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Rotaract Club of New Kingston Treat the Homeless with Medicals & more last Saturday


Last Saturday, January 11th was the Rotaract Club of New Kingston’s Treat for the Homeless at the Marie Atkins Night Shelter on Hanover Street in Downtown, Kingston.


Scores of persons left with big smiles on their faces as they were fed, provided with FREE Grooming services, Dental Check ups, Blood pressure, Blood Sugar, Cholesterol, ECG & HIV tests, Eye Screening by the Lions Club of Mona as well as Counseling.



The Rotaract Club of New Kingston thanks all its members and volunteers who assisted them to successfuly execute an impactful project.

Kudos to the Rotaract Club of New Kingston as they truly love what they do.

This Project was Partially Sponsored by Suga Lifestyle.


By: Gabrielle Burgess

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Tomorrow is the Treat for the Homeless in Downtown, Kingston!


Tomorrow is the Rotaract Club of New Kingston’s Treat for the Homeless at the Marie Atkins Night Shelter on Hanover Street in Downtown, Kingston!

The Rotaract Club of New Kingston welcomes all hands on deck to make it a productive and impactful day.
All Services provided will be FREE! – Dental Check ups, Blood pressure, Blood Sugar, Cholesterol, ECG & HIV tests + Counseling.

This Project is Partially Sponsored by Suga Lifestyle.

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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Suga Lifestyle Cosponsors Rotaract Club of New Kingston’s Treat for the Homeless


President Vanessa Williams of the Rotaract Club of New Kingston assists with the distribution of lunches at the Marie Atkins Night Shelter on January 12, 2019.

On January 12, 2019, the Rotaract Club of New Kingston started the new year the right way. They coordinated a Treat for the Homeless at the Marie Atkins Night Shelter on Hanover Street, Downtown, Kingston.

Suga Lifestyle was more than happy to be a sponsor for the event, along with Jamaica Producers, Kirk Distributors Ltd., Cari-Med Ltd., Best Dressed Jamaica Ltd. and Refresh Beauty Soap.

I saw the event through and it was a success once again this year. Persons that lived at the home along with other members of the surrounding community, came out in their numbers to receive various services and items offered such as Medical checks, Dental and Cleaning checks, HIV Screening, Personal Grooming, Eye screening by the Lions Club, Canned Food and Clothing Donations.


Suga was delegated the task of adding a personal touch to speak to attendees about proper Nutrition. Their options may have been limited, but points made by conversations with several of them were of great help. For instance, to choose boiled ground provisions instead of rice and peas or plain rice and to drink water instead of sugary, fruit punch or fruit juices.


Gabrielle Burgess a.k.a Suga from Suga Lifestyle receiving a token of appreciation for donating to Rotaract Club of New Kingston’s Treat for the Homeless Project.

Kudos to the Rotaract Club of New Kingston, Sponsors, the Lions Club of Mona, Doctors, Physiotherapists, Dentists, Nurses, Barbers, Jamaica Producers and everyone who assisted to make the Treat for the Homeless a great benefit to our people.

Rotaract Club of New Kingston

Website: http://www.nkrcja.com

Instagram: @nkrcjamaica

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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TGIF to this Creamy Seafood Cheese Tortellini!

Suga’s Seafood Cheese Tortellini (Cheese filled Pasta with Lobster, Shrimp, Calamari, Mussels, Conch and Octopus tossed in a creamy seafood sauce from Ribbiz Ocean Lounge last Saturday, January 5, 2018.

TGIF to this Seafood Cheese Tortellini! Last Saturday I indulged in a creamy, cheesy Seafood Pasta from Ribbiz Ocean Lounge. The Lobster that topped it all off was a bit cold, but other than that, it was quite scrumptious and enjoyable. I wish I could say the same about the limited parking options and intolerable service. My experience was unreviewable. I will not be returning to that location, but the Seafood Cheese Tortellini is on the menu at Ribbiz Ultra Lounge in Loshusan Centre, Barbican! Go get it there!

Have a great weekend!

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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New Kingston Rotaract takes Care of Downtown’s Homeless for a Day

Photo: @nkrcjamaica

It was like Spa Day and a Health Fair all in one for Downtown’s Homeless last Saturday at the Marie Atkins Shelter.

The homeless had their Medicals done, Teeth cleaned by the Jamaica Dental Students’ Association, Hair groomed by the Kingston Central Police Division and Kumeas Hair Perspective and Eyes tested by the Lion’s Club of Mona.

