So much to choose from, where to choose for Tasty at RW!


The Tasty Category for $1850JMD (Includes choice of Appetizer, Main course and Dessert. Beverages, G.C.T and Gratuity additional) during Restaurant Week has so many choices to choose from, but where should you really choose for the best deal?
Consider the menu quality and uniqueness, reputation of service and an ambience would be a plus.

Did you see my review from my Pre-Restaurant week tasting at Lucky Strike Lounge? It’s a winner.

Click on link below for a quick and spicy review.

Lucky Strike Lounge for the Tasty Category for RWJ!

East Japanese looks like the place of choice for Asian cuisine, offering value for money.

Portmore massive, the Milk Shake from Buzzers looks divine!

The UTECH students from Lillian’s Restaurant seemed to put a lot of effort into their menu as usual, offering unique dishes at a low cost. Their Seared Trout and Vegetable Lasagne including Eggplant and more look like they won’t disappoint.

Pizza Hut (Kgn and MoBay) is always loaded with goodness on their menu for RW with various Pastas and more. The spot should be great for a family outing and their Over-the-Top Cheesecake looks delish.

Sea Deck is always a pleasure. Even though their Crab back usually takes long, it is worth the wait. Other than that, you should be able to look forward to quick service, delicious, large servings and a lovely ambience for more than a reasonable price.

What else is going on outside of Kingston?

The Cardiff Hotel and Spa in Runaway Bay impressed me from the RW Launch, offering some of the items from their menu. Their Jerked Chicken Fettuccine had a good flavour with a touch of spicy and their Sweet Potato Pudding had an authentic Jamaican taste. Their Oxtail Mac and Cheese sounds salivating!

I have not dined at Chill Out Hut Beach Bar and Grill in Long Bay, St. James yet, but I would definitely give them a try. Their 1lb Whole Steamed Fish looks juicy!

Remember you can give your feedback here or go to the Restaurant Week Jamaica 2015 index page, choose the Restaurants and rate them.

Dig In!

Contact information and locations for Restaurants mentioned:

Lucky Strike Lounge
Location: 195 C Constant Spring Road (Manor Centre), Kingston 8
Ph: 876-631-9980, 876-631-9797

East Japanese
Location: Market Place at 67 Constant Spring Rd. Kingston, Jamaica
Ph: 960-3962 or 960-3594

Endzzone at Buzzers
Location: 63A Congrieve Park, Naggo Head, Portmore, Kingston
Ph: 876-939-2553

Lillian’s Restaurant
Location: University of Technology, Jamaica, 237 Old Hope Road, Kingston 6
Ph: 876-970-2224

Pizza Hut Dine-In (Kgn and MoBay)
Locations: 57 Knutsford Blvd. New Kingston. Kgn. 5/ Lot 9 Howard Cooke Boulevard. Montego Bay
Ph: 876-920-8656/ 876-920-8657, 876-971-5380

Sea Deck
Location: Orchid Village Plaza, 20 Barbarian Road. Kgn. 6
Ph: 876-702-4032

Cardiff Hotel & Spa
Location: 8 Rickets Avenue, Cardiff Hall, Runaway Bay
Ph: 876-973-6868 or 876-973-6671

Chill Out Hut Beach Bar & Grill
Location: Long Bay, Greenwood, St. James, Montego Bay
Ph: 876-953-1666, 876-363-5485

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