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TGIF to this View from the Longboarder Bar & Grill!


Stop by and have a cold Red Stripe while you enjoy the view or have some Fish any way you like it!

Enjoy the Weekend!


The Longboarder Bar & Grill

Location: Coast Road, Rozelle, St. Thomas. Jamaica.

Ph: 876.427.0408

Open Tues. to Sunday, 12-8pm

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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Drunken Lion Fish for Ash Wednesday?


Suga’s Ratings for Cliff Hanger Restaurant and Lounge

Date and time of visit: Sunday, February 17, 2019 at 12:00pm

No. of diners: 2 adults

NB. Ratings fill 5 stars maximum

Parking: ★★★★★

Ambience: ★★★★★

Décor: ★★★★☆

Comfort: ★★★★★

Service: ★★★★☆

Speed: ★★★★☆

Food quality: ★★★★☆

Serving amount: ★★★★☆

Plating: ★★★☆☆

Value for $: ★★☆☆☆

Suga’s Breakdown:

From the hillside to the sea, diners can experience the best of both worlds, while seated at Cliff Hanger’s rustic and comfortable Restaurant and Lounge.


My husband and I received hospitable service and our food arrived in a timely manner. Afterall, we ordered the Drunken Lion Fish and would not want that process to be rushed. What made it drunken? The sauce consisted of Red Stripe Beer, White Rum and Red Wine.

Drunken Lion Fish ($27USD + G.C.T + 15% Serv. Charge)

All three spirits were evident in the Drunken Lion Fish sauce and the dish was quite tasty. I am afraid it was not value for money though. For the Lion Fish dish ($27USD) and a Cocktail ($7.50USD), the damage ended up being a little over $6000JMD per person, i.e. $12,157.82 for the both of us after G.C.T and Service charge were added, which is far too expensive. Suga suggests they provide a local rate for their menu.


Cliff Hanger Restaurant and Lounge

Location: Ross Craig, Long Bay P.O. Portland, JA

Ph: 876-860-1395

Email: info@seacliff-jamaica.com

Website: http://www.seacliff-jamaica.com/

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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How was Street Food Saturdays?


It’s been a long time coming, but I finally made the trek to Street Food Saturdays. Was it worth it? Not really, but I went for the experience nonetheless.

The Menu


Persons like myself and my husband who go with the intention to try different dishes may be disappointed. We were not given the option to mix meats even when requested and the plates were small, especially for the prices. I hardly eat Pork, but wanted to taste their Smoked Pork Belly. That taste cost me $2,000JMD. It was succulent and crackling, but a bit too salty.

Smoked Pork Belly ($2000JMD) from Street Food Saturdays last Saturday, February 23, 2019.

The event was filled with patrons. Thankfully they had good crowd control. The wait for food wasn’t long and even though you couldn’t get all your food options at one station, they seemed to have a good system going. ‘Chefs Dwight and Celine’ were on Meats, and Chef Simone Walker-Barrett with her assistants were on Seafood, with her added special of Jerked Lamb Chops.

The Meat Station at Street Food Saturdays

It was a hot day. They had seating under tents, but my husband and I scoped out a table down by the river that was much cooler with more scenic surroundings.


Rosemary Pan Chicken ($1000JMD)

The Rosemary Pan Chicken was nothing to write home about, but the Tangerine and Guava sauces provided were tasty and complemented the meats well.

The greatly anticipated Lobster Pasta was not visually appealing. A small serving of lobster on some cheesy elbow macaroni was served to others, so we passed on that.

This finally brings me to the good stuff.  The Jerked Fish was seasoned to perfection and accompanied by tasty Parmesan Polenta.

Jerked Fish with Parmesan Polenta ($2000JMD)

Chef Simone Walker-Barrett’s Special was indeed special. The Jerked Lamb Chops were savoury.

Jerked Lamb Chops with Parmesan Polenta ($3000JMD)
Suga a.k.a Gabby Burgess at Street Food Saturdays last Saturday, February 23, 2018.

