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Mystic Thai Delivers Again to Close Out Suga’s Birthday Month with a Bang!

Gabrielle Burgess a.k.a Suga with Husband, Randy Burgess.

Mystic Thai, the restaurant with the Best Ethnic cuisine in Jamaica located in Montego Bay, came to Kingston again last Friday with Suga’s Birthday Gift!

Owner, Mrs. Kareena Mahbubani who usually has such a warm and regal presence in the Restaurant makes me feel at home whenever I visit and mentioned she feels happy when I am happy. Kareena believes in and delivers consistently high quality customer service, sees value in her customers and I truly felt honoured and appreciated. Thanks Kareena! #SugaSnaps

Hubby, Randy and I thoroughly enjoyed two dishes that we wouldn’t readily select fron the menu. It just shows that everything is good! With a mixture of Asian and Thai cuisine, Mystic Thai has quite a diverse menu.

Panang Fish Curry Thai.

We had Panang Fish Curry Thai, where the Panang curry is thick and peanut based, giving the Fish a unique, rich, authentic flavour.

Dal Tadka (Lentil)

We also had Dal Tadka (Lentil) from their Indian menu. It was fantastic! Full of flavour. We enjoyed both dishes with Jasmine rice and my favourite side, Garlic naan.


Give Mystic Thai a visit soon! They have been coming to Kingston about every 2 weeks. So, if you are in Kingston and can’t wait, trust me, the experience is worth the drive. #SugaEndorsed

Mystic Thai (Asian & Thai Cuisine)

Location: B11 – Fairview Towne Centre Unit, Montego Bay

Ph: 876-889-2430; 876-422-4301

Website *(Menu Available): http://www.mysticthaijamaica.com

Instagram: @mystic_thai_jamaica


By: Gabrielle Burgess (Founder/Owner, Suga Lifestyle)

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Mystic Thai comes to Kingston Tomorrow!


Mystic Thai is not only one of the best Restaurants in Montego Bay, but definitely one of the best Restaurants in Jamaica. Mystic Thai is Suga’s Best Ethnic Restaurant in Jamaica and has been awarded that title on a few occasions by the Table Talk Jamaica Observer Food Awards.

Mystic Thai is #SugaEndorsed and they are coming to Kingston TOMORROW!

***The MENU is on Website below. Call to Place your Orders by 4pm Today. Payment can be done by card over the Phone or by Cash/Card upon Delivery***

Mystic Thai (Asian & Thai Cuisine)

Location: B11 – Fairview Towne Centre Unit, Montego Bay

Ph: 876-889-2430; 876-422-4301

Website: http://www.mysticthaijamaica.com

Instagram: @mystic_thai_jamaica


By: Gabrielle Burgess

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Tropical Chinese Cuisine Restaurant

Not cooking this Sunday or need a quick pick-me-upper later? Give Tropical Chinese Cuisine Restaurant a try.

Beef with spring onions

Tropical Chinese Cuisine Restaurant

Location: Loshusan, Barbican

Ph: 876-978-0696; 876-978-8866

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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Suga visits Mainland China & Tandoor in Ochi but has Jamaican Cuisine!

Gabby from Suga Lifestyle and her husband, Randy enjoying a Hummingbird ($699JMD incl. tax) and a Planters Punch ($699JMD incl. tax)

The new Landmark Plaza in Ocho Rios features the Mainland China and Tandoor Restaurant and Bar. It is a fusion of Jamaican, Chinese and Indian Cuisines with respective décors.

Remember Tandoor from Kingston? It’s back, but in Ochi.

I visited with my husband a few Saturdays ago for lunch but unfortunately only the Jamaican part of the Restaurant was open that day.

The décor was ordinary. Both indoor and outdoor seating were available with a Wine Bar inside where there was A/C. There were fans outside but not enough to blow away the persistent swarm of flies once the food arrived.

