The Splash Brothers are Back!


There was another showdown in the NBA last night with the two top teams in the West, The Golden State Warriors who currently hold the top spot and the San Antonio Spurs who are close behind.

San Antonio had a blazing start scoring 15-0, holding the Warriors scoreless for about 4 straight minutes and eventually stretched to a 22-point lead. But their guns were out too early and eventually they started missing and their defense broke down. Warriors creeped back in the 2nd quarter closing the gap to 3 points. They took over in the 3rd and the Splash Brothers were unstoppable. David West who the Spurs sold to the Warriors this season looked like he had a chip on his shoulder and was on fire. Their bench was deep and everyone was scoring and Klay was exceptional with defense as well. The Spurs just did not have enough answers.

The Warriors erased a 22-point deficit and beat the Spurs 110-98, just one day after the Spurs routed the Cavs 103-74. The Spurs sent a message to the league on Monday night and the Warriors answered last night, even without KD.

With the Splash Brothers getting their groove back, the depth of their bench and the overall talent of that team, they look like the NBA Finals’ Winner. Get back on that court KD because that ring will finally be yours…and your Mom’s.

By: Gabrielle Burgess

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