Suga enjoys Seafood at Anglers, Ocho Rios


Last Saturday Suga took a road trip to Ocho Rios and ensured that she made a stop at Anglers for lunch at 2:30pm.

Parking was adequate and there was another couple that arrived at the same time.  We were the only diners there.

We were greeted pleasantly by our waitress and seated in a comfortable tropical, bar-like atmosphere, i.e. wooden barrels used for seats, a pool table etc. Even though it seemed quiet at the time, the pool table and performance stage indicated that the place may be full of activity in the evenings and at nights. I was told of beautiful lighting at nights, which I can just imagine from evidence of wiring and light sockets partially hidden in the thatched roof.

As I moved on to scan the menu, I noticed reasonable prices and Fish cooked any way you like it and availability in different sizes. The usual side orders of bammy, festival etc. were offered at mostly $200JMD each. There was also Sea Cat, Conch, Lobster and Shrimp kebabs and more. Outside of seafood, Jerked Chicken was also on the menu.

The Appetizers included Soup, Conch Fritters, Cracked Conch and more. We ordered at 2:40pm and our Cracked Conch ($850JMD) arrived in 15 minutes. By itself it was not so impressive but when dipped in their Citrus sauce it was awesome!


Even though I ordered a 3/4lb Steamed Parrot. Our waitress told us they only had Red Snapper at that size. I went ahead with my order nonetheless. I was also happy that the 3/4lb option was offered because the 1lb option is on the heavy side portion-wise.

While enjoying our Cracked Conch and Red Stripe, our waitress checked on us and updated us on the time remaining for our main dishes to arrive, which was in 10 minutes.


Steamed Sea Cat with steamed bammy

My other half’s Steamed Sea Cat ($900JMD) and my Steamed Fish ($850 for 3/4lb) arrived in the time expected. They were both delicious.


Steamed Fish with steamed bammy

Suga endorses Anglers as a comfortable spot to enjoy some Seafood out of town!

Anglers Seafood Restaurant and Sports Bar
Location: Windsor Road. St. Ann’s Bay. St. Ann
Ph: 876-794-8449

Facebook: Anglers Jamaica

Instagram: @anglersjamaica

*FREE WIFI (that works!)*

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