Bamboo Blu waitresses have no clue

I went to Bamboo Blu a few weeks ago. It was a lovely beach day. Bamboo Blu is one of the beaches by Mammee Bay, Ocho Rios that isn’t usually crowded and they just ask that you support the restaurant and bar. Their cabanas are rentals and not for free. So carry your own beach mat or chair if you are not up for that. Depending on the season, if cruise ships are not coming in, you can get them for a reasonable price.

The service that day was horrible though. I’ve heard people have had better but I ordered food for a certain time, an hour and a half before I was ready for it. When the time came, no food. The waitress looked like she had amnesia. The order was not put in and I had to wait half an hour for appetizers. I had the Fried Calamari followed by their Cheeseburger with what was to be seasoned fries. The fries were not good at all. Soft and oily. They came with plain fries at first, when I ordered seasoned. Then it looked like they just sprinkled a spice on it that had no flavour whatsoever. The Calamari was ok though.

Their bar service was slow as well. Clearly the waitresses need some training, as they were not pleasant, attentive or efficient. Thank God I could use my Pop-Up Gourmet Card to somewhat compensate for that pathetic service.

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