The New Taurus Court Restaurant


Taurus Court Restaurant is the Chinese restaurant that recently opened in Musgrave Commercial Centre across from CPJ Market in Courtyard 71.

Suga took take-out last Sunday and thought it was average. Wonton soup was well, Wonton soup ($350JMD). The Satay Shrimp ($2000JMD) was good, while there was nothing special about the Chicken with Black Mushroom ($1400JMD). Prices are similar to other Chinese restaurants around town and the ones quoted do not yet include G.C.T.

The decor was decent and service time was the usual 15 to 20 minutes. However, there was a language barrier. The lady who took the order could hardly speak English, but she was so sweet. Just ensure you point to your dish on the menu. Hopefully they have someone else to take orders over the phone.

Well, at least there is another option around town. Chez Maria is open as well and although their sign has Sunday opening hours, they won’t be open on Sundays until April 12th. Now hurry and open up Tea Tree Creperie. There seems to be a Sushi Bar that may open soon in the plaza too.

Taurus Court Restaurant:

Shop 4, Musgrave Commercial Centre, 80 Lady Musgrave Road, Kingston 6, JA . Tel. #: 876-978-6818/6180; 876-283-6118                                                                                                              

Delivery Service available Monday to Sunday, 11am-8pm @ Tel. #: 876-374-9903; 876-419-3252; 876-355-7390-1                                              

Opening Hours: Mon-Sat. @11am-10pm; Sun. @11:30am-9:30pm     

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