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Late for Planning Mother’s Day Take Out?

Executive Chef Mark Cole from The Jamaica Pegasus

Have you missed the ordering deadlines for Mother’s Day from Suga Endorsed establishments or Chefs such as Jabba’s Peppa Swims, Simo’s Bread and Catering, Chive Jamaica, The Haven at Hillcrest, Kuk Up Kreations, Sweet Obsession Ja or Chef Alex D-Great with CPJ Ltd.?

Fret not. There is still time to plan. Did you see Executive Chef, Mark Cole from The Jamaica Pegasus cooking up a storm yesterday on Smile Jamaica, TvJ? Well his dishes are usually a treat!

You have until 5pm today to order Family size Brunch/Dinner from The Blue Window, Jamaica Pegasus for Curbside Pick Up tomorrow.


There are also Breakfast and Brunch options from Fromage Brasserie, Sonia’s Homestyle Cooking and one of my faves, Jamaica Liquor Warehouse!




Fromage Brasserie and Bistro have eye-catching Dinner options too!



For other fantastic Dessert Options, check if you can still get the delights of SEAR 274 by Chef and Patissier, Trevanne Donegal (Website: http://www.sear274.com) or Essence of Hazel (Ph: 876-874-3686).

Sear 274
Essence of Hazel

If Mom still wants to cook, but wants you to stock her kitchen, you have to Drive through Rainforest Seafoods on Slipe Road and/or Box Market Ja at Mas Camp TODAY for some SUPER DEALS!



Then check out how to set up at Home and the Serving Order of Wine with A Designed Life by Cecile Levee!


Hope you have a great weekend filled with Love.

GW Art (Ph: 876-422-3769)

Suga 💖

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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Blue Banyan Books, Blissful Dreams & Featured Guest, Jabba’s Peppa Swims will be at Suga’s Virtual Pop Up Shop!

Check out the Business that is on the UP side with Covid!


Jabba’s Peppa Swims

Clear out all Sinuses and infections with Jabba’s Peppa Swims and more! His food is seasoned to perfection with the right amount of Jamaican grade spice.


You could usually check your favourite supermarket for Jabba’s Peppa Swims, but due to COVID times you may have to check Jabba directly.

Jabba’s Crab.

Jabba has turned up the heat in the kitchen with not only his famous Peppa Swims, Crab and Seafood, but now offering Bbq and Jerk Chicken, Pork and more for Lunch, which he has cooked to perfection for a long time. Of course there are different days for various dishes, all value for money. All #SugaEndorsed.

Hear what Jonathan Simpson, a.k.a Jabba has to say about his business that is on the UP side during COVID and what he is offering each day. You got to have it!

REGISTER NOW! Just a few more FREE invites left! Here is the link: http://sugalifestylevirtualpopupshop.eventbrite.com

Jabba’s BBQ Chicken

Jabba’s Peppa Swims

Ph: 876.296.7304 (They Deliver!)

Instagram: @jabbaspeppaswims

* * *

Ladies, we have not forgotton your Hair!


Suga Lifestyle presents Blissful Dreams with Handmade Hair and Skincare products!

Christine Clarke of Blissful Dreams will have Lotions, Shampoo Bars, Conditioner Bars and Lotion Bars for $1800JMD and up.


Hear about her process and other items she usually offers unhindered by Covid-19.

REGISTER NOW! Just a few more FREE invites left! Here is the link: http://sugalifestylevirtualpopupshop.eventbrite.com


Blissful Dreams Ja

Email: clarke.christine.a@gmail.com

Instagram: @blissfuldreamsja

Facebook: BlissfulDreams 

* * *

We haven’t forgotten the Kids or Literature for your leisure and pleasure either!

Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of Blue Banyan Books, Tanya Batson-Savage.[Photo by: Dennis Brown; Buzz Caribbean]
Tanya Batson-Savage, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of Blue Banyan Books will tell us about our Caribbean literature that is available to us in Picture Books, Novels and Poetry with variety that appeals to both children and the adult market.



Prices of Blue Banyan Books range from JMD$400 – $2500.

Are you a parent going a bit crazy at home in Covid Times? Blue Banyan Books has the Book for you, titled ‘The Joys of Parenting’.


Blue Banyan Books

Email: books@bluebanyanbooks.com

Whatsapp: 876-456-7544

Instagram; Twitter; Facebook: @bluebanyanbooks

Support Local. Buy Jamaican 🇯🇲

*******REGISTER NOW! Just a few more FREE invites left!*******

Here is the link:


See you Friday!

Suga 💖

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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Save the Date for Jabba’s Seafood River Pop-up!


Do you remember all the spicy and cheesy goodness from Jabba’s Peppa Swims at Kingston Kitchen?! Well, he’s back with a Seafood River All-You-Can-Eat Pop-up by Ensfield, Gordon Town for $3500/$4000JMD  depending on your choices on Sunday, August 25th!

There will be Live Music, Guest DJs and Drink Specials, all from 2pm – 6pm.

Save the Date!

For More Information and where to get Tickets:

Ph: 876-296-7304

Ig: @jabbaspeppaswims

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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Seafood Buffet POSTPONED! Womp womp


Apologies folks! It has come to my attention that Jabba’s Seafood Buffet has been POSTPONED!

