Skunk Nation brings Car Enthusiasts together for a Cause

First of all, what is Skunk Nation? Skunk Nation represents Jamaica’s ‘Stinkest’ (Eye catching), finest machines a.k.a. cars. Whether it’s the paint job, rims, tints etc., it is all about the time, effort, skill and vision becoming reality while building and supporting local at the same time.

Two Saturdays ago, Skunk Nation had their annual ‘Xmas Charity for the Kids’ that Suga attended at Susie’s Bakery in South Dale Plaza, which brought Skunk rides by different teams across Jamaica together for a good cause.

Persons were asked to bring gifts to drop in their gift drums or to make monetary donations.

Cars were on display of course and Dancehall Artiste, Tanto Blacks made quite a memorable appearance. It was an exciting night of dancers, music and freestyling.

Throughout the night as the liquor flowed and the vibe got ‘rich’, persons felt more inclined to drop money in the boxes carried around by Skunk Nation’s team of girls.

Donations such as strollers and more were handed over to Mary’s Child Girls Home last week with the aid of sponsors, Truck Stop, Sparkles Productions, Chun Scents, Ship n’ Go and KMS Distributors to name a few.


Nicholas Lue hands over some donations to Ms. Williams of Mary’s Child Girls Home last week

Well done Skunk Nation!

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