Gloria’s come a town?! No, it’s Sea Deck in Orchid Village Plaza, Barbican!

For a restaurant that opened mid-last year to be so good but off the radar, it must be a hidden gem. I was instantly impressed as I stepped into the restaurant last Saturday night at about 7:50pm. Lovely ambience and cosy decor with even a fish pond full of beautiful koi on the left side where my friend and I were seated. The hostess and waitress were polite but not pleasant.

Main dishes were ordered, then with a change of heart we wished to order appetizers as well. We felt stranded at sea, beckoning for a waitress with none to our rescue. Luckily the catch of the day came within a few minutes. Seafood freshly cooked to order, taking just under 20 minutes, really?! Awesome. I ordered the Shrimp in garlic sauce with Mashed Potatoes ($1800JMD+tx). No complaints about the Shrimp, they were delicious. The Mashed Potatoes were a bit tough. Got milk? The Steamed Fish was HUGE for just ($1500JMD+tx) with a side of Bammy. It was perfect, bursting with flavour. Definitely more than value for our money. Maybe Chef and Restaurant owner, Yan Yao who has been a restaurateur for almost 15 years was responsible for that unique, burst of flavour.

So, great night, but I could do without the live DJ. The table beside us shared the same sentiment and asked for the music to be turned down, then it was tolerable.

The restaurant also offers other meat varieties and even vegetarian dishes. However, the front of the menu couldn’t be more accurate, ‘Sea Deck – Finest Seafood Dishes in Town’. Suga Lifestyle cannot wait to return and taste the other seafood varieties they offer such as King Crab, Mussels, Lobster, Conch, Squid and more.

Opening hours – Sundays to Thursdays: 12 noon to 10pm and Fridays to Saturdays: 12 noon to 11pm.

Ph. : 876-702-4032

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