Suga on RJR Fm with Paula and Francois, GW Art and more!

Gabrielle Burgess (Suga a.k.a Gabby) on The Sunny Side Up this morning with hosts, Francois St Juste and Paula-Anne Porter Jones

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For those of you who are new to Suga Lifestyle, feel free to peruse my hobbies and Career Categories of Health and Fitness, Restaurant Ratings and Reviews, Charities, Sports, Recipes and of course my GW Art Gallery.

GW Art has seasonal Collections of Paintings and Decorative items ideal for Jamaican, Abstract, Modern and Vintage-rustic décor for Homes, Cafes, Restaurants, Display Booths, Weddings, Offices and Hotels.

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GW Art’s Instagram Page: @gwartbygabby
Images from GW Art’s Instagram Page, @gwartbygabby

Suga is also certified and specialises in helping persons to get and stay fit, lose weight, tone and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Training sessions incorporate Aerobics, Cardiac endurance and Strength and Resistance, topped off by Yoga for increased strength, toning, flexibility and muscle recovery.

If interested in Personal Training/Nutrition sessions please email

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By: Gabrielle Burgess 

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2 thoughts on “Suga on RJR Fm with Paula and Francois, GW Art and more!”

  1. I did get the chance to listen while taking my wife to work. Very informative & it lead me to your web-page. Being a chef by profession I became curious to see the different dishes & recipe you have on your website so far it look like you (Gabrielle aka suga) or should I say Miss Burgess is more into Asian & Italian cuisine, nothing wrong with that, its just an observation I can also conclude that you love coffee as well, again nothing wrong with that because my wife also loved coffee, however, I’m impress with both your choice of food recipe & paintings I can see that we share a lot in common, what makes it worst is that my wife works at a imaging center however she’s not a radiographer, she is the receptionist (LOL). I want to encourage you to keep up the great job you have been doing. Paula & Francois did well to with the interview, they both manage to get so much out of you in such a short time, I can only imagine how much more our late veteran journalist Ian Boyne would able to get from you on Profile, therefore I urge you to treat this mornings interview as you Ian Boyne moment while not taking away nothing from Paula & Francois.

    1. Thanks so much for your positive feedback Marlon and thanks for listening. Please feel free to Follow the Suga Lifestyle Web page and/or like the Suga Lifestyle Facebook Page

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