Host Steve Harvey Announces the WRONG winner for Miss Universe!

Last night, Steve Harvey announced Miss Colombia as the winner of the Miss Universe Pageant and the card read Miss Philippines as the winner.

Miss Colombia was crowned by the reigning Miss Universe who is also from Colombia. So it was a jubilant celebration.

Then Steve came out and apologized profusely in English. So Miss Colombia must have had an idea what happened but of course seemed a bit lost at first.

Honest mistake but HUGE error on Steve’s part. Miss Colombia even started to celebrate but it was clear with no contestants running up to her, and from the previous rounds of the competition, Miss Philippines was the true winner.

Both contestants displayed great grace after such a terrible mishap. Kudos to both ladies.

It was too late to apologize and he probably will never host another Pageant but we still love you Steve!

Check out how it all went down here:


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