Remember Getting Up without Sound Effects? Tennis Tuesday means CannaBuzzz 876 Pain Oil!

Can you relate? Tennis Tuesday means CannaBuzzz 876 Pain Oil !

It’s great to see your past Biotech lab partner from UWI putting formulas to work to create products for his own business! Leslie Bryan has done just that with CannaBuzzz 876!

Leslie Bryan, Owner of CannaBuzzz 876.
Peanut Brittle

When you’re active and hit about 32, 33 years, just about every week you may feel a different ache or pain. We just hope it doesn’t linger right?

Well Suga used to do modern dance, which over time can become hard on the knees and with being on my feet everyday, all day for work, Personal Training, adding Tennis to that, I even developed a Heel Spur!

I have been using CannaBuzzz 876 PAIN OIL since early April 2021 and so has hubby. No more Tiger Balm smell and it works!

We started feeling less pain to almost no pain within 2 weeks. We also enjoyed CannaBuzzz 876 Gummies for our Anniversary 😃

Check out CannaBuzzz 876 by Leslie Bryan now! Direct message or call with questions. He is a scientist! So well versed on all his products. You can now find the Pain Oil (great for inflammation, joint pains, muscle spasms, stiffness, insect bites etc.) and Hair Growth Oil/Beard Oil in Medi-Centre Pharmacy in Clock Tower Plaza or have your products delivered to you!

CannaBuzzz 876

Ph: 876-389-1109

Instagram: @cannabuzzz876

By: Gabrielle Burgess (Founder/Owner, Suga Lifestyle)

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