Happy Monday & Back to Work!

Happy Monday and Back to Work!

I will admit, that’s not Apple juice. It’s Scotch on the rocks. I think it is ok to bring a little vacay or holiday spirit back to work. Let’s be real, some of us think it’s 2020 all over again and need a strong one. Let’s try not to think that way though.

Of course numbers will sky rocket for January. Try to ignore it. We just concluded the biggest holiday of each year with lots of travelers. Continue to wear your mask and sanitize. Arrange to get your booster if you haven’t yet and remember that we can’t put our lives on hold until 2025 or however long this will last. You will be left behind. Notice I haven’t mentioned what ‘this’ is. We are moving forward.

For those of you like me with a never ending ‘To Do’ List. Let’s not obsess over it. As you check things off, more things will naturally replace them. Get to it when you can. Be confident you are doing your best.

Oh and I really hope they keep the kids in school. Cheers to Monday and have a great, productive week! 🥂

By: Gabrielle Burgess (Founder/Owner, Suga Lifestyle)

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