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Did you know there is ‘AnneX’ East Japanese?


Have you been to East Japanese Market Place at Constant Spring Road’s mid town branch as yet? It’s called AnneX East Japanese. It’s only logical right? It is in The Courtyard, the same complex as CPJ and CRU, next to Y not Pita. Suga went on a lunch date there last Saturday afternoon at 4:15pm.

There were not a lot of people there, which I liked. So it wasn’t too busy, but not too quiet either. It was cosy and I was impressed by the modern, tasteful decor. They also had a wall with speakers, almost ceiling high, which I found unique. But no worries, they don’t blast music, they keep it mellow as their motto, ‘More casual and elegant. Mellow music’, states.


Service was mediocre. Pleasant welcome and fairly professional attitudes. The food arrived in reasonable time, but it took forever to get a simple Piña Colada. I asked that the rum be substituted with Appleton rum, but I could not taste even a hint of rum. The rest of the drink was lovely, smooth, thick and creamy with the essence of coconut, but failed to have the zestful taste of spirit. Since I had to wait so long for it, I didn’t bother to send it back but made sure to tell the bartender before I left. He said because I requested Appleton rum, of which they used Appleton special, that he did not know how much to add. Any experienced bartender or drinker period, knows that Appleton is a weaker rum than White rum so you would need to add more.

The food? Decent quality. I had the Tempura AnneX Special for $1270JMD including Shrimp Tempura, a tasty California Majestic Roll, an oily Seafood Fried Bean Curd and a Ginger salad, of which I only ate the shredded carrot. The rest of the salad was boring as it was just lettuce with what looked like that orange, French dressing that I hate. But the carrot is what had the pronounced flavour of ginger.

My other half enjoyed The Sushi Platter AnneX Special, also for $1270JMD with Tuna, Salmon, Hamachi Yellow Tail,  White Tuna and Rock Shrimp, along with the same salad, Cali Roll and Bean Curd. Both specials came with a Miso Soup too. The variety given at that cost was satisfying and broke the monotony of me ordering my usual Appetizer and 2 Rolls from the many options available. It worked out to be much less money, yet filling.

AnneX East Japanese

Ph#: 876-481-0990

Address: 71 Lady Musgrave Road. Kingston, Jamaica.

Date of visit: 12/9/15

NB. Ratings fill 5 stars maximum

Parking: ★★★★★

Ambience: ★★★★☆

Decor: ★★★★★

Comfort: ★★★★★

Service: ★★★☆☆

Speed: ★★★☆☆

Food quality: ★★★★☆

Serving amount: ★★★★☆

Plating: ★★★★☆

Value for $: ★★★★☆

SuGa Endorsement: ★★★★☆


Expensive Jamaican Cuisine at the Grog Shoppe


Grog Shoppe Restaurant

Ph#: 876-906-7165; 876-908-4310

Address: Devon House, Hope Road. Kingston

Date of visit: 14/08/15

NB. Ratings fill 5 stars maximum

Parking: ★★★★★

Ambience: ★★★★☆

Decor: ★★★☆☆

Comfort: ★★★★☆

Service: ★★★★☆

Speed: ★★★★☆

Food quality: ★★★★☆

Serving amount: ★★★★★

Plating: ★★★☆☆

Value for $: ★★★☆☆

SuGa Endorsement: 3.5/5


Good service: Waiter was polite, able to explain menu to a large group, attentive and service was quick.

Indoor and Outdoor dining.

Prices were high for Jamaican cuisine, especially for a regular Jamaican lunch. Some of the other dishes on the menu include Braised Oxtail ($2200JMD), Boneless Jerk Pork ($2000JMD) and Ackee and Salt Fish with Bammy ($1500JMD). Serving size was good though.

For their International cuisine menu, some items are high while some are comparable to other restaurants. They have Braised Lamb Shank for $4500JMD, Smoked Marlin Platter for $3000JMD. Pastas range from $1300-3000JMD.

