Which Restaurant’s Burger hit the spot for Suga last Weekend?



Apologies to my Health and Fitness readers, you will get your Healthy tip tomorrow!

This Burger I had though! Hello Cheat Day! Where? C & C South Beach!

I ordered the Monster Burger that came with fries for $1500JMD. I was just expecting a big burger filled with tomato, lettuce and onions along with its advertised highlight of feta on top.

However, I was pleasantly surprised but terrified by the calories at the same time. The waitress approached the table with a Monster Burger indeed. It had not one, but two beef patties! The beef was fresh, not processed and it took you on a journey from a sharp taste in feta, through to two juicy, tender, well seasoned beef patties then a tasty sauce with beans at the end.

You don’t have to ask if it was filling!

Service was alright and you get a 5% discount with your Pop Up Gourmet Advantage Card. They used to offer 10%, but at least they are still participating.

CC South Beach Restaurant, Sports Bar and Event Venue

Location: 2 Brompton Road. Kingston 5

Ph: 630-4571 or 630-4163



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