Blue Banyan Books, Blissful Dreams & Featured Guest, Jabba’s Peppa Swims will be at Suga’s Virtual Pop Up Shop!

Check out the Business that is on the UP side with Covid!



Jabba’s Peppa Swims

Clear out all Sinuses and infections with Jabba’s Peppa Swims and more! His food is seasoned to perfection with the right amount of Jamaican grade spice.


You could usually check your favourite supermarket for Jabba’s Peppa Swims, but due to COVID times you may have to check Jabba directly.


Jabba’s Crab.

Jabba has turned up the heat in the kitchen with not only his famous Peppa Swims, Crab and Seafood, but now offering Bbq and Jerk Chicken, Pork and more for Lunch, which he has cooked to perfection for a long time. Of course there are different days for various dishes, all value for money. All #SugaEndorsed.

Hear what Jonathan Simpson, a.k.a Jabba has to say about his business that is on the UP side during COVID and what he is offering each day. You got to have it!

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Jabba’s BBQ Chicken

Jabba’s Peppa Swims

Ph: 876.296.7304 (They Deliver!)

Instagram: @jabbaspeppaswims

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Ladies, we have not forgotton your Hair!


Suga Lifestyle presents Blissful Dreams with Handmade Hair and Skincare products!

Christine Clarke of Blissful Dreams will have Lotions, Shampoo Bars, Conditioner Bars and Lotion Bars for $1800JMD and up.


Hear about her process and other items she usually offers unhindered by Covid-19.

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Blissful Dreams Ja


Instagram: @blissfuldreamsja

Facebook: BlissfulDreams 

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We haven’t forgotten the Kids or Literature for your leisure and pleasure either!


Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of Blue Banyan Books, Tanya Batson-Savage.[Photo by: Dennis Brown; Buzz Caribbean]

Tanya Batson-Savage, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of Blue Banyan Books will tell us about our Caribbean literature that is available to us in Picture Books, Novels and Poetry with variety that appeals to both children and the adult market.



Prices of Blue Banyan Books range from JMD$400 – $2500.

Are you a parent going a bit crazy at home in Covid Times? Blue Banyan Books has the Book for you, titled ‘The Joys of Parenting’.


Blue Banyan Books


Whatsapp: 876-456-7544

Instagram; Twitter; Facebook: @bluebanyanbooks

Support Local. Buy Jamaican 🇯🇲

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See you Friday!

Suga 💖

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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