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Refreshing Experiences at the White Orchid Salon & Spa, Jamaica Pegasus!

The White Orchid Salon & Spa at The Jamaica Pegasus has been open since late 2015. Since then, I would visit every few months to treat myself. It is truly a quiet oasis on the ground floor away from the busy lobby and 24 Seven Cafe upstairs.

It is probably one of the few Salons/Spas I have been to do my nails with no waiting time and it doesn’t matter who does them if the person I am familiar with is not there because they are all professional and thorough. When I say thorough, I mean it. Do not expect to just go and spend an hour to an hour and a half there. They take their time and give you a relaxing experience with the perks of tea and a huge, satisfying cookie from the Cafe upstairs if you are doing a few treatments.

That must be why they now have flash treatments/services for 30 minutes if you are having a busy schedule and the experience is just as rejuvenating in a shorter space of time.

Towards the end of February a few weekends ago, my husband, Randy and I were approaching 10 happy months as Newlyweds and he also just completed a few exams in his part-time Masters Programme. So I thought he deserved a Spa Day! He has never been to the White Orchid Salon & Spa that has been consistently refreshing for me, so I figured it was just the right place for him this time.

My spoilt husband was at the Spa from 3pm to 7:30pm and from all of what he had to say I decided I had to share his as well as my previous experiences this time.


See Randy’s short Interview with Suga telling you which Services he had done, how he found the whole Experience compared to other Salons & Spas and more by clicking on the video below:

Watch “White Orchid Spa Jamaica Pegasus Experience” on YouTube here

Consider the White Orchid Salon & Spa at The Jamaica Pegasus next time you would like to treat yourself or someone special. You can get treatments together too!

White Orchid Salon & Spa, The Jamaica Pegasus Hotel

Location: 81 Knutsford Blvd., Kingston 5. JA. W.I.

Ph: 876-926-3690


[See Brochure]

Opening Hours: 7am-8pm Daily (Last Appointment – 7pm)

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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Ways you Can Use Fat-Free Philadelphia Cream Cheese instead of Butter, Mayo and More!


With just 30 Calories, 0 Fat Calories, 1% Cholesterol, 2g Sugar, 1% Carbs, 8% Sodium and 4g Protein, Fat-Free Philadelpbia Cream Cheese can be used as a healthy substitute for butter, mayonnaise and more.

You can use Fat-Free Philadelphia Cream Cheese in the following ways to eat healthy and guilt-free:

● On Baked Potatoes instead of butter or sour cream

● On your Tacos instead of Sour Cream

● In your Wraps instead of Cheddar cheese

● On your Whole Grain/Whole Wheat Bagels and Bread instead of regular, fatty cream cheese or butter

Photo: Wikipedia

● In your Tuna instead of mayonnaise

● To make your own healthy version of a Creamy Sauce instead of using an Alfredo sauce or Coconut cream sauce to put on your Baked Fish or your Pasta by melting it in a pot with a little bit of olive oil, garlic, onion and skimmed milk.

Have fun eating healthy!

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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Why are Oats so Good for You?

Photo: Oh She Glows (

Unlike processed grains, Oats are whole grains that are intact so they have more nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and fiber.

The type of fiber Oats contain is soluble and that is the type that can help to lower cholesterol.

Oats help to facilitate Bone Development as well.

They are a great source of Carbohydrates when compared to bread, brown rice etc. and actually slightly better than whole wheat/grain bread because 1 cup of cooked Oats has 4g fiber and more.

1 serving of cooked Oats is equivalent to ~1/2 cup.

How do you measure when cooking? Oats has a 1:2 ratio. 1/2 cup dry Oats yields 1 cup of cooked Oats.

Ensure that if you are using milk, you use almond milk or skimmed milk.

If you are tracking your servings of Carbs for the day, note that 1 serving of bread is 1 slice and 1 cup of cooked Oats is equivalent to almost 2 slices of bread.

1 cup of Oats is ideal but if you would like to add more flavour, use half a cup of cooked Oats and add fruits such as Strawberries, Blueberries, a touch of Raisins or Banana, Flaxseeds and Chia seeds. You could also add a sprinkle of nutmeg or cinnamon.

Go cook up some Oats and have a great start to your day!

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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Animal Crackers are back on the Market and Healthier!

Our beloved childhood snack, Animal Crackers disappeared from the shelves for a while and have been sited in MegaMart, Waterloo!

They are not only back but healthier in different packaging and in boxes of 6. They are slightly more expensive and you would prefer the original Animal Crackers. I’m not sure why ‘Original’ is on the box but from what I remember, they could pass as healthy before but not as healthy as they are now, especially if you ate the whole bag. I believe the original serving size was 1.5, but who is going to leave half a serving in the bag anyway? Of course, it was a bit tastier before as well. Converting to healthier versions are an acquired taste most of the time. 

Anyhow, although made in the USA, I am happy that I can now eat a full bag of Animal Crackers totally guilt-free. 0% Sat Fat, 0g Trans Fat, 0mg Cholesterol, low in sodium and only 8g of sugar and 4% fiber to keep you fuller for longer.

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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#tbt to when Suga found a Green Juice she liked!

SIP’n’GO Juice Bar was at The Hub Coworking’s Christmas Pop Up Shop last December and I was encouraged to try their Green Natural Juice even though Green Juices and Smoothies are definitely not something I enjoy. I prefer Protein shakes with a little fat-free dairy and more flavour.

However, I was pleasantly surprised when I tried SIP’n’Go’s Natural Green Juice ($300JMD on that day) called the Refresher with Callaloo, Spinach and Cucumber. It had a tangy kick to it that I could appreciate, which came from the addition of Orange juice and a touch of Ginger.

SIP’n’GO Juice Bar has Smoothies, Shakes and more that I know some of my Suga Bears have been enjoying. So go and check them out. They deliver too!

SIP’n’GO Juice Bar

Location: Shop #15 Clark’s Plaza, 98 Molynes Road (Hughenden Ave.)

Ph: 876-852-5412

By: Gabrielle Burgess
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