After we finished our lunch, there was nothing that kept us interested to stay, so we made it back home in time to watch the Gibson Relays. I think the event has the potential to be better; maybe some entertainment or a farmer’s market. We enjoyed our meals, but it was an underwhelming experience based on the marketing of the event and it was not value for money. It was marketed as wood fire gourmet, but although the quality of some of the dishes was good, there was nothing signature about them, with regard to presentation or taste. After a long drive we spent $8,400JMD for street food, with walk up service, in an outdoor setting. Sorry Suga Bears, this event is not #SugaEndorsed.

Street Food Saturdays

Location: Mount James District; Golden Spring

Ph: 876-414-0016; 876-313-0735; 876-395-3614

Email: streetfoodsaturdays@gmail.com

Instagram: @streetfoodsaturdays

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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TGIF! Street Food Saturdays is Tomorrow!


Follow the food and the flavour! Head up to Street Food Saturdays hosted by Chef Simone Walker-Barrett by Mount James District, Golden Spring, St. Andrew tomorrow any time from 12-6pm! There will be quite a variety, so there should be something to satisfy any craving you may have.

Garlic Lobster Pasta is back on the menu!

 For more Information:

Call/Whatsapp: 876-414-0016; 876-313-0735; 876-395-3614

Email: streetfoodsaturdays@gmail.com

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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Street Food Saturdays is Tomorrow!


After you’re finished with Suga Lifestyle’s Nutrition Seminar tomorrow morning at The Liguanea Club, you can head up to Street Food Saturdays by Mount James District, Golden Spring, St. Andrew. You will be equipped with knowledge on how to go out and eat healthily.

I will give you a hint that from the menu, you should go for the Fish tea as a starter, followed by the Five spiced Pan Chicken with no sauce or better yet, the Roasted Red Snapper. Sadly, there are no healthy side options. If you decide that you cannot have your main on its own, choose the Garlic Parmesan Bread.

For your drink, the Mint Lemonade would have too much sugar, so you can have water or a Fruit Smoothie if no mangoes or watermelons are used.

Don’t even think of going near that Curry Crab Run-Down!

Street Food Saturdays is usually from 12 noon to 6pm, however to confirm or for more information:

Call/Whatsapp: 876-414-0016; 876-313-0735; 876-395-3614

Email: streetfoodsaturdays@gmail.com

Have a happy and healthy weekend!

There is still time to register for Suga Lifestyle’s Nutrition Seminar using the link below:


sl nutrition seminar

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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Flashback Friday to Suga’s Family outing for Pizza at Fiorella’s!

Suga’s make-your-own Pizza with Arugula, Pesto sauce, Chicken breast, Mushrooms, a touch of blue cheese and more!

For those who aren’t ready to jump back on the healthy wagon just yet!

Flashback Friday to Suga’s Pizza from Fiorella’s Italian Kitchen by the National Harbor in Washington DC!

Delicious Pizza and tasty cocktails with great service and riverside views. Ideal for a family outing. #SugaEndorsed

Gabrielle Burgess a.k.a. Suga with niece, Ariana Williams at Fiorella’s Italian Kitchen over the holidays.

Fiorella’s Italian Kitchen

Location: 152 National Plaza (National Harbor), Oxon Hill, MD 20745, USA

Ph: 301-839-1811

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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Suga’s Guide to New Orleans a.k.a NOLA!

Gabrielle Burgess a.k.a Suga, in front of the Mahalia Jackson Theatre for the Performing Arts on the 3-in-1 Cemetery, Voodoo and French Quarter Tour (October 2018)

Suga had an epic Girls trip to New Orleans two weeks ago. The trip was unforgettable.

I enjoyed New Orleans’ rich culture in food, art and jazz music with a touch of voodoo/witchcraft. I admired that the locals have fully embraced their culture and even after the tragedy of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, they returned to help to build back New Orleans to what it is today. Note that, interestingly, everywhere in New Orleans was flooded except for the French Quarter. That is when you ask yourself, is their voodoo/witchcraft culture authentic?

Street Scenes (Trick or Treat)

Sadly, there is a lot of poverty in New Orleans. I was told it is at a rate of about 30%, which actually used to be higher before Hurricane Katrina. There were many homeless persons seen walking around or laying in the streets. However, there were also other less fortunate persons that decided to use their talents or a gig to earn money. I appreciated that effort instead of just begging persons aimlessly as they do in Jamaica.