With all these events postponed, enjoy the World Cup!

Here’s your Schedule! (JA Time)

Saturday, June 30th



Sunday, July 1

SPAIN vs. RUSSIA @ 9am


*** Please Drink responsibly 🙂 ***

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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Seafood Buffet Tomorrow!


Do you have a craving for Seafood this weekend? Remember Jabba’s Peppa Swims?! Yes, the Shrimps that when you start eating you can’t stop. If you do or Suga has peaked your interest, be sure to check out Jabba’s Seafood Buffet tomorrow. There will not only be succulent Pepper Shrimps, but Sea Crabs, Conch and Soup. All you can eat at Big Wall tomorrow! Check it out!

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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Jabba’s Smoked Grill and Peppa Swims!


Have you heard about Jabba’s Smoked Grill and Jabba’s Peppa Swims?! Gear up for next year, because if you are in the corporate area, especially New Kingston, some delicious, affordable food can be delivered to you at work or home, free of cost. Pick up options are also available. Sounds great right? Another option to add to our very limited lunch selection.

Lunch from Jabba’s Smoked Grill is available on Saturdays. Lunch costs $600JMD inclusive of delivery in the corporate area. You have a choice of either Jerked or Barbecue chicken along with sides of sweet potato, rice and peas and/or roast breadfruit.

Jabba’s Peppa Swims are mild or spicy packages of shrimps available on Tuesdays and Fridays at a cost of $280JMD each. But don’t worry, the spicy one will not leave you choking. It is tastefully done with the right level of spice so you enjoy it but you are comfortable at the same time. As deliveries are done mainly in New Kingston, they are currently a big hit with corporate offices such as JMMB, Sagicor, Barita and more. So you don’t need to travel to St. Elizabeth for ‘swims’, you can get them delivered to you or pick up at 31-33 Trafalgar Road (BNS with no sign), opposite the NCB atrium, anytime between 8am and 5pm.

Filling serving!

For both Jabba’s Smoked Grill and Jabba’s Peppa Swims, it is best to order the night before or on the day before 12 noon, by calling 876-296-7304.

Ok so now you know what is offered and the cost, but who does the cooking? Jabba!

Who or what is Jabba?

Jabba is young, Jonathan Simpson, who just has a love for cooking and was thus inspired to start this endeavour. I have actually tasted Jabba’s chicken from as far back as 2008 at a friend’s baby shower. Yes! Jabba does catering too and used to even have a small restaurant back in the day that offered Jamaican lunches such as Curried Goat, Oxtail, Cow foot, Jerked Chicken and more.

Where has Jabba been all these years?

A few years ago, the restaurant business alone was not enough for Jabba and he felt that a ‘9-5’ would be better for the finances so started working with Scotiabank. But when something is just a part of you, it always finds its way back. So recently, he found a way to still work with the bank but to branch out into what he loves to do even more as well, cook.

Who taught him how to cook?

Well the Chicken and other things came naturally to him for the most part but a young lady who he used to buy shrimp from taught him how to prepare the shrimps aka ‘swims’ when he developed an interest to do it himself.

How did the rave about Jabba’s Swims begin?

About 4 or 5 years ago, Jabba prepared his shrimps for a fundraiser at the office and the people wanted more. The interest and liking for it spread by word of mouth to different offices within the area.

What makes Jabba’s Chicken and Shrimps different?

It’s all about the freshness, the sauce and the general taste of the food.

Freshness is important folks, so it is unlikely that the Peppa Swims ‘goi run u belly!’. Pepper shrimps are a local favourite but a lot of the shrimps sold on the street side are not fresh. Jabba’s shrimps are usually prepared on the morning of or the night before they are sold. They are a hot commodity so they sell off in one day. If you are brave, I have been told that you can refrigerate and have the shrimp up to 5 days after purchase or a day after if you do not refrigerate.

With regards to the sauce, I remember licking the sauce off my fingers from that Chicken from 2008! Yes, literally ‘finger-lickin’ good’.

Then of course, the taste is unique as a result of the preparation with freshness, seasoning and the added sauce or peppers.

Where is the Chicken and Shrimp sourced from?

Chicken is sourced from Best Dressed Chicken and the Shrimps from Rainforest Seafoods.

What has Jabba done catering for before?

His ‘Eat All You Want Buffet Seafood’ years ago and most recently, Weddings and parties such as Haunted and Afloat Soca Cruse. BBQ Pigstail, BBQ Chicken, Pasta and Garlic bread were a hit at Haunted!


Can you order this week?

Sorry Suga bears, Jabba’s Smoked Grill and Peppa Swims is currently closed for the holidays and will reopen for business by Saturday, January 9, 2016.

The near future of Jabba’s Peppa Swims?

By the 2nd week in January, Jabba’s popular Peppa Swims will be at Bickles in Sovereign Centre Food Court on Wednesdays and Saturdays for $300JMD per bag.

So as we think about food of all kinds for the festive season and wonder how we will afford lunch in January, look out for Jabba’s Smoked Grill and Peppa Swims next year!