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The 21st Staging of Agro Fest will be Saturday, May 20!


Grow What We Eat… Eat What We Grow!

Come on out and support our Parish’s Agricultural, Industrial and Food Show on Saturday, May 20 at Jamaica College. Gates open from 8am.

Some of the Exhibitors will be:

Mavis Bank/Jablum

TaToni’s Accessories

T. Geddes Grant


Café Royale & More

The Heart Foundation of Jamaica

Forestry Department

RAS Organics

Perishables Ja Ltd./Carimed Ltd.

Solar Water Fountains Falls & Systems

Stay tuned to see who else will be there!

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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This Saturday is Pilates Day and Bodyforté in Kingston is Offering Free Pilates!


This Saturday is Pilates Day!

Pilates is similar to Yoga. It concentrates on core strength and muscular balance along with proper posture via low impact flexibility, muscular strength and endurance movements.

Reserve your space and Come on out and Celebrate with The Physio Therapy and Pilates Centre in Kingston, Bodyforté.

Date: Saturday, May 6th

Time: 9am-12pm

Venue: Bodyforté Ltd

There will be Complimentary special Classes with Refreshments and exciting Demonstrations.

Bodyforté Ltd.

Location: Unit #5. Sovereign Commercial Center. 9-11 Barbican Road. Kingston. JA

Ph: 876-632-5585


Instagram: @bodyforteltd

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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Ziggy’s in Manor Centre Always Hits the Spot!


Ziggy’s Restaurant and Lounge in Manor Centre has been a consistently good spot to stop by and get authentic Jamaican Cuisine for quite some time now.

The service is good and it is usually a quick in and out. There is comfortable dining space and a bar if you have time to spare. They deliver as well.

Ziggy’s offers standard Jamaican Breakfast options such as Ackee & Saltfish, Stew Chicken, Liver, Salt Mackerel etc.

Standard Jamaican Lunch or Dinner options include Curry Goat, Stew Peas, Oxtail, Fried or Baked Chicken, Escovitch Fish and more.

The prices are decent for the large servings given and good quality of food they offer. Breakast items usually range from $500JMD to $600JMD. Lunch or Dinner options are usually $800JMD with the exception of Fish ($1000JMD) and Shrimp dishes ($1400JMD). Note that prices are tax inclusive.

The Daily menu is posted on their website (See information below), where you can order online and literally ‘cut di line’.

A few of my foodie friends have posted their Lunch at Ziggy’s and it was a refreshing reminder about what is just around the corner.

Last Saturday I was ravenous after a fun outing at the beach and I knew Ziggy’s would hit the spot. I stopped by at about 7pm and ordered the Baked Chicken with steamed vegetables only. No other healthy side orders such as boiled banana, yam or baked irish potatoes were available so late in the day.

I saw some Chinese dishes on the menu too but that wouldn’t fill the void. The Chinese are taking over Jamaica slowly but surely, but our food remains Number 1. I could see one of their regulars who I like to identify as ‘residents’ enjoying her dinner comfortably by the bar. She asked me what I ordered then she told me that they cook better than the ‘real Chinese’. What she said couldn’t be far from the truth based on the appetizing whiff I got that wafted up from the kitchen.

I did not have to wait more than 10 to 15 minutes. The Chef was extremely pleasant, saying he hoped he didn’t keep me too long and showed me what was in my box before he packaged it and sent me on my way.

When I got home I could see what the resident was talking about. The steamed vegetables were similar to what you would get at your local Chinese Restaurant. I am not a fan of Salads, but it was very tasty and not everyone can get that unique Chinese flavour. My well seasoned, tender Baked Chicken topped off by a savoury sauce was impressive too.

I am looking forward to trying that Chicken in Black Bean Sauce soon.

Since I was too greedy to stop and take a picture of my dish, here are pictures from Suga Bears.


Kudos to Chef Bent and the Staff of Ziggy’s for keeping the locals happy and catering to us with a smile.

Ziggy’s Restaurant & Lounge

Location: Shop 15. Manor Centre. 195 Constant Spring Road. Kingston 8. 

