JERKAZ Restaurant off the Grid


Last October 15th before the Heroes Weekend holiday, Jerkaz was visited by my fiancé and friends. The Jerk Chicken costed about $500JMD inclusive of tax and the bill was $4000JMD for 3 people and soup was ordered with one of the meals. So reasonable to an extent.

Service was alright but they were the only people there, so hard to judge versus if there were more diners present.

The serving size was decent and provided value for money. However, their style of cooking is by smoking the chicken, not jerking. So why not call it Smokaz?

JERKAZ Restaurant has a lot of potential to be a nice chill spot to have some drinks and affordable food. Perhaps they should participate in Restaurant Week next year in the Tasty category for more exposure. Until then, a different marketing strategy needs to be used and they should ensure that they are prepared for an increased amount of diners.

JERKAZ Restaurant

55 Old Hope Rd. Kingston 6


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