Photos: @nkrcjamaica

The National Council for Senior Citizens signed up eligible persons for Senior Citizen IDs as well.

Photo: @nkrcjamaica

Canned food was donated to the Shelter and Clothing and Care Packages including Toothpaste, Toothbrushes, Soap etc. were distributed to the members of the Homeless Community of Downtown, Kingston.

Kudos to the New Kingston Rotaract Club for hosting a day that surely should have made an impact on the lives of many Homeless persons. Of course they couldn’t have done it all on their own. Many Organizations joined efforts for the cause.

Kudos to their Partners: Kingston Central Police Division, Jamaica Medical Doctors Association, Jamaica Dental Students’ Association, Lion’s Club of Mona, Kumeas Hair Perspective, National Council for Senior Citizens, Calabar Interact Club, St. George’s Interact Club.

Thanks and Praises to their Sponsors: National Health Fund, Optimum Trading Ltd, Food for the Poor, Jamaica Producers, Jamaica Hospital Supplies, Tanya’s Body Care, Kirk Distributors, Rotary Club of New Kingston, Federated Pharmaceuticals, Dental and Medical Supplies Ltd.

Follow The New Kingston Rotaract Club on Instagram, @nkrcjamaica and see how you can join the Club, participate or donate to their Projects. Help to Build a Better Jamaica.

One Jamaica. One Love.

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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The Other JFDF Events and Suga’s Epicurean & Delectable Choices for Restaurant Week!

Suga brought you the low down for Crisp at The Gardens, Jamaica Pegasus ($5000 All Inclusive) and Picante ($7500 All Inclusive) at The Ruins, UWI Mona’s Visitor’s Lodge, so how were the other JFDF events? Suga Bears and Suga Daddies reported!

Most persons like to get bad news out of the way first. The events with the highest price tags were not that impressive for some patrons. That is, Vintage for $12000JMD all-inclusive and Brunch at the Gallery for $20000JMD/$150USD all-inclusive.


Meals at Vintage at the Manor in Jack’s Hill were described as basic and a low standard for Ortanique on the Mile, one of the restaurants in Florida that was represented by Owner Cynthia Hutson. Suga Bears enjoyed the view and Dessert though.

Brunch at the Gallery

Brunch at the National Gallery, Downtown Kingston presented by Suzanne and Michelle Rousseau was decorated beautifully by Tai Flora and had a sufficient selection of Wines by Select Brands, but the service of food was slow and it arrived to tables cold. The Brunch was from 11am to 4pm and after a long day, patrons were leaving at 4pm and Dessert was just being served. Should the blame go on the Event Planner, the Chefs or both? It was stated that the execution was poor.

The Menu

The Menu for Brunch at the Gallery (Photo Contributed)

The Presentation of some of the meals were also quite sloppy to say the least.

Vegetables and Greens served at Brunch at the Gallery last Sunday (Photo Contributed)

Did the Incredible Hulk have an accident here?! I was in disbelief and gathered that this was the consensus amongst most tables. This looked nothing like the neatly displayed dish on the Event’s social media page. Cold food, slow service and poor, unappetizing presentation is unacceptable for $20,000JMD. I believe things can be shaken up next year. There are so many other talented, efficient Chefs around and I understand the ambience of The National Gallery, but a change in venue could be considered as well.

Chargrilled Rack of Lamb Presented to a table at Brunch at the Gallery last Sunday (Photo Contributed)

Kudus to award-winning baker, Nadine Burie that probably saved both events. Her desserts are offered at Cafe Blue.

Fresh Fruit Pavlova by Nadine Burie (Photo Credit: @jafoodanddrink)

Setting bad news aside, persons fully enjoyed Meet Street and the Market in Downtown, Kingston ($500JMD entry) last Saturday. A patron said she did not know that Downtown could be so nice. The set up and atmosphere was phenomenal and the vendors outdid themselves.

Vendors that pleased at Meet Street and the Market Last Saturday in Downtown, Kingston

Pork Palooza ($6500JMD All Inclusive) at Palm Drive, Hope Gardens that kicked things off for the festival on the Saturday the week before was a hit. The event is usually the favourite for Patrons. Jamaicans love their Pork! It wasn’t the unanimous favourite this year though.

Which event took JFDF 2017?!

Close call! It has been narrowed down to the new event, Chop Stix ($5000JMD All Inclusive) held at Zen Lawn, Hope Zoo last Wednesday that featured fare from the far East and the zesty, Picante!

Based on Food, Weather and Vibe, Chop Stix gets the edge. Picante had the on and off rain, which was uncontrollable with provisions put in place, but Jamaicans love a new event.