Ph: 876-350-6411


By: Gabrielle Burgess

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Tina’s Healthy Recipe to Dress up Your Breakfast Toast!

Photo and Recipe By Tina Davis


Whole Wheat Toast (1 slice)

Simos Bread and Catering’s Basil Pesto

***Although made with healthy Olive oil, you want to be cautious of staying within your healthy fats limit for the day, so just use a few smears, a bit lighter than the illustration above (Daily essential nutrients: Carbs -55%, Proteins -27%, Healthy Fats -18%)

7-minute Boiled Egg (One)

Sprinkles of Grated Parmesan

***Healthy choice of cheese

Sprinkles of Fresh Parsley

Sprinkles of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

Dash of Cracked Pepper

Dash of Green Scotch Bonnet Pepper Sauce


Tina loves to bake, cook and EAT from Montego Bay, Jamaica!

For more delicious and innovative goodies like this from Tina Davis, follow or visit her Tumblr Page,

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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Refreshing Experiences at the White Orchid Salon & Spa, Jamaica Pegasus!

The White Orchid Salon & Spa at The Jamaica Pegasus has been open since late 2015. Since then, I would visit every few months to treat myself. It is truly a quiet oasis on the ground floor away from the busy lobby and 24 Seven Cafe upstairs.

It is probably one of the few Salons/Spas I have been to do my nails with no waiting time and it doesn’t matter who does them if the person I am familiar with is not there because they are all professional and thorough. When I say thorough, I mean it. Do not expect to just go and spend an hour to an hour and a half there. They take their time and give you a relaxing experience with the perks of tea and a huge, satisfying cookie from the Cafe upstairs if you are doing a few treatments.

That must be why they now have flash treatments/services for 30 minutes if you are having a busy schedule and the experience is just as rejuvenating in a shorter space of time.

Towards the end of February a few weekends ago, my husband, Randy and I were approaching 10 happy months as Newlyweds and he also just completed a few exams in his part-time Masters Programme. So I thought he deserved a Spa Day! He has never been to the White Orchid Salon & Spa that has been consistently refreshing for me, so I figured it was just the right place for him this time.

My spoilt husband was at the Spa from 3pm to 7:30pm and from all of what he had to say I decided I had to share his as well as my previous experiences this time.


See Randy’s short Interview with Suga telling you which Services he had done, how he found the whole Experience compared to other Salons & Spas and more by clicking on the video below:

Watch “White Orchid Spa Jamaica Pegasus Experience” on YouTube here

Consider the White Orchid Salon & Spa at The Jamaica Pegasus next time you would like to treat yourself or someone special. You can get treatments together too!

White Orchid Salon & Spa, The Jamaica Pegasus Hotel

Location: 81 Knutsford Blvd., Kingston 5. JA. W.I.

Ph: 876-926-3690


[See Brochure]

Opening Hours: 7am-8pm Daily (Last Appointment – 7pm)

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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Ways you Can Use Fat-Free Philadelphia Cream Cheese instead of Butter, Mayo and More!


With just 30 Calories, 0 Fat Calories, 1% Cholesterol, 2g Sugar, 1% Carbs, 8% Sodium and 4g Protein, Fat-Free Philadelpbia Cream Cheese can be used as a healthy substitute for butter, mayonnaise and more.

You can use Fat-Free Philadelphia Cream Cheese in the following ways to eat healthy and guilt-free:

● On Baked Potatoes instead of butter or sour cream

● On your Tacos instead of Sour Cream

● In your Wraps instead of Cheddar cheese

● On your Whole Grain/Whole Wheat Bagels and Bread instead of regular, fatty cream cheese or butter

Photo: Wikipedia

● In your Tuna instead of mayonnaise

● To make your own healthy version of a Creamy Sauce instead of using an Alfredo sauce or Coconut cream sauce to put on your Baked Fish or your Pasta by melting it in a pot with a little bit of olive oil, garlic, onion and skimmed milk.

Have fun eating healthy!

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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