Wholesome Cafe Doubles for Lunch!


Visit Wholesome Cafe in the Digicel building in Downtown, Kingston for delicious Trinidad Doubles finished with cilantro and served with salad for $800JMD. The menu changes daily so follow their Facebook Page, Wholesome Cafe to get daily updates.

You can usually count on finding at least 1 healthy dish as well, for instance, Grilled Fish served with Plantain and Roasted Potatoes for $750JMD or a Chicken and Hummus Salad finished with Feta for $900JMD.

If not feeling so health conscious, you can also be satisfied with Stew Peas and Pigtail for $650JMD or BBQ Chicken for $500JMD.

Prices generally range from $500 – $900JMD for a wholesome meal, no pun intended.

Check them out and as they say, Have a Wholesome Day!


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