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But all that glitters is not Gold right? Although the negatives were negligible, Whitebones Seafood has not really changed since my last visit over a year ago. Their decor needs a makeover for a Restaurant in the Delectable category and so does their flatware. It is about time for those plates with the fishes to go! They have uplifting placemats but they are not practical for drinks and small tables. The aquarium could use some lighting and I do not think the kitchen should be so open to the diner’s eye.

20151109_181755The Fish cakes were a meagre serving and the Steak Tenderloin my fiancé, Randy had was overcooked. It was to be medium rare. Our waiter Sean apologised respectfully. 20151109_182448He also made us aware that Lobster is usually the most popular entrée choice for diners during Restaurant Week, as persons may not have it often and it is seasonal. So that is something to consider if Whitebones is your choice, but there is a large range of options on their menu.

The Black Forest Cake for dessert looked like a PriceSmart cake but the aroma of the rum from the Bread Pudding which seemed to be made in-house distracted me from the cake. Restaurants, especially those that do not usually offer dessert should avoid offering store-bought cake. I think it is better and safer to just offer ice cream!

Thankfully they have upheld their standard of good service and delicious food. So it was not perfect, but definitely Suga endorsed.


Menus for Restaurant Week Jamaica 2015 are also out today! So buy your Jamaica Gleaner NOW if you haven’t already. You know it’s Food Day. Get ready to Dig in starting tomorrow!

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