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Save the Date for Suga Lifestyle’s Valentine’s Pop Up Shop!!!


Suga Lifestyle is excited to bring back Brand Jamaica to you for Valentine’s Day gifts or to shop and just treat yourself. The year has gotten off to a quick start and you deserve this!

Save the Date for Suga Lifestyle’s V-Day Pop Up Shop on Saturday, February 8th at The Jamaica Pegasus’s Rio Bueno Suite from 12 noon to 7 pm.

Suga Lifestyle’s Charity Showcase

Most importantly, Suga Lifestyle will be showcasing items produced from it’s Charity Art-tivity and Entrepreneurship Project in collaboration with the Rotaract Club of New Kingston. The beneficiary will be The Lister Mair/Gilby High School for the Deaf, to improve the students’ educational resources and the school’s infrastructure. This project will also create awareness about the accomplishments and needs of the school and the deaf/hard of hearing community. The children’s jewellery making, painting and tie-dye activities will represent Rotaract’s theme “Impact
Through Unity”.

Suga Artisans

Suga has an eye for local talent and loves to expose you to new Brand Jamaican products and artisans. Suga Lifestyle will be debuting Craving Scoops, a Non-dairy Ice Cream company that uses our local Chocollor Chocolate. Chocollor was at the Christmas show and will be back!


Suga is also shaking up things with a different handmade Jewellery artisan and will be featuring Beauty and the Beads Ja! So happy to have them! They will have handmade necklaces, bracelets and earrings, including arm candy for the special men in our lives!

Will you be my Valentine?

Suga Artisan faves, Mira Botanicals (Body Oils, Soaps, Scrubs and more) and Najwa’s Garden with the most adorable small plants and succulents will be there!

Mira Botanicals at Suga Lifestyle’s Christmas Connection last December 15, 2019 at The Jamaica Pegasus.


Stay tuned to see who else will be there and follow the progress of the Art-tivity project that starts this Saturday!

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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Beryl + Blossom is a Selected Suga Artisan!


Connect with Sacha-Rose Phillips + Vanessa Roseway coming in from Trelawny on December 15th at The Jamaica Pegasus.

Get a preview of their Hand-poured 100% Hemp and Soy Candle scents & prices for Suga’s Winter Wonderland here!



Beryl + Blossom
Instagram: @berylandblossom
Website: berylblossomja@gmail.com



By: Gabrielle Burgess a.k.a Suga (Founder/Owner, Suga Lifestyle)

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GW Art’s ‘Millennial Expectations’ Available this Christmas!

GW Art’s NEW ‘Millennial Expectations’, Acrylic on (50×100)cm Canvas

‘Millennial Expectations’ was premiered at GW Art’s Exhibition a month ago at The Jamaica Pegasus. It peaked the interest of many. Guests wanted to know more about her and even her family. Check out the artist’s perspective here:

If a Millennial Woman (1981 – 1996) chooses to have a child during the beginning or building stages of her career, she often looks like her usual self with a bigger stomach until she is about 8 to 9 months pregnant. The artist sees her as one that is strong, who eats healthy. She does recommended exercises even up to 7 months and goes for walks at 8 to 9 months. She remains quite fashionable and works right up to the point where she may be forced to take time off.

‘Millennial Expectations’ is available for purchase now or if you would like to treat yourself or a loved one this Christmas. The place to be is Suga Lifestyle’s Christmas Connection on December 15th at The Jamaica Pegasus, where GW Art will showcase and sell pieces from the Exhibition’s Collection as well as a few new ones.


#BuyJamaicanBuildJamaica #GWArtIsForEveryone


Website (Gallery):

By: Gabrielle Burgess (Artist)

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Highlights from GW Art’s Collection last Saturday!


GW Art’s Collection was held in the Rio Bueno Suite of the Jamaica Pegasus last week Saturday evening. The weather held up and a few persons even came out within the first hour of the show, but the majority filtered in from 6pm onwards.

Guests appreciated the colours and textures used by the artist, as well as the variety of pieces on display. The Collection definitely represented GW Art’s motto that ‘GW Art is for Everyone’.

Acrylic on canvas was the main medium used for wall paintings, big and small, framed and unframed.


Homey pieces greeted guests on the way in, followed by a wall of nature.


Consultant rheumatologist, Dr. Stacy Davis admiring a decorative pair of paintings by GW Art.

The standout piece for the night, ‘Connected’ showed depth and good technique from the artist.

GW Art’s new piece, ‘Connected’ – Acrylic on (60×60)m Canvas

‘Connected’ had quite a bit of representation for 1 piece and the artist ensured her perspective for it was expressed in her Lookbook, which ended up being passed around by guests with much excitement. The Lookbook included a chronological order of pieces from the current and previous collections with a bit about the artist, her perspective on each piece and how GW Art began. The Lookbook was dedicated to the artist’s late father and past West Indies Cricketer, Basil (Shotgun) Williams. Gabrielle plans on updating this lookbook as more pieces are created.

Sacha Vaccianna-Riley going through GW Art’s Lookbook with a glass of Vino in hand. [Photo: Kirk Wignall]
There were a few wooden signs and pieces on a grid wall panel display, courtesy of Miracle Corporation Ltd., that caught the eyes of many. These pieces showed the trendy side of GW Art and ‘Blessed’ was a favourite, with replicas ordered throughout the night.