For instance, there were a few that held uncomfortable poses with a pan nearby for contributions. Statues were seen all around the French Quarter of New Orleans and some persons looked like them. A man painted in gold close to the French Market stood out for me. For a moment, I questioned whether he was real or not, but of course the girls had to break him.


There was ‘Shake that Ass Granny’ who did just that, as well as persons who came out with their guitars or other instruments and sang songs.

Screenshot_20181026-104151_Video Player.jpg

This dog on top of a dumpster was quite dressed up and a trick. We realised he was part of a gig too. If you weren’t quick to take pictures, his owner came with a pan and covered his face.
These weed candies did not even have the essence of weed. Trick!

There were a few street parades that you could join if you wished and many Bachelor and Bachelorette squads around.

Art and Voodoo/Witchcraft


Outside of Jackson Square were filled with artists and their captivating paintings in the day. At night, they were replaced with Tarot Card readers. There were also a lot of Galleries and stores with Art. If you missed the artists in the day, there were options, but few, to purchase affordable art in souvenir shops in the French Quarter.

The Voodoo man outside of St. Louis Cemetery #1

Where to stay and How long should you stay in NOLA?

If you go to New Orleans, about 4 or 5 days is enough to see and experience everything. Stay close to the French Quarter where all the action is and most places you would need to go to are in walking distance. If your destination is  a few blocks away, respectable cabbies are nearby and uber is available.

Malls/Stores/Antique Shops

For the shopaholics, stores such as H&M (418 N Peters St.) and a few others are in the French quarter, but you would have to take a drive out to get to a mall. There are about three. I suggest Lakeside Shopping Center mall (3301 Veterans Memorial Blvd., Metairie), which is the biggest mall there and has the majority of familiar stores such as Victoria’s Secret, Forever 21, Bath and Body Works, Express, Gap, Coach, Aeropostale and more.

Magazine St. for antique shops

Royal St. for shopping and souvenirs


3-in-1 Tour Guide, ‘Storm’

• 3-in-1 Cemetery, Voodoo & French Quarter Tour ($13 by Groupon (or $25) + $1 entry to cemetery; 28 persons per tour)

This tour lasted over 2 hours, but with our experienced and exciting Tour Guide, ‘Stormie’, it was worth it. It provides you with a chance to enter one of the world-renown cemeteries, St. Louis Cemetery #1 in New Orleans, while also visiting popular landmarks in the French Quarter. A bit of Voodoo culture and history is also included, as this adventure combines 3 tours in 1.

The French Quarter/Cemetery/Voodoo tour meets at the corner of Royal and Conti Street. Persons are to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled tour time to check in.

You can learn how and why people are buried above ground and how the “Vault” works! The grave of the famous Queen of Voodoo, Marie Laveau is also there. (Stay tuned for Suga’s Breakdown and Review)

Inside of St. Louis Cemetery #1, New Orleans

N.B. The Basin St. Station shop (501 Basin St.) for unique souvenirs was by the restroom stop/map of New Orleans on the tour.

Food tour: Destination-Kitchen.com OR http://www.MUSTDONOLA.com ($54.99USD)

This tour lasted a bit over 3 hours because of various stops at bars and restaurants. It was quite informative about New Orleans History and Food. (Stay tuned for Suga’s Breakdown)

Our Tour Guide, Chef Philipe serving us up some Muffuletta in The French Market

Walking allows you to stop and take pictures as you wish and maybe even stray a bit and catch up with the group. But if you would like to tour without having to walk, there are other options.

The Steamboat Cruise with Buffet Dinner

Suga heard this Buffet Dinner had Seafood you could not finish!


The Double Decker Bus Tour


• The Horse and Carriage ride tour


Bars and Clubs/Hot spots

Willie’s Chicken Shack (707 Canal St.)

Willie’s Chicken Shack has huge frozen drinks. Keep your tall cup! Some other bars may allow you to enter with your drink in it, some may not. So bottoms up if you must!

Huge Ass Beers (609 Bourbon St.)

Racquell Brown with her ‘Huge Ass Beer’

This bar keeps the party going all day long and into the night!

• The Hand Grenade (721 Bourbon St.; 600 Bourbon St.; Bayou Club at 610 Bourbon St.; 435 Bourbon St.; Funky Pirate™ at 727 Bourbon St.)

