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Tuna Takati Pizza from Tooksie’s Canteen

Suga Taster, Kimberly Nesbeth’s Ratings for TOOKSIE’S CANTEEN by Tooksie Kay Catering

Date and time of order: April 29, 2020

No. of orders: 4

NB. Ratings fill 5 stars maximum

Speed: ★★★★★

Food quality: ★★★★★

Serving amount: ★★★★★

Packaging: ★★★★★

Value for $: ★★★★★

Suga Taster, Kim’s Breakdown!

Suga Taster, Kimberly Nesbeth
During Love in the Time of Corona, some of us are getting tired of cooking. All foodies know Alexa Von Strolley is that culinary artist who’s never afraid to wow our minds and surprise our taste buds, leaving her patrons wondering how she thought of this while leaving us begging for more. When I heard about Tooksie’s Canteen, I browsed the Instagram page and started to order.
Tooksie’s Canteen operates Wednesdays to Fridays. The menu options change weekly. For each day there is usually one light option, such as a Salad or Flat Bread, two heavier options and a sweet treat. You order and pay online, which helps significantly with reducing human interaction, and you pick up at noon. I ordered on Instagram, received an email with the invoice and made payment via Sagicor e-banking.
I ordered the In-n-Out Burger and Crack pie for Wednesday, Oxtail and Fish tacos on Thursday and Tuna Tataki Pizza and Tea-ramisu for Friday.
In-n-Out Burger – Double stacked Beef Burger with American Cheese ($1400JMD)
The In-n-Out Burger was a tasty juicy American burger with lots of American cheddar cheese and fries. The fries and bread were clearly done on my arrival. Despite the juicy, cheesy burger, no soggy bread ‘roun here! Also the crispiest fries I’ve had in years. I expected the burger to be something out of the ordinary, but it was ordinary.
Sidenote: The Burger I had from Alexa the week before though, was heaven!
Double stacked Beef Burger, Crispy Pork Belly, Caramelized Onions, Cilantro Garlic sauce, Monterrey Jack Cheese with Fries – $3000JMD
Crack Pie with Cinnamon Whipped Cream
The Crack Pie was amazing! It tasted like danish butter cookies made into moist sweet indulgence. So addictive. I immediately understood how this American dessert got its name.
Oxtail Tacos – Port Wine reduction, Butter bean Crema, Crispy Onions
The Oxtail taco was perfect! Tender meat and a loud flavour with a kick of something I couldn’t put my finger on. It was delicious.
The Fish taco had too much batter for me, but once I squeezed the lime provided on the Fish, the bold flavour combinations completely outshone the batter.
Tuna Takati Pizza
The Tuna Tataki Pizza was fresh and exciting, spicy but not peppery. I wish I ordered more! This dish was a reminder of Alexa’s versatility as a chef.
Tea-ramisu Chai soaked Lady Fingers with Dulce de Leche Mascarpone and Matcha Powder.
The Tea-ramisu was like a green tea tiramisu. Very interesting, unexpected and refreshing.
Chef Alexa Von Strolley is as cute as her logo, but her food is LOUD, BOLD and BRAVE. Each meal tasted fresh and specially prepared. Her prices are comparable to mid-priced restaurants and the wait time is five minutes or less. 

TOOKSIE’S CANTEEN by Tooksie Kay Catering
Ph: 876 – 537 – 5443
Instagram: @tooksiekaycatering

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