Spicy Jerk Shrimp Pasta @ Macau

Service is still not the best at Macau, but their spicy Jerk Shrimp Pasta is extremely spicy and delicious! Penne and fettuccine pastas are so common, I was impressed to see them serve bow tie pasta. It was filling and the sauce was on point. Ensure water is present though. They had a 2-for-1 Heineken special last Friday, but it wasn’t clear how long that promotion may last. Then ofcourse, using my Pop-Up Gourmet Advantage card dropped the bill even lower.


3 thoughts on “Spicy Jerk Shrimp Pasta @ Macau”

  1. On point review again..however you missed out on a couple. For the price (expensive) at Macau, the service/attitude of the staff should have be thru the roof…totally lacking in that area. and at the time I was there, the needed a full service bartender, I don’t drink beer and I may not feel for wine. I do drink mixed alcohol but should I have the typical ‘rum and coke’ with dinner??..step up the game if you’re gonna charge me an arm and leg…lol

    1. Thanks! Noted. Yes it’s definitely time they do something about the poor quality of their service. Interesting point on the bartender. Let us hope they were understaffed that night but I will definitely pass on this info.

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