Affordable stop on a South Coast country run


Suga finally hit the South Coast a few weeks ago and stopped by Murray’s Fish & Jerk Hut.

You can get Steamed fish, Brown Stew fish, Fried fish, Curried Goat, Festival, Bammy and Soup on one side and on the other side you can get the usual Jerked Chicken and Pork and try their Jerked Rabbit!

Posted sign of Rabbit Meat Facts                 N.B. There is a typo for no. 8


I had Fish soup, Jerked Chicken and Jerked Rabbit. The food was decent and affordable. Service was quick too. None of the dishes costed over $1000JMD. Definitely value for money.

Murray’s Fish & Jerk Hut

Location: Toll Gate, Clarendon

Ph: 876-987-1111; 876-367-4967




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