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How to Make Healthy Flatbread Pizzas


How to make your Healthy Flatbread Pizza:

● Use a whole grain tortilla/pita bread (Ends up looking like your own Personal pan pizza!)

● Spread some vegetable salsa/homemade tomato sauce/vegan pesto

● Add toppings that complement each other such as:

– spinach, red peppers, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms and zucchini

– arugula and low-fat feta/grated Parmesan

– broccoli, mushrooms, reduced fat mozzarella and onions

– green peppers, olives, tomatoes

● Add healthy meat toppings, such as small pieces of grilled Chicken or baked Turkey breast

● Part skim and reduced fat Mozzarella/grated Parmesan/low-fat Feta cheese could be used

Have fun eating healthy!


Healthy ways to have a Banana Split

Images: (outer); (inner)
Images: (outer); (inner)

If you have a sweet tooth and you get bored easily trying to eat right, here are a few variations of having a Banana split that is good for Breakfast or a light dessert:

● Fat-free Greek yoghurt (90/100cal), tbsp. of nuts and raisins, crushed sprinkles of dark chocolate

● Fat-free Greek yoghurt (90/100cal), muesli, fresh blueberries

● Fat-free Greek yoghurt (90/100cal), muesli, fresh strawberries and/or apples

● Fat-free Greek yoghurt (90/100cal), fresh strawberries, apples, blueberries and peaches

Have you been Eating the right Cereal? Get your Guide here!


Tips to pick out your healthy cereal:

– The first ingredient should always be some form of WHOLE grain, e.g. whole wheat, whole oats etc. Keep it whole, so you can be ‘whole-hearted’

– Keep it low in sugar, less than 10g or preferably 8g of sugar per serving

– Go for lots of fibre to keep you fuller for longer, at least 3g of fibre per serving

– Stock up on more than 5g of protein, so you do not feel the need to overeat some hours later. If there is not enough in the cereal, have some 90/100 calorie Greek Yoghurt with it.

– Measure Measure Measure! Be careful when pouring straight from the box. Keep conscious of your serving size according to what is recommended on the box. If you are not having yoghurt with your cereal, adding a few slices of banana will help to bulk it up if necessary.

This is why Suga recommends Oatmeal. Oatmeal is best on its own. Healthy and full of fibre! A bit tasteless for you? Add a shake of cinnamon or nutmeg and even a sprinkle of raisins. Remember sometimes healthy is an acquired taste so give it a few tries first.

Here are some of the other good ones. Can you find your cereal? If not, check the recommended servings of protein, sugar and fibre stated above and see if it fits in the recommended category. Also, avoid the famous Corn Flakes and Honey Bunches of Oats! They are made from Refined Grains.


– Oatmeal crisp (All Brands)

– FOSKA Oats : Low in sugar with just 1g and high in fibre, 4g. Support Brand Jamaica!

– Post Shredded Wheat : Tasty, 100% natural WHOLE grain with honey and almonds baked in

– Muesli

– General Mills Cheerios (The no added sugar one, Not the Honey nut!) : Just 1g of sugar, WHOLE grain oats and 3g fibre!

– General Mills Total : 100% WHOLE grain!

– General Mills Wheaties : Just 4g sugar and 3g fibre

– Kashi cereals eg. Go Lean, Heart to Heart Honey Toasted Oat, Cinnamon Harvest Whole Wheat Biscuits

– Quaker Honey Nut Oatmeal Squares : a little sweet with 9g sugar, but high in protein and very crunchy with 4g fibre

– Quaker Life

– General Mills Chex, Wheat or Multi Grain

Lastly, don’t feel like Cereal is just for Breakfast, if on a diet, you can mix it up and have a shake for breakfast and cereal for dinner. It’s easy, especially if you are coming home late after an evening workout.

Also, please do not make your cereal unhealthy by adding whole milk (that’s not making you whole-hearted!), 1%, 2%, condensed or evaporated milk! Use skimmed milk or almond milk. 

Green Tea has a High Caffeine Content but is Healthier than Coffee!

Image taken from
Image taken from

Green tea has less caffeine than black tea, ~25mg caffeine per 8 ounce cup. However, length of brewing time affects caffeine content, the longer the brew the higher the caffeine. Lipton has listed a figure of 45mg caffeine for their 100% green tea claiming its from 1 to 2.5 minutes of brewing. Try it!

