Culinary Excellence at Excellence Oyster Bay in Trelawny, Jamaica!

Suga thoroughly enjoyed the endless variety of Cuisines, Restaurant and Bar options available at Excellence Oyster Bay with Excellent Service to go with it.

Great for Coping with Covid and I’ll say it again, the Best and most affordable Adult Only All-Inclusive in Jamaica right now.

Watch “Culinary Excellence at Excellence Oyster Bay in Trelawny, Jamaica!” on YouTube here:

Excellence Oyster Bay has two Club members only Restaurants, Magna & Zenith, that offer the finest of dining and selections for Breakfast and Dinner.

Check out that Marinated Red Tuna Steak (medium) in the opening of the video! Perfection. Their Coconut Cheesecake was an understandable fave too.

Suga enjoyed Breakfast at Magna with a spectacular view, gourmet cheeses and breads that rolled up on a cart along with the richest Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee.

No worries if not a Club Member, I can personally vouch for the Lobster House, Oregano (Italian), Spice (Pan-Asian), Aroma (Café), and Martini Bar taking care of all your cravings and culinary needs.

I didn’t even get the chance to touch the Buffet! By the looks of it when passing by, it looked impressive as well.

Most Restaurants offered Breakfast and Lunch and their were countless Dinner options that I have to return to try, such as the Chez Isabelle (French), The Grill (Steakhouse) and Caribbean Grove.

Don’t even get me talking about their Spa! Hydrotherapy and more. Other than a hiccup at Check-In, which they made up for… Excellence! Can’t wait to return. 👌🏾 #SugaEndorsed

Gabrielle Burgess, Owner of Suga Lifestyle at Spice (Pan-Asian) at Excellence Oyster Bay, Trelawny, Jamaica

By: Gabrielle Burgess (Founder/Owner, Suga Lifestyle)

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