South Beach Cafe, now C&C South Beach Cafe is revived!

I have been invited to C&C South Beach Cafe twice in one month after a long while,  so I knew something had to be different. They are now under new management and their presence was definitely felt. The hostesses that meet you from the parking lot are extremely polite and friendly, in a genuine way.

Last Friday night after being seated, my beau and I were neglected for a little while, so called for a waitress. We were told one would be coming shortly, then immediately came Shara who apologised profusely that she was not aware we were seated. Thankfully, Shara is one of a kind, a comedian in fact.

We ordered and the food came out soon after. My order of Burger Sliders was missing the fries, but Shara continuing to be full of jokes and fun, made me forget quickly that any issue arised and ensured that the fries came soon after. The Sliders were tasty and I loved that they didn’t just heat up frozen meat. It was obviously freshly cooked. They also got me to eat the small vegetable salad that accompanied it because of the tasty vinaigrette. The Chicken Quesadillas were not as spicy as advertised but had a lovely flavour as well. Happily, we made the right choice in Cocktails. The Mai Tai (Dark rum, Light rum, Pine Juice, Orgeat Syrup, Lime juice) was good, but I preferred the Caribbean Surf (Blue Curacao, Appleton, Vodka, Pine juice) that was refreshingly good. I was also impressed with the fact that the Blue Curacao did not overpower the drink, making it taste too minty or like menthol as some other bars do.

There is a wide range of dishes on the menu and most items seem to be reasonably and appropriately priced. What should be noted is that the prices on the menus issued at the bar already include GCT and there is no service charge. High-end dishes have high-end prices. For instance, entrees range from a Chicken Mushroom Marsala at $1650JMD to a Grilled Fillet Mignon at $4500JMD. Therefore, in alignment with prices at more reputable establishments. Was that the smart thing to do so early? We will see but they are clearly setting a high standard for themselves. Not perfect yet, but hey, neither are the others. Grilled Fillet of Atlantic Salmon ($2750JMD), Lamb Chops and Lobster Thermidor ($3800JMD) and Linguini Primavera ($2250JMD) are just a few of the other entrees on the menu. Cocktails range from $500-$750JMD.

Mr. David Thompson, Marketing Executive along with two others calmly but efficiently supervised the area and also checked if everything was ok.

Also, it is evident that parking is not sufficient in front of South Beach but you don’t have to park on the side of the road. Parking has been made available at a nearby, suitable venue up the road, from which they now provide a shuttle service. Suga likes the changes and will be returning soon and definitely asking for Shara.

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