How to Make Healthy Flatbread Pizzas


How to make your Healthy Flatbread Pizza:

● Use a whole grain tortilla/pita bread (Ends up looking like your own Personal pan pizza!)

● Spread some vegetable salsa/homemade tomato sauce/vegan pesto

● Add toppings that complement each other such as:

– spinach, red peppers, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms and zucchini

– arugula and low-fat feta/grated Parmesan

– broccoli, mushrooms, reduced fat mozzarella and onions

– green peppers, olives, tomatoes

● Add healthy meat toppings, such as small pieces of grilled Chicken or baked Turkey breast

● Part skim and reduced fat Mozzarella/grated Parmesan/low-fat Feta cheese could be used

Have fun eating healthy!

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