Lunch for $550JMD from The Oasis on the Oxford


Lunch from The Oasis on the Oxford was as good as it looked yesterday. Fish fillet with veggies and boiled yam, banana and plantain, all for $550JMD.

Oasis on the Oxford is not consistent with good quality and service but gamble and catch them on a good day and it is a win. A reasonable, tasty lunch is often hard to find during the average work day, especially when looking for a little variety sometimes. Oasis on the Oxford has Jamaican cuisine and lunches range from $440-$650JMD. They also have natural juices for $250JMD. Buffet is on a Friday for $750JMD. The ambience is off key but you can sit down with actual plates, cloth napkins and utensils, no plastic and have a good, filling meal.

Location: 11 Oxford Road, St. Andrew. Kingston 5.

Ph.: 876-908-3960

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