They also have a menu for Kids and a Drink menu with a wide range of items to pick, choose and refuse.

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Lots to Explore with NK Deli in New Kingston Shopping Centre!


NK Deli located upstairs (same side as the Pharmacy) in New Kingston Shopping Centre at 30 Dominica Drive, is quite a reasonable, central lunch spot. Definitely better than spending twice the money downstairs at Cuddy’z Sports Bar & Restaurant for possible bad service and poor quality food. Don’t even think of going to the other two restaurants upstairs across from the Deli either (Glow Food and N & R Restaurant). They are horrible.

Last Saturday, about 3:25pm, I went to the Deli for lunch. It had a nice layout with indoor and outdoor seating. Limited indoor seating with AC! Outdoors had sufficient fans blowing cool air. Lovely.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted the Grilled Chicken or Jerked Chicken Wrap, so I asked the cashier for advice. She was quite unpleasant and eventually mumbled, maybe the Grilled Chicken Wrap ($475+tx). So I ordered that and my friend ordered the Grilled Chicken Panini ($560+tx), both with a serving of fries (additional cost). Looking around, the Deli supports local products and distributors by having Chocolate Bars, Spreads and more available from Mount Pleasant Farm Chocolatiers, who have previously been promoted on Suga Lifestyle. A small range of Snacks are also available for purchase, healthy and unhealthy, along with Wine and a decadent looking Cheesecake that is prepared fresh daily.


In about 20 minutes (I thought it could be a bit quicker based on our order), our server came with our orders in styrofoam boxes and saw the look on our faces, realizing that we did not want our order to-go. She asked if the cashier did not ask our preference and I responded that she was quite unpleasant and did no such thing. The server and owner on the other hand, were the total opposite, pleasant and professional. Our server apologized for the inconvenience. Note, one must avoid eating and drinking from styrofoam boxes and cups as much as possible. They are toxic to the environment and rumoured to be harmful to your health.


Anyhow, my Grilled Chicken Wrap was just OK. It would cater more to rabbits, you know, way too much lettuce in a Spinach Wrap. More chicken please. It was actually somewhat filling though. Restaurants need to play around with their greens more and mix it up a little. Lettuce does not need to be used all the time. There is Arugula, Spinach, Kale, Cilantro and more to add a kick to the flavour of the Wrap or Sandwich.

I wish I ordered the Grilled Chicken Panini though. I tasted it and it was good, with a lovely sauce. Their Cheeseburger and wedges, which I have had before are also quite tasty. Their Fruit Smoothie is very sweet, even with white rum.  Their fries? Bland. They perhaps should try some seasoned fries or add a bit more salt. I had to add salt myself. However, I am looking forward to trying their Jamaican lunch that is quite affordable. Buffet Fried Chicken and Curried Goat were available for $350JMD each! Soup is available as well as many other items such as Wings, Pastas, Pizzas, Pork Chops, Omelettes, Bagels etc. So a pleasing range of items for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.



I have visited NK Deli for their Friday Lymes but wanted to see the regular work day flow. It seems to be great if you want to just get in and out with a decent, affordable meal or even just have a small lunch time link up with someone. The Friday Lyme is quite a mature crowd, however they have started to do Latin nights on some of the Fridays now. Suga may check out one of them and give you the low down. Definitely more to explore at NK Deli. They are open from 7am to 5pm on week days and 12pm to 5pm on Saturdays.

For more information call 876-754-8714.

Instagram: NK_DELI

Red Lobster gone totally Ghetto in ATL!


In real life! Braiding cornrows in a restaurant, really? Low. I kid you not, there is an instavideo for proof. I was told the Red Lobster chain was deteriorating to a very low standard, that is, ‘bring a side chick to’ or ‘carry a girl to Burger King for a date’ kind of standard. I did not believe. But this has to be a breach to the Health code. Shame on them for not escorting them out immediately.