If you are having coffee or tea, avoid creamer and sugar, use splenda and skimmed/almond milk instead. However, Green tea is the healthier option. Perhaps the most healthy hot beverage out there. It is filled with antioxidants and nutrients that have powerful effects on the body such as improved brain function, weight loss as it boosts metabolism and burns fat, a lower risk of cancer and many other great benefits.

1 week down… 2 to go! and Beyonce is a vegan traitor

More from ‘canrachelbeflawless’. See how Beyonce lied and follow the last few days of Rachel’s journey. Kudos to New Leaf Vegetarian for delicious Vegan dishes. Check out their website, They are located at 121 Old Hope Road, Shop #6, Kingston 6. Ph: 876-977-2358/ 876-977-5243; (email)


Tasty:-) Tasty:-)

I just about got over the events of the weekend and the worst case of “the fear” in the world, back on my healthy vegan buzz.. and I am officially 1 week in.  I am feeling pretty good about this even though eating out here is a pain in the ass… unless we go Indian style, it is basically a miserable salad or a bowl of broccoli… yummy… NOT! Anyway, we were on route to the wedding over the weekend when my husband said… “I am not sure if I should show you this” but

Beyonce eats meat on her ‘VEGAN’ diet!

Vegan... my ass! Vegan… my ass!

What the hell… HOW CAN YOU BE VEGAN AND EAT MEAT!!!!! one word; Hypocrite.. I was however quite amused at how my hubby had this Daily Mail screenshot of the story- is he a secret daily mail addict?!!  No… he isn’t but it would…

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The Chocolate Man from Mount Pleasant Farm has competition with UMIUM Coconut Chocolate Spread!


Remember Coffee and Cocoa farmer, Averell French? His Chocolate Spread, Dark and Milk chocolate bars won Best New Food Item at the Table Talk Observer Food Awards last year as Mr. French wowed the judges, including yours truly, with Dark chocolate, White chocolate and paired the Chocolate spread with bread and fruits such as grapes, paw paw and melon. The products including the spread have a long shelf life, so they were a nominee for Best Producer as well. Suga still thinks the Chocolate spread puts Nutella to shame and is absolutely addictive!

However, there is a new product on the market, UMIUM Coconut Chocolate Spread! June Gottgens, Mogul in the Making Nominee for the Table Talk Observer Food Awards this year, has been striving to boost Jamaica’s economy, in particular, our coconut and cocoa industries. Under the brand UMIUM, Gottgens’ Coconut Chocolate Spread is available in about 30 supermarkets across the island. Just last weekend, samples were being given out in Sovereign supermarket. The taste? It ain’t no Nutella or Mount Pleasant Farm Chocolatiers Chocolate spread, but it is good. It is tasty AND nutritious. Great nutrition facts compared to Nutella that is filled with refined sugar. Can’t speak too much to the nutrition facts of Mount Pleasant Farm Chocolatiers Chocolate spread because I don’t know of any advertised nutrition label, but they market their product as being made with 100% dark chocolate using whole beans full of antioxidants, nutrients and flavour. So it seems to be more nutritious than Nutella as well. However, UMIUM is low in Saturated fat, has 0 Cholesterol and most importantly, is low in sugar. It even has a bit of fiber.

So, check it out! UMIUM can be found in the Hi-Lo Supermarket chain and most of the Progressive Grocers and may go international in 2016! Support Brand Jamaica.

Survival…. A Wedding Vegan Style!

More from ‘canrachelbeflawless’. Saffron Indian Cuisine to the rescue, Jinx has nothing to say with Rachel wining on Sean Paul and more!


I am writing this seriously hungover and with the worst case of the fear EVER!!!!!!!!! The good news is, I survived the the wedding vegan style (hubby is called me a VAGATARIAN these days- interchangeable with RASTA). The bad news is, I whined (Jamaican style dancing) up on Sean Paul- yes the artiste… on stage at our friends wedding.. the shame, mortification- how I did not get a bitch slap from his wife is beyond me! and all the while Hubby looking on taking a video which will NOT appear anywhere- so proud of his wife… #mostcringeworthymoment. Sean Paul being the very humble gentleman very kindly humored my drunken whining however in his head, he must have been thinking… ewww get this drunken lout away from me! I do not have any idea what possessed me.. anyway it is giving a lot of people a lot of laughs today…

Sean Paul


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