Steam Fish (Small) – $1000 incl. tax; Side of Bammy – $200 incl. tax

We had the Seafood Soup ($350JMD incl. tax) as a starter and ordered a Steamed Fish and Oxtail. Service was satisfactory. It was obvious the Steamed Fish wasn’t the ‘Catch of the Day’ and it could use more pepper and seasoning. The Oxtail on the other hand was quite tasty.

Oxtail – $1150JMD incl. tax

Prices were very reasonable. I loved that they had a wide range of Beverages including a variety of Margaritas, Martinis, Shots, Cocktails and Frozen Drinks ranging grom $399-$999JMD incl. tax.

Simple spot to grab some tasty food and drinks that are reasonably priced. Hoping to try the Chinese and Indian Cuisines some time soon but indoors next time.

Date of Visit: Saturday, November 12, 2016

Time: 2:50pm

Mainland China & Tandoor Restaurant and Bar

Location: Landmark Plaza, Ocho Rios

Ph: 876-974-8899

Opening hours: 12noon-2am Everyday

***Free Delivery on Orders $850JMD or more***

By: Gabrielle Burgess
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Where to get Chinese, Patty, Fried Chicken & more like at any fast food spot in town

Chicken in Oyster Sauce + Soda – $970JMD on a Friday night

If you need some food fast and at a convenient spot, The Tuck Shop is the place, close to the Barbican Square roundabout.

They have a range of Chinese dishes, Patties, Fried Chicken combos, Dessert and more. They also open late at night, up to 10pm on Fridays and Saturdays. During the week, they are open from 7am to 9pm and Sundays from 11am to 9pm.

So a variety of Breakfast options are also available, which change daily, such as Ackee and Saltfish, Fritters, Callaloo, Porridge and more.

Service is quick, Servings are big and Prices are reasonable.

Their food hits the hungry spot. Check them out!

The Tuck Shop

33 East Kings House Road

Kingston 6

Tel.: 876-632-2553


Get some Grub for Lunch at Sakura for just $500!

Sweet & Sour Chicken - $500JMD
Sweet & Sour Chicken – $500JMD

The service is alright, you can be in and out within 10 minutes and there is quite a variety to choose from for affordable prices. A Large lunch with 1 Meat, rice and veggies costs $500JMD and a drink costs $120JMD. The menu does not comprise solely of Chinese dishes, there are Jamaican dishes as well. For instance, Cowfoot was served last Wednesday.
Sakura hits the spot for reasonable food when hungry. Nothing fancy and no burst of flavour, but it tastes like what it is supposed to be.


Location: 7th Avenue Plaza. Kingston.

The New Taurus Court Restaurant


Taurus Court Restaurant is the Chinese restaurant that recently opened in Musgrave Commercial Centre across from CPJ Market in Courtyard 71.

Suga took take-out last Sunday and thought it was average. Wonton soup was well, Wonton soup ($350JMD). The Satay Shrimp ($2000JMD) was good, while there was nothing special about the Chicken with Black Mushroom ($1400JMD). Prices are similar to other Chinese restaurants around town and the ones quoted do not yet include G.C.T.

The decor was decent and service time was the usual 15 to 20 minutes. However, there was a language barrier. The lady who took the order could hardly speak English, but she was so sweet. Just ensure you point to your dish on the menu. Hopefully they have someone else to take orders over the phone.

Well, at least there is another option around town. Chez Maria is open as well and although their sign has Sunday opening hours, they won’t be open on Sundays until April 12th. Now hurry and open up Tea Tree Creperie. There seems to be a Sushi Bar that may open soon in the plaza too.

Taurus Court Restaurant:

Shop 4, Musgrave Commercial Centre, 80 Lady Musgrave Road, Kingston 6, JA . Tel. #: 876-978-6818/6180; 876-283-6118                                                                                                              

Delivery Service available Monday to Sunday, 11am-8pm @ Tel. #: 876-374-9903; 876-419-3252; 876-355-7390-1                                              

Opening Hours: Mon-Sat. @11am-10pm; Sun. @11:30am-9:30pm