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Reasonable & Healthy Lunch Option near Dunrobin!

Chinese Roasted Chicken Lunch + sides and veggies – $400JMD

Directly across from Dunrobin Plaza, you can get a tasty and healthy Lunch for just $400JMD at Gym’s Kitchen.

They offer a range of options including Whole Wheat Pasta that is hard to find at Restaurants, Broccoli, Kale, Lentils and Beans, Baked and Grilled Chicken, an abundance of Sweet Potato and more.

Quick service and properly portioned lunches. #Sugaendorsed

Check them out! They are on Facebook as @GymsKitchenja and on Instagram as @gymskitchen_ja. They deliver too.

Gym’s Kitchen

Location: 35 Dunrobin Ave. Kingston 10

Ph: 876-882-0932; 876-319-3587

Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday, 6am-10pm

Delivery Hours: 10:30am-3pm

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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Suga Bears Visit Simma Soupery & Bakery

Photo Credit: Randy Burgess

Suga Bears visited the Simma Soupery & Bakery last Saturday afternoon and had an average experience.

Simma Soupery & Bakery is a take-out only Restaurant and my Suga Bears found their service quite efficient when they were having lunch on the go.

They ordered Sandwiches and Soup. They enjoyed the tasty Chicken with pumpkin and vegetable Soup but found the Sandwiches (Pimento Beef Sandwich -$650JMD; Coconut Chicken Sandwich) to be lacking condiments, especially for their price. So they did not think they got value for money but it was a convenient stop to get food quickly.

Pimento Beef Sandwich ($650JMD incl. tx) – Photo Credit: Randy Burgess
Photo Credit: Randy Burgess

Simma Soupery & Bakery

Location: 157 Old Hope Road, Welcome Plaza. Shop #1. Liguanea

Ph: 876-649-7246

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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Refreshing Experiences at the White Orchid Salon & Spa, Jamaica Pegasus!

The White Orchid Salon & Spa at The Jamaica Pegasus has been open since late 2015. Since then, I would visit every few months to treat myself. It is truly a quiet oasis on the ground floor away from the busy lobby and 24 Seven Cafe upstairs.

It is probably one of the few Salons/Spas I have been to do my nails with no waiting time and it doesn’t matter who does them if the person I am familiar with is not there because they are all professional and thorough. When I say thorough, I mean it. Do not expect to just go and spend an hour to an hour and a half there. They take their time and give you a relaxing experience with the perks of tea and a huge, satisfying cookie from the Cafe upstairs if you are doing a few treatments.

That must be why they now have flash treatments/services for 30 minutes if you are having a busy schedule and the experience is just as rejuvenating in a shorter space of time.

Towards the end of February a few weekends ago, my husband, Randy and I were approaching 10 happy months as Newlyweds and he also just completed a few exams in his part-time Masters Programme. So I thought he deserved a Spa Day! He has never been to the White Orchid Salon & Spa that has been consistently refreshing for me, so I figured it was just the right place for him this time.

My spoilt husband was at the Spa from 3pm to 7:30pm and from all of what he had to say I decided I had to share his as well as my previous experiences this time.


See Randy’s short Interview with Suga telling you which Services he had done, how he found the whole Experience compared to other Salons & Spas and more by clicking on the video below:

Watch “White Orchid Spa Jamaica Pegasus Experience” on YouTube here

Consider the White Orchid Salon & Spa at The Jamaica Pegasus next time you would like to treat yourself or someone special. You can get treatments together too!

White Orchid Salon & Spa, The Jamaica Pegasus Hotel

Location: 81 Knutsford Blvd., Kingston 5. JA. W.I.

Ph: 876-926-3690

Website: http://www.jamaicapegasus.com

[See Brochure]

Opening Hours: 7am-8pm Daily (Last Appointment – 7pm)

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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How was the New Fromage Brasserie in Market Place for Suga?! – Part 2

Suga returned to Fromage Brasserie that opened recently in the Market Place for dinner with hubby two Saturdays ago at 8pm. I hoped to have better quality food after being disappointed with the first visit.

If you would like to refresh your memory with the experience of my first visit, click here:


It was night time and diners were out. The Restaurant was full and we had no reservations so had no problem with being seated in the Courtyard. The hostess was quite pleasant and accommodating and it was refreshing to see such bubbly, courteous staff compared to the last visit.

We skipped appetizers and went straight for the main and ordered at 8:15pm. I appreciated the waitress coming to inform us that they were plating at 8:35pm, the point at which we would be expecting the food to arrive. The food came out literally 2 minutes later as promised.

My husband had the Crab Stuffed Chicken ($2400JMD) with a side of Rustic Parmesan Potatoes ($700JMD) that we could share. We weren’t sure of the serving size of the entrée but we realised a side order was not totally necessary.

The Chicken was tasty but did not ignite the taste buds.

Crab Stuffed Chicken – Roasted Chicken Breast stuffed with Local Blue Crab ($2400JMD)

I had the Land & Sea that consisted of Beef Fillet topped off with Shrimp and Crab in a rich Béamaise sauce. I had reservations when it arrived though because after ordering, I realised the waitress made a fundamental error. She did not ask how I would like my Beef prepared. The Courtyard was full and buzzing and we weren’t exactly close to the Restaurant so I was not going to go out of my way to make the request. I ensured I pointed it out to her though and she apologised genuinely and profusely.

The Beef arrived well done, so was not as enjoyable as I would have like it to be. The Béamaise sauce was rich indeed though. It added a spicy touch to the Shrimp and Crab and also complemented the Beef well.

Land & Sea – Beef Fillet topped with Shrimp & Crab in a Rich Béamaise sauce ($3600JMD)

The quality of food was better this time around, but different types of dishes were chosen. At the end of the day with a full tab plus G.C.T and Service charge, I think the items are too pricey for the mediocre standard of food you are getting despite the Restaurant being at a bigger and better location. I have to revisit Fromage Gourmet Market on Hillcrest but if memory serves me correctly, the quality of food was much better there and I know for a fact the prices for some of the same dishes were much less. So for now, I will stick with the original Fromage.

Fromage Brasserie

Location: Market Place- 67 Constant Spring Road. Kingston.

Ph: 876-649-0820-1

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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