A frozen drink that gives you quite a buzz! There are a few of them lining Bourbon street too.

• ‘The Beach on Bourbon’ (227 Bourbon St.)

One of the most popular clubs in New Orleans. The DJ keeps you moving.

***Apologies, but Suga didn’t get to note the names of other clubs that were hot spots***

Jazz Festivals and Music

• Frenchman Street

Three blocks if Jazz clubs after 9pm. I honestly missed out on this street, because the girls could not get enough of Bourbon Street. However, we were told about the Jazz Festivals there accompanied by succulent pork and lamb chops in the day. On one of the nights, a friend who was there said it was quite a ‘sober crowd’ and told us to stay on Bourbon St. and journeyed about 28 minutes to meet us.


There are so many high quality restaurants, cafes and markets. You can pick choose and refuse. Word is, if an establishment falls off its game, it gets shut down or closes.

So here are a few that Suga visited and would have liked to visit:

Café du Monde (800 Decatur St., in front of Jackson Square)


Famous for its Beignets. The best and softest donuts you will ever eat with sugar on top. Expect a crowd and long lines there at all times.

Spotted! Beignets being made at the famous, Café du Monde

• Cafe Beignet



Another Cafe for Beignets and pasties, however their Beignets could have used more baking time. Note that it gets crowded too.


Muriel’s (801 Chartres St., Jackson Square – haunted; Fine dining) 

Great for Crab cakes, huge Pork Chops, Cheesecake and Bread pudding!

Irene’s (529 Bienville St., between Decatur and Chartres, right in the heart of the historic French Quarter)

Reputable for Italian and Seafood.

Antoine’s Restaurant (713 Saint Louis St., Royal St.)


The oldest family owned restaurant in the USA (now operated by 5th generation), serving traditional French Creole cuisine since 1840. It’s reputable for its Crawfish, Oysters and Shrimp.

*Fine dining and Reservations go fast

Orleans Grapevine Wine Bar and Bistro (720 Orleans Ave.)

– Casual Fine Dining Restaurant

French Market


Has practically everything you can think of such as fruits, fresh produce, Cajun creole nuts, deep-fried peanuts, coffee, their ‘must have’ muffuletta and more.


New Orleans Creole Cookery (410 Talouse St.) – Great for Cocktails, Fresh and Char Grilled Oysters.

Char Grilled Oysters with Cheese, Garlic and Butter

Recreation/For the Kids


• Carousel Gardens Amusement Park (New Orleans City Park)

An Amusement Park with a few heart-wrenching rides. [Cost for Rides and Entry for Adults: $22USD]

A Tip for the Guys

• When approaching a lady with her crew, ensure your game is quick and DO NOT say you are going to the bar to come back with only a drink for her and yourself. She won’t be there when you come back. Ladies bar hop!

Tips for the Ladies

• DO NOT wear long, flowy Pants or Dresses that reach the floor in the streets. The streets are far from clean.

• Pack comfortable shoes and Sandals for a lot of walking and dancing.

• Ensure you stash tissue in your purse, because you cannot count on any bathroom in the club or bar late at night to have toilet paper.

Screenshot_20181026-111206_Video Player

• You can’t just ask for beads, you have to show something or dance for them!

Tips for Everyone

• If travelling in a group and time allows, schedule a few hours or a day for Personal time to see places and experience what others may not have prioritized on their list. You may have another person in the group with similar interests as you.

• You will wait forever if you want to hear Reggae or Dancehall music in New Orleans. Big up Shaggy and Elephant Man. You were played!

• Always have your phone ready to capture a moment or to record a video because those streets are unpredictable!

• Don’t go with the expectation to get any sleep! You will miss out!

(L-R) Songe Sandcroft, Taraja Richards, Gabrielle Burgess, Glennette Sinclair, Anya Pennycooke, Racquell Brown and Stephaney Farquharson hit Channing Tatum’s Saints & Sinners Bar on Bourbon Street for their Girls Trip in NOLA! (October 2018) #JamaicansinNOLA

A visit to New Orleans is truly #SugaEndorsed.

Stay tuned for more details on Suga’s experience with the 3-in-1 tour, The Food Tour and of course, a Restaurant Review!

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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