GW Art’s Exhibit continues at The Reggae Mill Bar, Devon House until October 1!


Multi-Medium Artist, Gabrielle (Williams) Burgess of GW Art poses with her favourite piece from her New Collection at The Reggae Mill Bar’s Art Wednesdays last night at Devon House. (Photo: Skkan Media)

Thanks to everyone who came out to support GW Art at Art Wednesdays last night at the Reggae Mill Bar!

Art Wednesdays was inspired by Swizz Beat’s No Commission movement that started in Miami during Art Basel 2015.

Fairs showcase artists without charging a participation fee and taking “No Commission” on any sales.

No Commission was inspired to create a platform that is 100 percent for the artist. At the time Swizz Beatz didn’t see anything out there like it. Swizz Beatz along with The Dean Collection team are “by the artists, for the artists, with the people.” He then found the perfect partner in Bacardi to help make No Commission Fairs a global movement and not just a domestic initiative.

Swizz Beatz’s No Commission Art Fair has gone to London as well.

Kudos to Alexx Antaeus and The Reggae Mill Bar for taking on this initiative at the Devon House in Kingston, Jamaica.

Many local artists have gotten the opportunities to showcase their talents and now it’s GW Art’s turn!

Remember the exhibition runs until October 1st, so you can view any evening as you please. You can also get a chance to chat with me, the Artist over a drink next Wednesday from 7-11pm at The Reggae Mill Bar.

Thanks again to all who took the time during the week to come out last night and for those who contacted me with kind messages, compliments and motivation. It was truly appreciated.


Besties, Brittne Murray and Charis Thompson came out to GW Art’s exhibit at Art Wednesdays last night at The Reggae Mill Bar, Devon House.

Hope to see you next Wednesday!


GW Art


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Instagram: @gwartbygabby

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By: Gabrielle Burgess (Artist)

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