liked it and got how I liked it. It was tender, juicy and medium rare. Delish.

Herb Crusted Grilled New Zealand Lamb Chops ($2400JMD)

My friend is expecting and was settled with the Soup, but of course disappointed that she could not have alcoholic drinks. Milton took care of her and whipped up a refreshing Peach Cocktail that she enjoyed.

Dr. Rachelle Shirley Walcott about to enjoy her Peach Cocktail by Cellar 8’s Mixologist, Milton Wisdom

All prices quoted have an additional G.C.T and 5% service charge, that is increased for groups of 10 or more. So Cellar 8 is indeed pricey but delivers with great food and consistently, excellent service.

When it gets late and more people arrive, the tables are a bit too close for comfort though. Conversations of course get louder with drinks and depending on where you are sitting, getting out of your seat may be a bit of a challenge. They have started to seat persons outside but I believe they should cut off once inside is full. Persons have expressed not feeling comfortable or safe dining or having drinks beside the ATM machine with their belongings exposed.

Suga encourages you to still visit Cellar 8, a spectacular weekend spot but ensure that you call and book your table prior to going.

Enjoy the Weekend!

Cellar 8 Wine Bar

Location: Shop 10, Upper Manor Park Plaza

Ph: 876-613-5934

Opening Hours: Tuesdays-Sundays, 4pm-11pm

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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GW Art’s Pop Up Shop is TODAY at 6-9pm at The Liguanea Club, New Kingston

NEW Framed Art ON SALE for $6500JMD Today!

The Rotaract Clubs of Jamaica East’s Business Mingle and Pop Up Shop is TODAY at The Liguanea Club, New Kingston from 6-9pm.


Rotary and their youth arm, Rotaract are Non-Profit Organisations who conduct projects to better Communities locally and internationally. They also strive to develop their members Professionally. This annual Business Mingle will have inspirational Guest Speaker, Michelle Sinclair Doyley from JMMB. It is one of the many events they host to achieve more rounded members.
Suga would love for you to come out and support this event, GW Art and other Jamaican Entrepreneurs.


Items are priced from as low as $500 to $7500!

New pieces and old faves will be there including Acrylic on Canvas Tabletops/Desktops, Decorative Bottles, Acrylic on Canvas Paintings to hang, Framed Paintings and small décor items for the Home or Office.


***The GW Art Gallery is on the http://www.sugalifestyle.com website! New pieces shown above have been added with Original Prices.

GW Art Contact Information:


By: Gabrielle Burgess

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Jamaican Cuisine at Tulips Restaurant


Sunday before last, Suga got out of cooking and took her husband to the Tulips Restaurant at Eden Gardens for Sunday dinner.

It had a quiet, comfortable atmosphere and televisions for entertainment.

Our waiter was extremely courteous and took our order at 7:40pm. He wanted to get our order in before a big group upstairs at the Black Orchid Restautant, which seems to share the same kitchen. We were the only diners at Tulips so that is worrying if they have more diners or a full house.

The Black Orchid Restaurant upstairs is fine dining with white glove service so even more pricey, while Tulips is casual dining with mainly Jamaican cuisine.

We had ordered the Oxtail & Beans with a side of baked potato and steamed vegetables and had a standard 20-minute wait.

Oxtail & Beans ($2429JMD incl. tx)

The Oxtail & Beans was expensive but we were given quite a healthy serving. It had too much oil in the gravy but it was still tasty and flavourful.

Sweet Potato Pudding

The Sweet Potato Pudding for dessert was delish.

For such a simple Restaurant I think they are too pricey.

They are open for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. So if you are not watching the pocket too much and in the mood for some tasty, home cooking and would like to eat out in a low key atmosphere, give Tulips Restaurant at Eden Gardens a try.

Tulips Restaurant

Location: Eden Gardens Wellness Resort & Spa @ 39 Lady Musgrave Road, Kingston

Ph: 876-946-9977

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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