Detox Before the Weekend with Chef Lumley’s Green Juice! It’s a whole MOOD!

Whether or not you like Green Juices, this is the one for you! Even though I eat and drink Healthy, I’m not a Green Juice fan. It’s usually lacking in taste or far too tangy. Chef Brian Lumley found the perfect balance between both, using a bit of citrus and pine.

The citrus and pine can be omitted for persons with allergies or for persons on a detox that wish to eliminate sugar entirely. No artificial sugars are used and notice would have to be given from early to have the juice without that tang.

It’s best chilled and smells so good from you pour it! It’s not entirely smooth, but that’s because it has the good stuff! Fibre! Fibre is especially important for those on a cleanse or for persons like myself who need a renewed energy.

I had Chef Lumley’s Green Juice a few weeks ago in between training clients instead of my usual healthy snack. It was a great supplement, with probably even less carbs and calories.

For the ladies, it is especially good to keep your iron count in check or bring it to what it needs to be.

If you weren’t distracted by Chef Lumley’s whole MOOD, you can see he offers a variety of sizes to suit your needs:
8oz – $500
16oz – $1500
1L – $2500
1.5L – $3500

It’s best if you just go Large, because you will want more. Chef Lumley’s Green Juice is #SugaEndorsed (The good ‘Suga’! 😉)

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Chef Brian Lumley

Instagram: @cheflumley_

By: Gabrielle Burgess (Founder/Owner, Suga Lifestyle)

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