#tbt to The Bread Pudding Factory Visiting Me With Goodies!!!

Gabby Burgess, Founder of Suga Lifestyle with Owner of The Bread Pudding Factory, Nikeisha Reynolds.

If You Know You Know! I’m sure Suga Bears missed Nicky from The Bread Pudding Factory (Ig: @thebreadpuddingfactory) at Christmas Connection in December. There were some mishaps that occurred in the kitchen and it halted mass production.

Many of us missed out on that one of a kind goodness that only The Bread Pudding Factory can produce. I am so happy she still paid me a visit at the show and I could enjoy Babka, Bread and more for the season!

They are back in business! Order up for the weekend, especially if you earned it! #SugaEndorsed

Babka!!! Ask for the flavours!

The Bread Pudding Factory

Ph: 876-508-3154

Instagram: @thebreadpuddingfactory

By: Gabrielle Burgess (Founder/Owner, Suga Lifestyle)

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