The Chefs, Caterers and Restaurants delivered at Chop Stix! Here was the Menu if you missed it. Chop Stix can’t be missed next year!




So what’s next for my Foodies? Restaurant Week!


Yes, I know Restaurant Week has lost its steam. Marketing has been ongoing but should be revised, including the selection of Ambassadors. JFDF being so close to Restaurant Week definitely overshadowed it.

Menus for Restaurants are more of the same, but it makes your choices that much easier. The good ones will pop out at you. So that means you may need to make reservations quickly or maybe not, because places I called yesterday that are normally booked out weeks in advance seemed to have quite a bit of space left.

For now, I am leaving you with my recommendations for the Epicurean and Delectable Categories. Here you go!

Epicurean ($4300 +tax +gratuity +beverages)

> The Terra Nova All Suite Hotel in Kingston.

Despite inconsistencies in service and quality throughout the year, they have managed to keep a good reputation for Restaurant Week so far.

Sidenote: I do not think any Restaurant in Market Place should be placed in the Epicurean Category. The venue is far too casual and a long wait is usually expected.

Out of town? Marguerites by the Sea, Montego Bay. You should expect a spectacular dinner and service with a seaside or picturesque garden view.

There are some other reputable Restaurants listed, but the lack of creativity with their Menus were the deal breakers.

Delectable ($3800JMD +GCT +gratuity +beverages)

> Fromage Bistro on Hillcrest Avenue in Kingston.

Nirvanna Indian Cuisine, Centro-Courtyard by the Marriott and Black Orchid Restaurant at Eden Gardens would be secondary choices.

In the other city? Both options from Mobay are primary choices – Mystic Thai and The Houseboat Grill. So persons can choose between the two based on the Cuisine desired.

***Stay tuned for more Restaurant Week choices from Suga Lifestyle.***

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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Wholesome Cafe Doubles for Lunch!


Visit Wholesome Cafe in the Digicel building in Downtown, Kingston for delicious Trinidad Doubles finished with cilantro and served with salad for $800JMD. The menu changes daily so follow their Facebook Page, Wholesome Cafe to get daily updates.

You can usually count on finding at least 1 healthy dish as well, for instance, Grilled Fish served with Plantain and Roasted Potatoes for $750JMD or a Chicken and Hummus Salad finished with Feta for $900JMD.

If not feeling so health conscious, you can also be satisfied with Stew Peas and Pigtail for $650JMD or BBQ Chicken for $500JMD.

Prices generally range from $500 – $900JMD for a wholesome meal, no pun intended.

Check them out and as they say, Have a Wholesome Day!

Chef Gibney’s Vegan Cooking Trial was a success!


So after Beyonce told the world she had a HUGE announcement with persons taking time off from work to hear this announcement, it was only ‘I am turning Vegan’. A friend of mine, Rachel decided to try this with her husband, James, which turned into a 30-day challenge. Because, really, that’s her big announcement? Hilarious. Of course it is never easy to back down from a challenge from James, with it being posted all over Facebook and all. So Rachel started her 30-day Vegan challenge and quite an entertaining blog to follow her experience, ‘canrachelbeflawless’.

Having her husband James, who is a Chef, has made things even easier. Last Saturday night, after he got out of the ‘dog house’ for a certain Spiderman stunt, he pulled off a wholesome, delicious, All-Vegan dinner. Friends, bubbly and all-healthy food! After such a feast, it was real satisfying to think that all I ate was completely healthy, leaving room for all the liquor consumed I suppose.

The highlight of the menu was the Chickpea patty starter served on a bed of guacamole made with fresh avocado, served with fresh greens and sweet and spicy salsa including a touch of mango. The spicy Chilli Mixed Bean stew including cilantro was also a winner served for the main course along with roasted veggies, roasted sweet potatoes and brown vegetable rice.

To top it all off, a vegan Chocolate cake was served and Rachel actually got her hands dirty in the kitchen, making decadent Macaroons served with her freshly made banana-raspberry (more raspberry :)) sorbet.

Be sure to follow the last few days of Rachel’s Vegan journey on wordpress, ‘canrachelbeflawless’ which I will reblog for some information and laughs at the same time. Also visit Wholesome Cafe (Past Table Talk Observer Food Awards Nominee) in the Digicel building in Downtown, Kingston for delicious and reasonable lunches prepared by Chef James Gibney. Suga admires that he loves to prepare dishes with fresh and local produce and his food is totally Suga approved.