Throwback Thursday to Lunch with a View of the Lagoon


The view from the restaurant at Kanopi House, Portland

Two Saturdays ago I had lunch at Kanopi House, Portland that is nestled in 100ft banyan trees with a breathtaking view of the Blue Lagoon.

There weren’t many options on the menu, so my husband and I went with Chicken and Fish sliders with a side of freshly made potato chips.


Chicken sliders with Potato chips ($27USD) from Kanopi House, Portland

Service was quick and the staff was courteous. The food was pricey, so thankfully it was tasty too. With that view and comfort, why complain though?

A small bar was available to get spirits from as well.


Of course, nothing is too predictable in the relaxed parish of Portland. The menu varies from day-to-day and I was told by one of their Chefs, Cecile Watt that items on their dinner menu have an Asian twist. Perhaps we will try them for dinner when we go back to that side of our beautiful island.


Suga a.k.a Gabby Burgess (L) and husband, Randy Burgess with Chef Cecile Watt from Kanopi House on Saturday, February 16, 2019.


Kanopi House

Location: Blue Lagoon, San San, Port Antonio (7-10mins away from Blue Lagoon)
Ph: 876.632.3213
US:  800.790.7971
UK (London): 0203.318.1191
Canada: 416.800.9157


By: Gabrielle Burgess

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