Amongst the smaller paintings, ‘Our Doctor Bird’ was another favourite, with light brush strokes. The piece was inspired by the artist’s outing to Cafe Eits one morning for breakfast, where  the hummingbirds would often come and go to their trees on property in the midst of a calm and cool ambience.

‘Our Doctor Bird’ on (8×10)” acrylic on canvas

‘Figure 8’ and ‘Foreplay’ were quite a hit with the men.

Gabrielle Burgess of GW Art with Jagari Green and her acrylic on canvas piece, ‘Figure 8’. [Photo: Kirk Wignall]
GW Art’s ‘Foreplay’ – Framed by Frame Art Jamaica; Acrylic on (12×16)” Canvas. [Photo: Kirk Wignall]
Patsy and Raymond Mair shop cheeses with Gordon Dempster of Outland Hurders Creamery and Farmstead. [Photo: Kirk Wignall]
Throughout the night, guests mingled and contemplated which pieces they should walk away with for the night.

Hospitality guru, Nicola Madden-Greig and husband, Stephen Greig were in attendance to support Suga Lifestyle (GW Art). [Photo: Kirk Wignall]
With GW Art, it’s always wine o’clock, so wine was complimentary to guests complemented by what was on offer from the 3 selected, local artisans. Gabrielle Burgess of Suga Lifestyle, under which GW Art falls, knew that Jamaican made cheeses from Outland Hurders Creamery & Farmstead, Homemade Jams and Pepper Jellies from Chorlavi’s, along with bean to bar 71% dark Chocolate from One One Cacao would not only pair well with the Wine and Prosecco offered, but pair well amongst each other as well.

The artisans were pleasantly surprised, realising this during the event and were seen purchasing from each other. This is what Suga Lifestyle and embracing Brand Jamaica is all about!

Half and Half, Red Maroon, and the guest’s favourite, Jamaican Jack – cheeses from Outland Hurders Creamery and Farmstead. [Photo: Kirk Wignall]
Tipsy Tamarind Jam, just one of the many from Chorlavi’s Homemade Pepper Jellies and Jams, low in sugar, which paired well with not only Cheese, but One One Cacao’s St. Mary, Unity Estate, 71% Dark Chocolate. [Photo: Kirk Wignall]
The award-winning One One Cacao had their Bean to Bar Dark Chocolate and freshly baked Dark Chocolate Cookies. [Photo: Kirk Wignall]
Nella Davis Stewart of Chorlavi’s telling Dr. Kamar Fletcher and Kareem Tomlinson all about her homemade Pepper Jellies and Jams. [Photo: Kirk Wignall]
Local Chocolatier, Nick Davis with wife, Marta enjoyed the night as much as guests did. [Photo: Kirk Wignall]
Brand Jamaica was well supported by over 80 guests in attendance and the event was a success for Suga Lifestyle (GW Art).

(L-R) Diane Wilson, Artist, Gabrielle Burgess, Damany Calder and Kimberly Nesbeth enjoyed their night with Suga Lifestyle (GW Art). [Photo: Kirk Wignall]

GW Art

Email: gwartforall@gmail.com

Ph: 876-422-3769

Website (Gallery): 


Instagram: @gwartbygabby

Facebook: Suga Lifestyle (GW Art Album)

By: Gabrielle Burgess – Founder/Owner of Suga Lifestyle (GW Art)

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Gabby from GW Art Promotes Upcoming Exhibition by Video!

Check out all you need to know about GW Art and the Exhibition this Saturday, by watching the video here:


By: Gabrielle Burgess (Founder/Owner Suga Lifestyle, GW Art)

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Cheese, Pepper Jellies and Chocolate Artisans to be Featured at GW Art’s Collection!


Come View, Sip, Taste and Shop GW Art’s Collection at The Jamaica Pegasus on Saturday, September 28th!

The event will feature Cheeses from Outland Hurders Creamery & Farmstead, Chorlavi’s Pepper Jellies and Jams and Artisan Chocolates to complement the evening too!

Chorlavi’s uses less sugar and more fruit to create a tasty variety of Pepper Jellies and Jams.

You will hear more about the Chocolates soon!

But here is a sneak peek of what to expect from Outland Hurders!

Their *Jamaican Jack* is freckled with roasted pimentos and scotch bonnet peppers and is rubbed with an in-house jerk rub during the aging process.

It’s a bit spicy at first, but mellows out on the palate afterwards. It is reminiscent of jerk chicken with its slightly smoky flavour. The flavour profile is between mild and sharp, depending on age.


Spirits: Appleton Rum or Tequila.

Wines: Medium bodied Reds or Ports or anything Bubbly.

Non-alcoholic: Sweet, tropical Fruit Juices, such as mango or citrus based Juices.

Food: Cured meats, Mango Chutney, Berry Jams, Smoked Meats or Paprika dusted Popcorn.


By: Gabrielle Burgess

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Save the Date for GW Art’s Exhibition!

GW Art’s Exhibition will be on Saturday, September 28th, from 5 pm – 10 pm at The Jamaica Pegasus! Stay tuned for more details.

The Summer Collection continues, with more NEW pieces in the works!

GW Art’s NEW Graphic, Abstract Painting, ‘An Eye For You’ (Acrylic on 40m×80m canvas)

Get GW Art in your space today or gift someone and help to Support Local!

#BuyJamaicanBuildJamaica #GWArtIsForEveryone


Website (Gallery):

By: Gabrielle Burgess (Artist)

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